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Chapter 173 – Election and Sleeping

Although I didn’t really care about the election, but Ye Xiaoxiao cared a lot. My gaze never left her, when I saw her expression at the time, I understood the gist of it. Originally it didn’t matter to be who the class rep was, but who made it so that Liu Kesheng has a grudge with me, moreover, our beautiful Ye Xiaoxiao-xiaojie seems to have a problem with you.

I looked at Guo Qing, who was sitting in front of me, that fellow was sleeping. It seems like he knows that electing the class leaders have nothing to do with him! So, I kicked the chair Guo Qing was sitting on, shocking him, causing him to immediately wake up. He turned around and was just about to swear before noticing I kicked it, thus he returned to a normal smiley face and said, “Boss, what is it?”

“Look on the blackboard, Liu Kesheng is going to be elected to become the next class rep,” I gave this chance to stand out to Guo Qing.

Guo Qing nodded, and immediately understood.

“The election results are out, Liu Kesheng is in the lead with 38 votes. With the election results, Liu Kesheng will become this class’s class rep, does anyone have any problems?” Ye Xiaoxiao frowned and said. Although this result wasn’t what she wanted, but the truth is there, and she can’t do anything about it.

“I do!” Guo Qing lazily stretched and said. “I disagree, I want a re-election!”

Liu Kesheng’s held jumped, he did bribe a lot of people this past year, even if the classmates in class doesn’t vote for him, it’s impossible for them to cause trouble! However, when he saw the person that spoke was Guo Qing, his heart shuddered. Just don’t mention how angry he is having a foot stuck in just it was about to be his.

“Re-election? Why do we need to elect again?” From Ye Xiaoxiao’s perspective, no matter how many times they elected, the results would be the same.

“Because I was sleeping just now!” Guo Qing said shamelessly.

“Sleeping! What does you sleeping have anything to do with the election?” Ye Xiaoxiao asked strangely.

“Didn’t you say the entire class have to participate? I slept just now, and didn’t participate, so we have to re-elect!” Guo Qing said.

“But… I fear that…” Actually, Ye Xiaoxiao also hoped that they could choose someone to replace Liu Kesheng, but this is the election result and thus cannot be changed.

“Okay, I don’t care if others wants to be it, but it can’t be Liu Kesheng! Let’s do it in a simpler way, those that agree to Liu Kesheng being class rep raise their hands!” Guo Qing didn’t wait for Ye Xiaoxiao to finish before speaking to the entire class.

Everyone looked at each other, no one raised their hands. Nobody’s an idiot, who is this Guo Qing! The boss of the school, sine he clearly doesn’t want to let Liu Kesheng win, who would dare to raise their hands! A feel bros that got along with Liu Kesheng normally hesitated for a long time, but finally raised their hands up.

Seeing that someone actually still dared to raise their hands, Guo Qing glared at them, causing them to nearly pee their pants, and also retract their hands.

“Ye-laoshi, no one agrees to Liu Kesheng being class rep!” Guo Qing said with satisfaction.

Ye Xiaoxiao was beyond shocked, she never would have thought that this normally bad student would actually help her out in the key moment, but what made her not understand the most was why did everyone change their opinions the moment he voiced his, and were even unnaturally of one mind. If Ye Xiaoxiao knew that her students changed their opinions because they were terrified of the revenge of the underworld, who knows what she would think.

Liu Kesheng was so angry that his lungs were about to explode, what was about to be achieved got screwed over by Guo Qing, but he can’t say anything either, Guo Qing is so much stronger than him right now!

Guo Qing sat down after saying that, Ye Xiaoxiao used this start to wipe off Liu Kesheng’s name from the blackboard. The results of the re-election was that someone called Yu Yang became class rep. I didn’t have much of an impression of this guy, I just felt like he was very honest, he was the kind that would get beaten up yet wouldn’t make a sound. Looking at Liu Kesheng’s hateful gaze, I guess that this Yu Yang was about to experience some misfortune, but this didn’t have much to do with me. What surprised me was that, I actually became our class’s learning committee member! But, whatever, since this role doesn’t need to actually do anything, it’s just in name. Zhao Yanyan continued to be the group secretary, the chick’s relationship with others was pretty good, out of the sixty three people in class, there were actually fifty nine that voted for her, I know out of the ones that didn’t vote, Guo Qing was sleeping, and so didn’t participate. Zhao Yanyan and I didn’t vote to prevent bias. I guess the forth person was probably Liu Kesheng.

After the class leader list was decided, Ye Xiaoxiao announced the second big thing of the class meeting, and that’s the school is holding a spring sports festival, and thus encouraged us to sign up in order to do our class proud.

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I remember in my previous life, it was also under Ye Xiaoxiao’s encouragement that I signed up for the 5 thousand meter run. However, my race was set to be the first one in the afternoon, at the time I just finished my fried rice. Thus, I thought that if I run like this, wouldn’t I get appendicitis! Therefore, I remember the school’s motto of “participation is the key”, and entered the race. Since I was scared of my life being in danger, when everyone run forward mindlessly, I casually walked behind. When everyone had reached the finish line, I didn’t even walk past a thousand meters.

At this moment, a P.E. teacher walked over, kicked me over and swore, “**** you! If you can’t run then why did you get in here? You’re even ******* slower than a turtle! Having you drag on behind, the following races can’t continue!”

At the time, since my personality was cowardly, I didn’t try to explain at all, I only silently limped out of the field. However, I swore in my heart that I would definitely trash the leg that the fellow used to kick me. I could clearly remember that this person was called Guo Songshu.

After encouraging for a long time, Ye Xiaoxiao noticed that there were still barely anyone that signed up for the sports festival, they didn’t even reach the lowest standard of having a person for each race. Although academic grades were the most important thing for students, but they can’t have too big of a difference with other classes in other areas!

Thus she said, “The class leaders have to take the lead, each person must sign up for at least 3 events. Other people can do as they want.”

These class leaders were just chosen, thus naturally didn’t have any objection towards Ye Xiaoxiao’s suggestion, it’s just that when Yu Yang, who had a stick-like physique” entered into the shot-putt and two sprints, I felt a bit of worry for him. Who knows when the time comes, if it’ll be him or the shot-putt that’ll be thrown, or it might be both flying out together.

When Yu Yang held the signup sheet in front of me and asked, I lazily answered without looking at it, “Whatever, leave the ones that no one signed up for to me!”

Right now, all of these sport events were the same to me, as long as I wanted, getting a world champion extremely simple.


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