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Chapter 179 – I was being a Samaritan

Since it was not very convenient for the girl’s leg, the police called out two policewomen from the station, and brought her to the interrogation room of the police station with us.

“Speak, what happened,” The police that arrested me said habitually,

“I told you, I was being a samaritan! Just now, my girlfriend and I just finished eating at Chen’s Sichuan Taste, as right when we were about to drive away, we saw this young lady rushing in front of my car, if it wasn’t for my fast reaction, letting me quickly stepping on the breaks, I fear I might have hit her! Then, just as I went off the car to see if she was hurt, she wanted to try to run into the police station at all cost. However, it might be due to my car, injuring her foot, a bunch of people behind her rushed over, not only did they want to beat them up, they even wanted to capture her! I used my judgement, guessing hat this girl was definitely going to call the cops as she runs into the station, so the people behind her must be bad guys! Therefore, I beat them all up, then you guys came!” I said without being in a hurry.

“Be more honest! Don’t think we don’t know who the people you hit are! The one in the lead is the rascal leader of Ewha Alley! I suspect that you have planned it for a long time already! Don’t mess around with me saying that you acted as a samaritan!” The police tried to scare me and said.

“He really acted as a samaritan and saved me, otherwise I would have been captured by those bad guys!” The girl on the side finally couldn’t resist speaking. ‘We don’t know each other, if it wasn’t for me, he would have driven away already! Those people have nothing to do with him!”

“What? He really acted as a samaritan?” The police opened his eyes wide in disbelief.

“Yes! Actually, it’s like this!” The girl slowly told them her background…

The girl’s called He Xiyuan, a villager from the Zhendonng Town Yanhe Village near Songjiang city. In other to save up money for her didi to go to school, she came to Songjiang city to work three days ago. She met a middle-aged man at the bus terminal, who told her that he could introduce a job to her. Since this was the first time He Xiyuan came out to work, she lacked experience in the society, and thus was tricked into going to a bar near Ewha Alley. They said they she was going to be a waitress, but the owner of the bar, Yu Wenfeng, suddenly asked her to sleep with a customer. He Xiyuan disagreed and wanted to quit, but then Yu Wenfeng said that he spent 2000 kuai to buy her from that middle-aged man, and wouldn’t let her leave no matter what, and forcefully pushed her into the room. In the room, He Xiyuan resisted with all her might, and finally used the ash tray to hurt the customer, and ran away.

Of course Yu Wenfeng couldn’t just let her off that easily, and thus brought a group of people to chase, just as they were about to catch up, He Xiyuan saw that it was the police station in front, so she tried her hardest to run inside, but she didn’t see my care, and nearly got hit. Then the scene that I talked about happened.

“So in other words, he really was being a samaritan?” Only now did the police believe my words.

“Yeah, police-shushu, let him go quickly!” The girl said.

“If the thing is really like you said, then we’ll naturally treat it as him acting as a samaritan and let him go..” Before the police finished, the telephone rang.

“Hello, this is the Songjiang Police Department… What?! Became a vegetable! … He hit so hard… I understand, “The police sullenly hung up and said, “Yu Wenfeng was beaten into a vegetable by you, so you temporarily can’t leave yet, we suspect that you may have used excessive force…”

“It was such a tense situation just now, how could I have known whether it was excessive or not! I naturally would have done everything I could, or else the person that turned into a vegetative state might very well be me!” I said innocently. Actually, I knew it clearly in my heart that I did it on purpose.

“Only after a meeting can we make the decision! So, you are temporarily detained!” That police wave his hands.

Detained?! How is that fine, my two wifeys are still waiting for meat the door of the police station.

“Call Chief Jiang over!” I finally said impatiently. Originally things like acting as a samaritan is very normal, I didn’t want to trouble jiang Yongfu, since I was the just one. However, now that they want to detain me, I couldn’t help but find him.

“What? You know Chief Jiang? Why didn’t you say so earlier! Wait a moment, I’ll give the chief a call,” That police quickly opened my handcuffs and went to the side to make a call.

A while after a call, Jiang Yongfu came in. Seeing me, he quickly shook hands with me and said, “So it’s little bro Liu! Why didn’t you tell big bro that you came, that Xiao Wu, quickly go and brew some tea!” Jiang Yongfu said to the police just now.

“No need for the trouble!” I quickly stopped him. However, since the chief has said it, how would Xiao Wu dare to refuse, and immediately took the tea pot to brew tea.

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“Little bro Liu, what’s going on?” Jiang Yongfu looked ambiguously at me and the girl beside me with messed up clothes, and said meaningfully.

“About this…” Just looking at Jiang Yongfu’s expression, I knew that he misunderstood.

Before I opened my mouth to explain, Jiang Yongfu pulled me to the side and whispered, “Look at how beautiful your girlfriend is, why did you come out and do this kind of stuff! What’s more, if you really want to screw, then go and spent two-three hundred to find a prostitute, **** for what! This really isn’t good!”

“Chief Jiang, you really misunderstood!” I laughed wryly and said.

“Misunderstood? How did I misunderstand? Isn’t this what’s going on?” Jiang Yongfu said speechlessly.

“Of course not! How could such a just and great teenager like me do that kind of shady thing! I acted as a samaritan…” Thus, I told Jiang Yongfu everything that happened.

“This is a good thing! Our police station has to thank you!” Jiang Yongfu slapped his thighs and said.

“Oh it’s like this, but that criminal suspect seems to have been beaten dumb by me by accident!” I said.

“Oh, so that’s what it is! Xiao Wu, talk to me about the situation at the time, what exactly happened,” Jiang Yongfu let out a sigh of relief.

Seeing that the chief spoke, how could Xiao Wu dare to hide anything, and thus told him everything that had happened. Hearing that, Jiang Yongfu kept on nodding his head, then he looked at He Xiyuan’s statemen and said, “Xiao Wu, this is clearing someone acting as a samaritan. We all know what kind of person Yu Wenfeng is! Why don’t you understand how to deal with this?”

“About that… Isn’t it just me not daring to make the final say, I thought I would report it to you, chief, and let you decide, now that you have said it, it’s all good!” Xiao Wu said a bit awkwardly.

“Okay now, aren’t the statements taken? Little bro Liu, go back first, I’ll apply the certificate of acting as a samaritan for you later, this is probably fine! You are ridding harm for the people!” Jiang Yongfu smiled and said.


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