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Chapter 177 – Trick Me Once Again

“That’s not alright! These are separate matters, our family coming to eat here have to pay as well! What’s more, mom is working for your boyfriend, if there’s something wrong with the accounts, then it’ll be hard to explain,” Mother Chen said seriously.

“Mom, I came with Liu Lei,” Chen Weier acted spoiled and said.

“Then okay, let Liu Lei sign it when you pay,” Mother Chen said.

“Thanks mom!” Chen Weier giggled and ran out of the kitchen carrying the freshly made Mala Tang.

“Be careful, don’t burn yourself!” Mother Chen reminded her behind, but Weier was already far away.

“Ai, this child! I don’t see her being so focused when cooking for her mom, this must be made for Xiao Liu!” Mother Chen muttered and walked out of the kitchen.

The fat chef left behind was still idiotically looking at Chen Weier’s back, and thinking about his own meimei. He miraculously just got promoted to head chef like this, the surprise came way too quickly.

“Yanyan, what do you think about taking the National Higher Education Examination (NHEE) early like I said before?” I said to Zhao Yanyan.

“I… I’m afraid I can’t do it,” Zhao Yanyan said uncertainly.

“How do you know you are unable to if you don’t try, what’s more, it’s just a trial, since it doesn’t matter how many times you enter the NHEE, if you don’t make it this year, you can take it again next year,” I said.

“But I’m still not confident, if I don’t make it, Weier-jiejie would be said,” Zhao Yanyan said.

“Weier can’t wait for me to pass it, and you fail it, then take ownership of me for an entire year,” I joked.

“Heh, Weier-jiejie is not as terrible as you said! What’s more, you’re so powerful on the bed, who would dare to occupy you by herself, it’ll be strange if she doesn’t get screwed to death by you!” Zhao Yanyan glared at me and said coquettishly.

“Hehe. But Yanyan, at the start, it was you who vowed that your family will definitely make you apply to Huaxia University, and begged me to study hard!” I chuckled and said.

“Who let you act so lazy all the time, I never thought that you were a genius,” Zhao Yanyan looked at me sideways.

“Hehe…” I chuckled dryly and though, if you were reborn, you will also be invincible.

“Ai~ Hubby, look, isn’t that Xu Ruoyun’s friend!” Zhao Yanyan pointed to the two people not far away.

I looked over, and saw that it is Li Boliang and that sea turtle *******. The two were discussing something in secret.

Out of curiosity, I used my superpower, in order to see what the two were talking about, I never would have thought that I would discover a shocking ploy.

“Mr. Gotou, I fear this isn’t good!” Li Boliang said worriedly.

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“Relax, we are legally importing in! Think about it, what does my one million investment count as, if this transaction is successful, don’t talk about one million, even ten million isn’t an issue!” Gotou Mitsuo said proudly.

“10 million? Ze—— Ze!” Li Boliang smacked his mouth greedily and repeated. “We really can make that much?”

“That’s just a low estimate! The president of Awal Corporation Limited, Mr. Matsushima, has already promised me that 10 million is just a safe estimate, just look at the demand for Walkman on the Huaxia market, you are also an university student, say it yourself, how many of your classmates are planning to buy a Walkman!” Gotou Mitsuo continued.

“That’s true! However, didn’t you say these Walkman are unqualified products the factory threw out? About the quality…” Li Boliang hesitated.

“Unqualified doesn’t mean unusable! According to Japan’s regulations, they can’t be sold on the market, but there isn’t anything wrong with these Walkman, at least within half a year! Half a year later, we would have earned enough money and left already, who cares!” Gotou Mitsuo smiled sinisterly.

“Nothing bad will happen right! This is fraud!” Li Boliang was still a bit worried, although he has done stuff like tricking people before, but this was the first time doing something so big.

“What could happen, why are you such a wimp! When the time comes, I’ll talk to Mr. Matsushima, and let you join our Japanese nationality, then you’ll be an international friend, who could dare to cause trouble for you!” Gotou Mitsuo comforted.

“Then I’ll be troubling you, Mr. Gotou!” Li Boliang said happily. He was rather proud in his heart, when the time comes, he’ll be rich, and have his own career, he isn’t going to be afraid that Xu Ruoyun doesn’t change her mind!

“This time we have quite a bit of stock, see if you can find a buyer to take all of it, this would also be easier on us,” Gotou Mitsuo suggested.

“This idea is pretty good, even if something’s wrong with the quality, then they still won’t be able to find us!” Li Boliang praised the idea.

“Oh yeah, did you say you have a grudge with that something guang Corporation? Do they do imported business? How about selling it directly to them?” Gotou Mitsuo said.

“Shuguang Corporation! I don’t have much of a grudge with them, but their corporation’s CEO’s son-in-law has a grudge with me! Hehe!” Li Boliang suddenly said sinisterly.

I kept on swearing in my heart after hearing that, this person is too full of himself, ignoring the fact that Shuguang Corporation doesn’t have an imported sales department, even if they have, we won’t buy just whatever he tells us he’s selling! However, since I heard this, I can’t ignore it!

Even if Shuguang Corporation rejected them, they would still sale these failed products to others, in the end, those being at a loss would still be the people of Huaxia. Therefore, I might as well go with it, and cause him to lose everything. **** this, I haven’t even paid him back for last time he tricked me, and now he’s trying to trick me again.

In order to prevent Li Boliang from discovering me, the three of us quickly finished and quietly left the restaurant.

“Hubby, what are you doing acting so secretively?” Chen Weier asked strangely. Zhao Yanyan also had a face of confusion, it’s because only I heard the conversation between Li Boliang and that sea turtle Gotou.

“I saw two people that wants to bring harm to Yanyan’s dad’s company,” I opened the car door and said.

“What! Bring harm to dad?” Zhao Yanyan freaked after hearing that. “Then what should we do? Quickly tell dad!”

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“Relax, Yanyan. Since I heard it, their plan is useless,” I said, at the same time I said in my heart, actually Shuguang Corporation belongs to be, of course I can’t sit idly by.

“Oh!” Zhao Yanyan nodded in trust.

“Hubby, where are we going now?” Zhao Yanyan asked after getting into the car.

“Of course we’re going to your home to tell the news I just heard to your dad, then we’ll have another restless night… Hehe!” I chuckled.

“You’re terrible! Dad’s at home, it’s impossible for the three of us to be together!” Zhao Yanyan said while blushing.

“Don’t worry! After I tell this news to your dad, he’ll definitely hurry back to the company to deal with it!” I said certainly.


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