Chapter 176 – Make it Personally for You

“I heard that a new Sichuan restaurant opened up next to the police station, the taste is pretty good! Dad ate there last time!” Zhao Yanyan suggested.

“Next to the police station!” I said in surprise, Chen Weier’s mother rented a shop not long ago next to the police station, and opened up a Chen’s Sichuan restaurant.

Chen Weier was also surprised, and asked subconsciously, “What’s it called?”

“I’m not too sure! But it seems to only have opened during Chinese New Year,” Zhao Yanyan said strangely after seeing Chen Weier and my weird expressions.

“The one you’re talking about is probably opened by Weier’s mom,” I said.

“Ah!” Zhao Yanyan exclaimed, “Then can we ate there for free!”

“You have to ask our hubby about this, he is the true owner behind the scenes,” Chen Weier giggled.

What can I say? It’s my money either way, is there a difference whether it is free or not!

I followed Zhao Yanyan’s instruction, and drove the car to that newly opened restaurant, and noticed that it is the “Chen’s Sichuan Taste” ran by Chen Weier’s mother that I invested in earlier. It looks pretty popular.

This was a shop designed based on my experience in my previous life. It used a Sichuan rural style, something I learnt from the themed restaurants and bars in my previous life. This type of simple design is a change from the urban area’s fancy decorations that were the same everywhere, giving people a very intimate feeling, I didn’t think that it would gain this amount of unexpected success.

“Is there a room?” I asked the reception lady.

“Sorry, Sir. You have to reserve the rooms first,” The reception lady said with a smile.

“We can’t get one right now?” I asked.

“Sorry, if you haven’t reserved it, then you can only dine in the hall,” The reception lady said apologetically.

“It’s alright, then just the hall,” I didn’t mind, isn’t it just a meal! It’s the same wherever we ate.

“How about I give mom a call?” Chen Weier asked.

“No need, we’re only having a meal, there’s no need to trouble over it so much,” I said.

Thus, under the guidance of the reception lady, we were put on a four person table in the hall.

I picked up the menu, then immediately saw the chef’s special, Chen’s Mala Tang.

“I’ll have a bowl of Mala Tang!” I said to the two girls. “What do you want?”

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“Hubby, I’ll go make it personally for you in the kitchen! They don’t know your preference,” Chen Weier looked at me passionately and said.

Just as I wanted to say “no need for the trouble”, I saw that Chen Weier had stood up and was already running towards the kitchen.

“Ai, young lady, what did you come to the kitchen for!” A fatty that looked like a chef asked.

“We ordered a Mala Tang, I wanted to make it personally, is that okay?” Chen Weier said cutely.

“About this…” The fat chef felt a bit troubled, according to the rules of the restaurant, the customers can’t come to the kitchen, but he couldn’t bear to refute this cute young lady.

“Just one bowl! I’ll leave after making it!” Chen Weier said sweetly.

“En… Then okay,” The fat chef drowsily agreed. This is because the young lady in front of him was too similar to his meimei, making him unable to refuse. Thinking that, the fat chef couldn’t feel a bit lost, if his meimei was healthy, then she should be like this young lady, but…

Seeing the fat chef agree, Chen Weier happily went in front of the stove, and familiarly picked up the Mala Tang basket to get the ingredients. Although she haven’t done that for a long time, Chen Weier didn’t seem rusty at all.

“Who are you?!” A skinny chef pointed to Chen Weier and asked in surprise after entering the kitchen.

“This… This is my meimei,” The fat chef quickly explained after getting surprised.

“Your meimei? Isn’t your meimei a veggie!” The skinny chef sneered and said.

“This is… my other meimei!” The fat chef said unwillingly.

“Hehe, Fatty, I don’t care if she is your meimei or not, bringing her to the kitchen is already broken the regulations, now you’re letting her cook, aren’t you making a joke of our restaurant’s reputation!” The skinny chef said with a smirk.

“I came in myself to want to make it, it’s none of his business, what’s more is that I’m cooking what we ordered, what does that have to do with the restaurant reputation!” Seeing the relentlessness of the skinny chef, Chen Weier helped the fat chef out.

“Heh, who are you kidding! Even he admitted that he brought you in, you think your family opened this restaurant?! You come when you want? Heh, Fatty, now I’ve got dirt on you, don’t blame me for being merciless!” The skinny chef glared at her and said.

The fat chef yelled out how troubled he was in his heart, young lady, young lady, you’ve caused so much trouble for me. If this skinny tells the restaurant manager, then he’s screwed. The restaurant has just opened for two weeks, the kitchen was going to promote a head chef, the only people that have the ability are himself and skinny, from all perspectives, he is slightly better than skinny for a bit. It could be said that his head chef position was pretty much guaranteed, he didn’t think that such a thing would occur. It seems like his head chef position was goners, he didn’t mind so much, the several hundred kuai of extra salary didn’t matter that much, but this money is used to treat his meimei!

As expected, skinny picked up the phone, dialed the manager office’s telephone, he spoke a few words, then smirked at fatty.

After quite a while, a middle-aged woman arrived at the entrance to the kitchen. “What’s going on?” The middle-aged woman asked.

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“Manager, Fatty took his meimei to the kitchen without permission, and let her cook for the customers, this severely affects our restaurant’s reputation!” Skinny quickly said.

The middle-aged woman surveyed the kitchen, and left her gaze on Chen Weier, she said in surprise, “Weier!”

“Mom!” Chen Weier turned around, smiled and said. “Why did you come?”

“She is the Fatty’s meimei you were talking about?” Mother Chen pointed to Chen Weier and said to Skinny in shock.

“About this…” Skinny freaked! He didn’t think this young lady is actually the general manager’s daughter, this is truly dropping a boulder on his own feet! Just now he was uncaringly saying that “did you think your family opened this restaurant”, in the end, her family really opened it.

The fat chef let out a sigh of relief, now it’s all good.

Chen Weier quickly told Mother Chen what have happened, Mother Chen glared at Skinny and said, “You are seriously too petty, you can’t wait to ask for your reward before finding out the truth, it’ll be hard for you to do big things. Now I announce, the head chef of our restaurant is Fatty.”

The chefs that were busy on the side all started clapping. At this time the person most happy is definitely Fatty, he didn’t think that he would get fortunate because of bad luck.

“Mom, you have to wave the bill for your table!” Chen Weier said.


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