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Chapter 183 – You can’t have those thoughts anymore

“Xiyuan, your father and our family’s old Liu are sworn brothers, so you can’t as half a daughter to me, what’s wrong with paying for my own daughter to go to school!” My mom said.

“About this…” He Xiyuan didn’t know what to say, and kneeled on the floor all worked up. “Uncle, Auntie! If you don’t dislike it, then let Xiyuan be your gan-nver!”

“That’s great! I was also thinking about that!” My mom said caringly.

“Thank you Uncle, Auntie!” He Xiyuan prostrated on the ground and said.

“Are you still calling us Uncle, Auntie?” My mom said with a smile.

“Ganba, Ganma!” He Xiyuan said happily.

“The kid’s mom, go and get two sets of clothes for Xiyuan, her clothes can’t be worn anymore!” My dad was extremely happily after seeing a friend’s child, and said caringly.

“Sure, Xiyuan! Come with Ganma! Ganma will help you find a few pretty clothes,” My mom happily took hold of He Xiyuan’s hand and walked towards the inside of the house.

“Leilei, tell dad honestly, how did you beat five or six delinquents by yourself?” Seeing that my mom and He Xiyuan entered the room, my dad asked me seriously.

“Dad, did you forget? Didn’t I enter a sanda training course when school just started!” I bullshitted.

“Oh, that’s right! There is something like this! I didn’t think that the money back then really wasn’t wasted!” My dad didn’t know how powerful was someone proficient in sanda, but he see a lot of scenes on television where a armed police suppress a lot of bad guys, so he believe it.

“When you have time on Sunday, let our whole family go and visit your He-shushu! Ai! I didn’t think that the rising village chief back then has fallen to this level! It is depressing!” My dad sighed and said.

“Dad! Don’t worry! I believe there is justice in this world, Xiyuan’s family’s matters definitely will be solved! I comforted my dad and said. I thought in my heart, solving this issue was simply too easy for me. Don’t talk about an evil village chief’s son, I even beat up Liu Kesheng back then.

“I’m getting old! Oh yeah, back then your He-shushu and I made an oath when we became sworn brothers! We said that if our children in the future are both boys, then they’ll become sworn brothers, if it’s a boy and a girl, then they’ll get married! I didn’t think that He-dage really gave birth to a daughter! Ai! If you brat didn’t meet Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier so early, I really wanted to bring this chick, He Xiyuan into our home to be your wife!” My dad looked at the ceiling and sighed. It was as if he was thinking about the things that happened back then when he went to the countryside.

“What! Dad, what did you say?” I freaked! I actually had such a betrothal on me! Why haven’t I heard about this in my previous life?

“No it’s nothing! What, you brat can’t have really gotten interested in that chick, Xiyuan, right? Leilei, dad’s telling you! You already have the two chicks Yanyan and Weier, don’t have those thoughts anymore!” My dad immediately said alertly.

“Dad! What are you saying! From the first time I say Xiyuan, I already treated her as my meimei!” I quickly explained.

“Oh! That’s great!” My dad glared at me and said. “Oh yeah, when you see your He-bobo, don’t ever mention this, so he doesn’t get unhappy!”

“Understood dad!” I said. I didn’t think that I coincidentally saved the daughter of my dad’s sworn brother, that’s too much of a coincidence! If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that it’s a written book.

I mom lead He Xiyuan, who had changed, out of the room, the little chick wore what mom wore when she was younger, she really was quite something! Her youthful and pretty image lightened by eyes, I didn’t think that this chick was no worse than Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier after dressing up!

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Seeing my stare at He Xiyuan, my mom coughed twice and reminded me, “Liu Lei, Xiyuan is your meimei from now on! Don’t have any bad thoughts!”

“How could I! Hehe!” I awkwardly calm back to my senses and laughed.

On the next day a huge news brought out through the headlines of the newspapers, the title was “Mob boss chased and beat down innocent girl, was then sent to the hospital by a samaritan teenager”.

Since the police refused to reveal the information on the samritan civilian, claiming that it was to prevent underworld partners from taking revenge on him, the media could only blur it through and hid his name.

After Guo Qing found out about this news, he immediately called me, “Boss, you really were right! I didn’t make a move on the brat, Yu Wenfeng, yet, and he already got beaten into a veggie! This brat got way too unlucky!”

“Unlucky what! ****, didn’t your boss, I, accidentally help you solve the problem!” I swore.

“What? Boss! You didn’t it! It can’t be!” Guo Qing said in shock.

“Okay now, don’t spread it around, if it was known to other people, causing all of Yu Wenfeng’s lackeys to come and get even with me, then I would die on annoyance!” I said.

“Boss, thank you so much! I’ll lead my subordinates to make use of this opportunity can take control of the area around Ewha Alley!” Guo Qing said thankfully.

“Thank me for what! We’re brothers!” I said.

“Hehe, then I’ll help myself!” With that, Guo Qing hung up.

There was something very important to do today, so I couldn’t help but get Zhao Yanyan to help me take a sick leave. Technically speaking, I don’t ever ask for a leave when I don’t go to school, but today is the second day of a new semester, I have to give beauty Ye face no matter what.

I put down the phone in my hand, thought about it and decided to go to the communications bureau to buy a new GSM digital phone. This phone truly is a mobile phone, you must be mobile while calling, or else there isn’t going to be any signal.

I stretched lazily on the sofa, I really didn’t sleep well tonight. But there’s no helping it, who let me already promised to give my bed to He Xiyuan!

After putting on clothes, just as I was about to go downstairs, I heard sounds coming form the kitchen, following that, I heard He Xiyuan’s voice, “Liu-dage! Did you wake up? I made breakfast, come and eat it together!”

It can’t be! This chick woke up so early? And made breakfast? Why do I have a feeling of finding a treasure, I found a nice beauty caretaker, making breakfast everyday~! This thought is great.

I walked into the kitchen, and saw that He Xiyuan had already fried four eggs, and cooked a small bowl of millet porridge, and also pickled a bit of cucumber. A perfect breakfast was already prepared.

“Xiyuan, what are you going! Making breakfast for our family so early in the morning, we really can’t take it in our hearts!” Actually what I thought in my heart was, this girl really is too great, it’ll be great if she lives in my home my entire life. This way I don’t have to worry about my breakfast.

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“Liu-dage, you guys have already taken care of me a lot having me live here, if I don’t do something for you, I don’t feel comfortable in my heart,” He Xiyuan took out a bowl and helped me fill up a bowl of millet porridge.


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