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Chapter 181 – Do you have a contract

With a contract, they could go directly bring a lawsuit to the court, however a lot of farmers wouldn’t know what the court does their entire life! It also caused a lot of them to take their grievance in silence without anywhere to file a lawsuit!

“There is, but it’s only a white sleep that the village put out, it wrote that we own the woods for ten years,” He Xiyuan said.

“Is there a stamp?” Hearing that there is a contract, ignoring whether it if just a slip, I immediately asked an important question.

“No,” He Xiyuan shook her head and said.

Hearing that, I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to deal with, they don’t even have a contract, they probably won’t even if they get into court! Ai!

“What is it?” Seeing me sigh, He Xiyuan said nervously. “Is there no ways? I heard others say it before, they said that without a contract, they can’t punish the bad guy!”

“It’s alright, let’s think of other ways! Xiyuan, continue speaking!” I smiled and comforted her. I thought in my heart, isn’t it just the son of a village chief? So what if there’s no contract, laozi can still take care of you without a contract? Aren’t you evil? Then laozi will be more evil then you, if I have no other way, laozi will send Guo Qing over and break down your house!

“En,” He Xiyuan nodded and continued. “Then, my daddy and my mommy discussed for a while, and decided that we couldn’t compete with Jia Daguo, and could only accept this. Since ancient times, the peasants can’t fight with those in power, especially an evil one! My dad went to discuss with Jia Daguo, telling him that we could give him the woods, but we must be paid for the fruit tree, at the time Jia Daguo also agreed. However, during the New Year, daddy went to ask Jia Daguo for money, Jia Daguo refused to admit it no matter what, and beat up my daddy! I went to the village council to tell on him, in the end those people were in a collusion with Jia Daguo, and all supported him! They didn’t care at all! Without any other way, in order to get my daddy treated, we spent all of my and my didi’s school fees. I only came to work in the city in order to earn the school fee for my didi to go to school.”

I wouldn’t help but stay silent after hearing that! This sort of thing that happened to He Xiyuan’s family was too common in rural areas, the village chiefs are the local emperors, adding on the fact that the education levels of the villages aren’t that high and that they don’t understand the law at all, even after they get bullied, they can only stay silent, since they don’t know about filing a law suit. People with He Xiyuan’s thoughts are really too little!

After we got the hospital, through the doctor’s check, we found out that He Xiyuan only twisted her ankle, it wasn’t a big issue, she would be fine after a few days of rest. After all this trouble, I didn’t have any more interest in xxoo, only after I sent Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier home, did I realize that there was still a He Xiyuan.

“Xiyuan! Where are you staying at night?” I asked casually, but right after I asked that, I realized that I asked a stupid question, because He Xiyuan didn’t have anywhere she could go right now.

“I… I don’t have anywhere to stay… How about just dropping me off at the train station, I’ll just sleep there for the night,” He Xiyuan said.

“Train station! How can that be okay! Since it’s like that, then just stay in my home for a night,” To be honest, I was really quite worried about letting a girl like her sleep at the train station.

“That’s not very convenient right…” He Xiyuan said hesitantly.

“It’s alright, sleep in my bed in the night, I’ll sleep in the living room,” Although this girl, He Xiyuan, was also very pretty, she was still a bit less so than Xia Qing and Chen Weier. I don’t know why, but I didn’t have any sort of male-female feelings towards her, I only had that kind of empathy or care between siblings.

“But Liu-dage, why are you helping me?” He Xiyuan said without understanding. “It’s our first time meeting, and you’re telling me to go to your home… You can’t also want me… want me to…” He Xiyuan said awkwardly with a blush, but even after quite a while, she didn’t manage to finish the sentence.

“Xiyuan! What are you saying? Making you do what?” I was really confused, and didn’t get what this chick was saying at all.

“I’m saying that you can’t be also wanting… wanting to do what the customer did to me right…” He Xiyuan finally spoke out her worry.

“Hehe——” I smiled lightly, “Xiyuan, what are you thinking! I’m doing all this just because I want to help you! Also, you’ve seen it already, I have two wives already, if I really did anything to you, wouldn’t they murder me!”

He Xiyuan giggled, and said in disbelief, “Liu-dage, did you just say that both of the jiejie just now are your girlfriends?”

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“Yeah, anything wrong with that?” I said caringly.

“No… I just found it quite weird, why is there still things like that now… Liu-dage, don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean to criticize you…” He Xiyuan explained.

After the atmosphere was loosened like this, He Xiyuan and my relationship improved quite a lot, and she stopped acting with so much restraint.

On the way, He Xiyuan told me a lot of things about their village and about their lives. If He Xiyuan didn’t tell me herself, I would never believe that areas that were so behind and ****** existed! The village chief was equal to the police chief, chief of industry and commerce, tax chief, regional chief etc., it could be said that in their village, the village chief is God, whatever he says in the law! Yet, every year the villagers would still vote for this lawless village chief in the election.

There really wasn’t littler about the evil son doing bad things in collusion with the village officials, I didn’t quite understand, why don’t these people come to report it! They really are dumb!

When I got home, and my mom suddenly noticed He Xiyuan standing behind me, she checked her out, then immediately got angry and started scolding, “You damn kid that should be killed with a thousand knives! Don’t you have enough with two girlfriends! Why did you bring another one back!”

“Mom… Listen to me first…” I quickly explained! What kind of world is this! I learned from Lei Feng to do good, why did I end up getting scolded!

“Say what!” My mom glared at me, then looked at He Xiyuan, after seeing that her clothes were all messed up as if someone tore it apart, she immediately guessed what it was and said angrily, “You damn brat, blasphemy! Girl… Tell the truth to auntie, it’s alright, auntie will help you! Did this brat Liu Lei bully you? Don’t worry, as long as you say it, auntie will not let him off, and will definitely send him to the police station!”

“Auntie, you… misunderstood, Liu-dage didn’t bully me…” He Xiyuan didn’t think that Liu-dage’s mom would get so angry, and immediately said carefully.

“Girl, don’t be afraid to admit it! Don’t just think that he’s my son, even the prince has the same crimes as peasants when breaking the law! I will definitely not shelter him! Tell auntie the truth, did he actually do something to you!” My mom glared at me and said.


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