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Chapter 174 – Believe Me

After I said all that, I found Yu Yang looking thankfully at me, that gaze caused goosebumps to appear all over my body. This brat can’t be gay right? I thought confusedly in my heart.

However, I very quickly understood why Yu Yang would smile at me to weirdly, when I saw the final signup sheet, I nearly fainted, these fellow actually signed me up for “Male Pentathlon”, “Five thousand meters” and “Ten thousand Meter Marathon”! What’s worse was that the five thousand meters and ten thousand meters races were right after one another, it means that just after running five thousand, I have to run ten thousand!

These people really did it, they really stuffed all the events that nobody signed up for to me! If I didn’t have any superpowers, then wouldn’t I die of tiredness on the field!

Yu Yang saw that I blanked out holding that event list, he couldn’t bare it and said, “Liu Lei, how about giving me one event…:

I chuckled and said, “It’s alright, isn’t it just pentathlon plus fifteen thousand meters! Just wait for me to get first place!”

Yu Yang was shocked after hearing that, he looked at me with his mouth wide open in surprise, and didn’t manage to say anything for quite a while.

“Boss, why did you sign up for so many events?” Guo Qing looked at the final events list with a face of surprise.

“Hehe, your boss, I, is superhuman! How’s it, sign up for a few events, after all it is fighting for the class’s honor, with your ability right now, isn’t it simple to get first place?” I patted Guo Qing’s shoulders and said.

“Ai!” Guo Qing sighed, “Never mind, I feel like I’m getting more and more distant from being a student, I feel like I’m just not the same kind of people as them.”

I nodded. What Guo Qing said is the truth, Guo Qing has already become the boss of an area, and the life he’s living every day is unimaginably different from that of a normal student, it was impossible for him to look at things from a student’s perspective.

“How’s it going with those from the Ewha Alley?” I suddenly thought about this very important thing, which was that this year, Yu Wenfeng was beaten into a ****** by Ding Baosan. Due to the chain effects that my rebirth brought, I can’t guarantee that the one that does it would still be this Ding Baosan! Because this life is different from the previous! The boss of the market place in my previous life was Ding Baosan, but now it’s Guo Qing, thus, the person that trashes Ding Wenfeng this year may very well become Guo Qing! I can’t watch idly as my best friend gets arrested and thrown into prison, so I definitely have to think of a perfect plan before this event occurs.

“You’re talking about Ding Wenfeng? Monkey Three lead some people and trashed a few of their places, they might have gotten afraid, and didn’t make any moves since, “Guo Qing said in dissatisfaction.

My heart moved upon hearing that! Something’s wrong, something’s definitely wrong! Yu Wenfeng is definitely a sinister villain, and will always take revenge! Having no action after suffering that much losses, he might be building up an even bigger ploy, it might just be that huge gang fight I saw in my previous life. And the occurrence time of this gang fight is indeed in April this month, there is only one month left from now! The reason for this conflict did seem to be Ding Baosan trashing a few of Yu Wenfeng’s places!

“Guozi, it’s impossible for Yu Wenfeng to suffer such a huge loss without saying anything he might very well be planning something!” I reminded.

“Hehe! Boss, I know this without you saying it, but what can he do to me? I just don’t need to be afraid of him, if he forces me, I’ll lead the people straight to Ewha Alley to screw him over!” Guo Qing said cockily.

It really is so! I could already be sure now, the large incident in my previous life started from this. However, I couldn’t help but remind Guo Qing, it was a period where Songjiang city was targeting illegal activities hard. A little while ago, the provincial police department gave the orders for the Songjiang city’s police department to severely target illegal activities due to Su Yingzi’s incident, if Yu Wenfeng gets beaten till he’s retarded normally, it might be easy to handle, since it’s hard to say who’s in the right for fights of the underworld. Yet, it was different now, if Guo Qing pushes himself into danger, it really is trouble!

In my previous life, Ding Baosan also got arrested during this time, but I don’t know the exact reason for the severe targeting of illegal activities, but it definitely wasn’t Su Yinzi, since there wasn’t a star named Su Yingzi in my previous life.

The same time, but different reason caused the same effect! After I was reborn, I could basically confirmed that the general direction of history will not change, the only thing that will change is me and those I have a relationship with.

“They’re severely targeting illegal activities now, it would be best not to get into direct conflict with that Yu Wenfeng,” I said very seriously to Guo Qing.

“Severely targeting illegal activities? What does that have to do with us?” Guo Qing asked strangely.

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“Guo Qing, do you believe me?” Of course, I can’t tell Guo Qing that I have lived through this once before, I could only use this method, it is to utilize Guo Qing’s trust towards me. Ever since I was reborn, every suggestion I have Guo Qing has benefited him greatly, and it also caused Guo Qing to have a blind faith towards what I say.

“I… do!” Seeing I say this, Guo Qing agreed even though he didn’t understand why I mentioned this.

“Liu Lei! There’s someone outside looking for you!” The classmate sitting by the doorway shouted.

I walked confusingly towards the doorway, in this school, there aren’t actually that many people that know me right! I looked after walking out, it was actually the ******, Qi Dapeng.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I picked our challenge, let’s have it on the sports festival a few days later!” Qi Dapeng said while pretending like it was nothing.

I laughed coldly in my heart, does he think I don’t know how he would think? As a jock, he thinks that he can beat me in the sports area? That’s just dreaming! Even if I don’t have any super powers, I can still easily beat you! I was the male decathlon champion during university in my previous life!

“Whatever!” I said, “What are the events?”

“You pick the events! Choose any three, best out of three, how’s that?” Seeing that I agreed, Qi Dapeng was proud of himself. While picking the sports festival, he already thought that he had a huge advantage, no matter what event, from his perspective, it would be simple to beat a little white face like me.

“Oh, coincidentally, someone helped me picked three events, I’ll use them as our challenge,” I said.

“Sure! Tell me the events, I’ll go and sign up!” Qi Dapeng said. From his perspective, he was definitely going to win.

“Male pentathlon, five thousand meters and ten thousand meters,” I said calmly.

“Oh, I noted it down. Male pentathlon, five thousand meters, ten… thousand?!” Qi Dapeng suddenly said in shock,” What? Five thousand meters? Ten thousand meters?”

These events all needed tons of stamina, Qi Dapeng didn’t think I would actually sign up for these three at all! Furthermore, ten thousand meters was right after five thousand meters, there was no time to rest in between!


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