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Chapter 184 – Preparation

“Try my cooking skills!” He Xiyuan said with a smile.

I used my chopsticks to pick up a pickle and put it in my mouth, a gush of freshness spread through my body! I didn’t think a normal cucumber pickle could be made so deliciously! It’s salty, but not too much, and also very crunchy!

“Delicious!” I praised. My chopsticks didn’t stop their attack.

He Xiyuan smiled at me and said, “Liu-dage, then finish it, I’ll help Ganba and Ganma pickle a bit more later!”

“Then I’ll help myself!” I said, I furiously swept up all of the food on the table.

“Liu-dage, your eating look made me think of your sleeping expression… It’s so interesting!” He Xiyuan suddenly said to me.

“What? Sleeping… expression is interesting? What’s going on?” I asked weirdly.

“Looking at you gorging everything down, your saliva is dribbling! When I saw you sleeping after waking up in the morning, you also had your saliva dribbling!” He Xiyuan giggled and said.

My face immediately reddened! It can’t be, she saw such an embarrassing look? My cool image is completely gone! Mistakes were made!

“Liu-dage, why is your face red?” He Xiyuan asked deliberately.

“En… This, is too hot, the porridge is too hot!” I answered perfunctorily.

I frantically put the last mouthful of porridge into my mouth and escaped out of the kitchen! I didn’t think that He Xiyuan would also joke!

I drove the car out from the Industrial Bank, and went straight to the Shuguang Corporation headquarters. I had already contacted Zhao Junsheng in the morning, and told him that I have something important to discuss with him, so he already started waiting for me at the corporation early in the morning.

At the lights of the crossroad, I suddenly heard the “didi” sound of a car horn. I turned around to look, and noticed that a Lamborghini was stopped beside my car waiting for the signal. It’s the same one I bought for Wu Yingying!”

The car of the Lamborghini slowly rolled down, Wu Yingying stuck her head out while smiling, “Liu Lei, what a coincidence!”

“Yeah! How’s it, the car is pretty good right!” I said.

“You gifted it to me, can it not be good!” Wu Yingying said shyly.

“Hehe…” I could only chuckle dryly right now. All the entire time, I don’t understand what this Wu Yingying was thinking. From how unreasonable she was at the start, to listening to everything I say, I really was a bit confused.

“Oh yeah, where are you going?” I could only change the topic.

“To school! I’m a freshman at Songjiang University!” Wu Yingying said. “You?”

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“I’m going out to get some stuff done!” I answered perfunctorily.

“I really don’t understand you, you could casually buy a Lamborghini costing several million, yet you are still driving a Jetta! Aren’t you just being pointless!” Wu Yingying said strangely. From the day they bought the car, Wu Yingying found it quite weird, this person doesn’t seem like some rich son of wealthy families, why is he so rich.

“What money do I have, I sold my blood to get enough money to buy that sports car for you, so I can only drive a Jetta!” I joked.

“Go and die! I don’t believe you! Even if they suck you dry, your blood wouldn’t sell for four million!” WU Yingying retorted.

“Hehe, I sold my liver okay,” I said.

“Even if they take you apart to sell it, you aren’t worth that much!” Wu Yingying joked./

“Ai——! Why aren’t you two leaving——“ A voice interrupted us.

I raised my head and saw that it is a traffic police, who was standing speechlessly by my car.

“I’m go immediately, hehe! Sorry!” I looked at the traffic lights, it had turned green for quite a while.

I started the car, and heard Wu Yingying shout, “Liu Lei, can I find you go… go out to the car market with me?” Wu Yingying wanted to say go out, but she felt a bit too embarrassed to say it, and thus changed it to go out to the car market in the last moment.

“Ah? It can’t be, you want to rip another car off me?” I said with my mouth wide open.

“How could I! I just want to go and look! Do you agree or not?” Wu Yingying actually started acting coquettishly towards me.

“Okay!” I said helplessly. The two things I’m most afraid of are a woman’s tears and a woman’s coquetry. Wu Yingying can do both.

“Don’t go back on your words! Let’s pinky swear!” Wu Yingying said.

“I won’t go back on my words! But let’s not pinky swear, didn’t you see the traffic police already wanting us to hurry along!” I said, then stepped on the pedal.

After we left, the traffic police was left behind, complaining to another traffic police how the youngsters nowadays are too unaware of their surrounds, flirting while driving on the road…

When I arrived at the headquarters of Shuguang Corporation, Zhao Junsheng was already waiting for me there.

“Uncle Zhao! Someone wants to trick out Shuguang Corporation again!” I said bluntly.

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“Trick us? How?” Zhao Junsheng said weirdly.

Thus, I told Zhao Junsheng the conversation I heard between Li Boliang and that Gotou ******* in the restaurant yesterday

“What! You said they are going to sell problematic Awal Walkmen to our country?” Zhao Junsheng with a serious expression.

“Yeah! These people will probably come and ask our Shuguang Corporation to cooperate!” I said.

“I feel like we should report this to the country, right? After all this is linked directly to the country’s interests!” Zhao Junsheng said with a frown.

“Hehe, Uncle Zhao, there’s no need at all! I already thought of the method to deal with them, as long as we do this…” I told Zhao Junsheng my ideas.

“It can’t be, Xiao Liu! When did you become so sinister!” Zhao Junsheng gasped.

“Sinister? They are just being greedy! What’s more, I haven’t even paid him back for writing that article about Shuguang Input Method being plagiarized, now he’s coming after me again, if I don’t play him to death, then he might come up with some idea to trick us again!” I chuckled.

“Xiao Liu! I feel really fortunate that I chose to work with you back then! If I refused your input method that time, wouldn’t I be bankrupted and forced to beg on the streets because of you!” Zhao Junsheng said in self-mockery.

“How could I! No matter what, I can’t let my father in law beg on the streets!” I joked.

“So I got assistance from my daughter! Haha!” Zhao Junsheng laughed.

After I left, Zhao Junsheng found the higher-ups of Shuguang Corporation and called an impromptu conference. He announced the establishment of an imported goods sales department, most people were very confused about the establishment of this department, because this isn’t the direction Shuguang was developing in, and it wasn’t a highly profitable department, but since the CEO said this, then the people underneath him just had to do as he says.

Thus, Shuguang’s imported goods sales department was instantly established by temporarily transferring a few people from marketing over. After everything was prepared, all they needed to do was wait for Li Boliang and co. to come.


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