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Chapter 175 – The Brooding Weier

No matter how good his stamina is, it is impossible for him to compete with others with full energy after running five thousand meters, he had no chance of winnign the ten thousand meters. But then Qi Dapeng though, this is only a challenge against Liu Lei, as long as he beats him then it’s fine, getting a prize doesn’t matter at all.

“It’s decided then!” Qi Dapeng looked at me in disdain once again, he didn’t believe that I could run five thousand meters with my physique.

“But, let’s say it first, no matter who loses and who wins, this is the only time it’s happening, afterwards, neither of us should not admit to the results, and challenge again,” I gave Qi Dapeng a warning first.

“Just as I like!” Qi Dapeng said. “If I beat you, then you can’t get entangled with Xu Ruoyun anymore.”

When school ended, at the moment when Zhao Yanyan and I walked out of school hand in hand, I saw Chen Weier standing with a heavy expression slightly far away.

“What is it, Weier?” Seeing that something was wrong, I frantically went over and asked.

“Liu Lei, my heart’s a mess! Can we find a place to chat?” Chen Weier said dimly.

“Weier, don’t scare me!” I went up and hugged Chen Weier, but noticed that there were traces of tears still near her eyes.

“Weier-jiejie, let’s get on the car then talk!” Zhao Yanyan quickly said after seeing Weier and I like this.

After getting hugged by me, Chen Weier’s body moved a little, then hearing Zhao Yanyan say that, she smiled wryly, then pulled open the car door.

Zhao Yanyan very consciously sat into the back, and left the shotgun for Chen Weier.

“What is it Weier? Who bullied you?” After sitting down, I didn’t start the car, instead I anxiously asked Chen Weier. To be honest, it’s hard to say whether the feeling I had towards Chen Weier at the start was love or not, but recently, I could be more and more sure than my love towards Chen Weier was nearly catching up to my love for Zhao Yanyan’s.

“Hubby! I don’t want to separate from you!” The moment Chen Weier got into the car, she let go of her feelings, then leaped into my arms to start sobbing.

“Separate? Who said we’re going to separate! Weier, my good wifey, we’ll never separate this entire life!” I quickly comforted her without knowing what’s going on.

“But hubby, I’m already in third year! I have to apply for university in four months… I don’t want to separate from you,” Chen Weier said slowly.

My worried heart finally relaxed. So Weier was brooding because of this! I thought someone big happened again!

“Going to university doesn’t affect us being together! Could it be that you’re afraid that after going to university, you’ll get embarrassed when others find out that your boyfriend is still a high school student?” I joked.

“Aiya! Hubby! I’m talking about serious matters with you, don’t joke for now!” Chen Weier said in annoyance, whiled her little fists pounded my body.

“I’m also talking about serious matters! Is it not because of this?” I pretended to be confused and asked.

“Of course not! Our class had a class meeting today, our class tutor gave all of us some suggestions on universities to apply to, she said I should apply to Huaxia University or Peking University!” Chen Weier said.

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“Of course! With our family’s Weier’s abilities, isn’t it simple to get into these two universities?” I said while still not understanding.

“Hubby, why are you so dumb! I really don’t understand, you’re so smart in other matters, why haven’t you got it for this!” Zhao Yanyan said annoyedly at the back, “What Weier-jiejie means is that if she gets into Huaxia University or Peking University, she can’t be with you everyday!”

I only understood then! So Weier was brooding because of that!

“My dumb Weier! So you’re brooding because of this! Even if you really get into university, you can still come back to see me every day! The speed of trains have increased, it’s only a bit more than seven hours from here to Yanjing, it’s just a night! I sat on it once when I went to the competition with Weier, it’s really quick!” I said.

“Really? But the train tickets are really expensive, right?” However, right after Chen Weier finished her sentence, she smiled. Her hubby is so rich, he wouldn’t care about the ticket money at all.

“Of course! Yanyan and I can also go and see you when we’re free, but we have to plan it well, or we might miss each other!” I smiled and said.

“But I still don’t want to leave you, not even for a day,” Chen Weier said depressingly. “How about, what do you think if I apply to Songjiang University?”

“How can that be!” I quickly said. “Weier, what a shame it’ll be if you don’t go to Huaxia University or Peking University with your grades! What’s more Yanyan and I are also going to apply to Huaxia University in the future!”

“But I really don’t want to be by myself, hubby, I found out that I can’t leave you anymore,” Chen Weier laid on my body like a little girl and said coquettishly.

“Ai! How about this, Weier! Hubby will promise you, in a maximum of one year, Yanyan and I will go and find you at Huaxia University!” I sighed and said.

“Really? One year?” Weier said in surprise.

“En! Yanyan and I will see if we can take the National Matriculation Exams earlier!” I said. Originally I didn’t want to take it earlier, if I was going to take it earlier, I didn’t have to go to high school at all, and could directly get into university. However, after getting reborn, I went to high school with the intention of enjoying it like the sims, and wanted to gradually finish it, and fully enjoy it! It looks like my though can’t help but change because of Weier.

“Hubby, you’re amazing!” Chen Weier finally stopped crying and laughed, then said happily.

“Okay, now that we’ve finished discussing about serious matters, should we go and train out bodies?” I said lasciviously.

“Train bodies? Why do we have to train our bodies?” Chen Weier said in confusion.

“Weier-jiejie, don’t listen to this huge pervert, it definitely isn’t anything good!” Zhao Yanyan glared at me and said.

“But what does training body have to do with…?” Chen Weier still didn’t quite get it.

“Hehe, Weier, you and Yanyan should practice horse riding together!” I chuckled.

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“Horse riding… Ahhh… You’re terrible!” Chen Weier finally understood my meaning, and said with a red face.

“How am I terrible? The first time we did it, didn’t you take the initiative and ride on me!” I smiled evilly and said.

“You’re terrible! I won’t… won’t ride anymore!” Chen Weier said shyly.

“Won’t won’t ride? Double negative means affirmative, you said this yourself! Tonight… “I smiled lecherously and said.

Thus, I got attacked from all sides by the two girls. The little depression was easily gone.

“Two wifey-darens, what are we eating tonight? It’s the first day of school, shouldn’t we go and celebrate?” I quickly change the two girl’s attention.


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