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Chapter 180 – He Xiyuan’s Identity

I chuckled and said, “Then I’ll go first!”

“Drink a cup of tea then leave!” Xiao Wu hold the tea pot with a hundred and eighty degrees change in attitude, and said passionately to me.

“No need, thanks you, Officer Wu!” I shook my hand.

“What are you thanking me for! It should be us that’s thanking you, helping us catch the criminals!” Xiao Wu said.

“Cooperation between police and civilian right!” I said.

“Let’s go,” I said to He Xiyuan. “I’ll take you to the hospital to take a look at your foot.” I reached out my hand, and helped her up. He Xiyuan blushed, but because it wasn’t convenient for her to walk, she didn’t refuse.

“You know the police chief?” After going out of the police station entrance, He Xiyuan said to me in surprise.

“Yeah. Why?” I didn’t understand why He Xiyuan would ask this.

“Then…” He Xiyuan paused for a moment, bit her lips, her eyes flashed.

“If there’s something then say it,” I could tell that she had some trouble, but didn’t feel right to say it.

“I have something that I want your help with… Can you promise me?” He Xiyuan hesitated a bit and said.

“Want my help!” I momentarily blanked, does wanting my help have anything to do with knowing the police chief?

“You don’t have to agree immediately… I’m just saying…” Seeing my expression, He Xiyuan thought I was troubled, and so quickly explained.

“Hehe, Xiyuan, you misunderstood. If I can do it, then I will definitely help, I was just wondering how you asking me knowing the police chief or not have to do with you asking me for help,” I smiled and said.

“Really? You’re willing to help me?! That’s great! You can help me if you know the police chief, help me arrest the son of the village chief of our Zhendong Town!” He Xiyuan said happily.

“Arrest the son of your village chief? Why do you need to arrest the son of your village chief?” I said weirdly.

“The son of the village chief Jia Daguo is an evil person!” He Xiyuan said in hatred.

“Don’t get anxious, Xiyuan. Let’s get on the car first, then take your time to speak, and tell me how is he a evil person!” Instincts told me that He Xiyuan must be in some trouble.

“After getting onto the car, Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier were both anxious from waiting, and asked me caringly after seeing me, “Hubby, how is it? They didn’t make it difficult for you right!”

Although Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier understood clearly that nothing could have happened to me, they still couldn’t help but worry. My heart naturally felt the warmth, I smiled and said, “I’m a hero that acted as a samaritan, of course nothing would have happened! The bad guys got misfortunate, not only did they get hit by me, they have to stay in jail as well!”

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“Why did she come as well?” Zhao Yanyan looked weirdly at He Xiyuan, who was standing behind me, in shock. Only now did Zhao Yanyan look at this girl carefully, she never would have thought that she is actually so pretty, no less than herself at all.

At this time, He Xiyuan also looked strangely at the two beauties in front of her, why did they both call him hubby? Could he have two wives? No, this is a society where men and women are equal, how could there still be polygamy?

“She’s called He Xiyuan, let’s send her to the hospital first, her foot got hurt just now,” I explained.

“Oh!” Zhao Yanyan nodded, but she glared at me. What it meant was that: did you see that she looks pretty and wanted to eat her too?

I returned an innocent gaze. However, Zhao Yanyan ignored it,

I got onto the car and smiled wryly, to be honest, if I really had any other thoughts about He Xiyuan, it’s only pity. In order to earn money for her didi to pay the school fees, she came to the city without any relatives to work. She doesn’t seem that old, perhaps even younger than me, she should be a little princess getting spoiled by her parents, yet has undergone so much suffering. From her words just now, I found that that the son of the village chief called Jia Daguo seemed to have bullied her, ai! I had thought that Chen Weier had suffered enough, I didn’t think that in comparison to He Xiyuan, Chen Weier’s life seemed rather good.

However, I felt quite happy today, because of He Xiyuan, it allowed me to accidentally deal with a problem resting in my heart —— Which is Yu Wenfeng. Originally I had thought that it would be a difficult matter, I didn’t think that I managed to deal with it so easily in front of the police station, and even got the title of a samaritan.

Everything was like I predicted, after I was reborn, only me and the people around me changed. The general direction of history didn’t change, although the processes might be a bit different, the results were the same.

Yu Wenfeng didn’t escape the fate of becoming a vegetable, it’s just that the person that caused this changed from Ding Baosao to me.

I let out a long sigh of relief, it seems like, after I was reborn, luck is still generally on my side.

“He Xiyuan, what did you say to me just now about that village chief’s evil son?” After getting onto the car, I asked.

“You really are going to help me?” He Xiyuan asked while feeling a bit surreal. Everything that happened today felt like a dream, everything was too sudden, originally she had thought that she couldn’t escapes the evil claws of Yu Wenfeng, but this dagege in front of her suddenly appeared and saved her! Not only that, she met the police chief in the city! This way, could he help her get justice?

“Of course! I already said it, as long as I can help, I will definitely help you!” I said assuredly. I didn’t know why, I felt a lot of pity for He Xiyuan.

“Then you must get the police chief to help me arrest the bad guy, Jia Daguo!” He Xiyuan said furiously

“If he really broke the laws, then he definitely has to be arrested! First, tell me what exactly happened!” I said.

“Three years ago, our family took over a small section of woods in the mountains, and prepared to plant some fruit trees. At the time, because this project was rather unpopular, no one dared to do it, so daddy used very little money to get it. Our family bought saplings from the outside, and panted it. Last autumn, the fruit trees finally bore fruit, and because of that, my family earned quite a bit of money, and managed to repay the debt that we used to buy the saplings,” He Xiyuan said slowly.

“That’s a good thing!” I praised after hearing that! In Huaxia, during the 90s, a lot of the people in the rural areas started getting rich through this path!

“Yeah, originally it’s a pretty good thing, but the son of our village chief heard that our family earned money and got envious. He found the accountant of our village, and prepared to forcefully take back the land our family got the used!” He Xiyuan said.

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“Wait didn’t you guys sign any contract with the village at the time?” I interrupted He Xiyuan and asked. Actually if this case really was as He Xiyuan said, an a contract was signed then, it would be rather easy to solve!


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