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Chapter 172 – Class Meeting

“That’s just about you, what does it have to do with me! What’s more, if Xu Ruoyun knows what you’re doing, her impression of you will also drop drastically!” I said coldly.

“Who said that! Xu Ruoyun agreed with my method!” Qi Dapeng glared at me and said.

“What did you say? She agreed? She agreed to what?” I was rather speechless, Xu Ruoyun couldn’t have just intentionally caused trouble for me right, not only did she not convince this ****** Qi Dapeng otherwise, she agreed with what he’s doing?!

“She agreed! Also, she declared to me in front of a lot of people, saying that she’ll be the girlfriend of whoever wins this challenge between you and I!” Qi Dapeng said excitedly.

I fainted! This Xu Ruoyun truly is terrified that the world doesn’t get messed up! How could she say something like that! However, it seems like if I win Xu Ruoyun becomes y girlfriend? Although I wasn’t clear about what sort of feeling I had towards little light bulb Xu, but that day in the coffee shop, at the moment Xu Ruoyun told me the truth, my sort of lost feeling told me that I still cared a lot about her. I don’t know what she meant by agreeing to Qi Dapeng challenging me, but with Xu Ruoyun’s personality, she definitely wouldn’t fall for this ****** fellow, since she agreed with him in front of so many people, that means that she wasn’t joking! Could she have done it because of me…

Hehe, I felt a suddenly joy in my heart! Could this chick feel… Since it’s like this, I might as well agree to this Qi Dapeng, and then I can find out little light bulb Xu’s intentions, perhaps she will no longer be a light bulb from now on…

“Okay, I’ll agree to your challenge,” I nodded and said.

“Really?! That’s great, since I challenged you, then you can take your pick of what it is on! However, let’s say it first, if you want to compete something like dancing, cultural or academic thing, then I can only surrender!’ Qi Dapeng wasn’t an idiot, he knows that he can’t beat me in academics, and so blocked this path right away.

“Never mind, you take the pick, tell me when you’ve decided!” I’ve nearly become Superman, any event to me was the same. Since I had to beat him, then I’ll let this ****** lose convincingly, to prevent him not admitting to it, then challenge me again and stuff.

“You said it! It’s a promise!” Qi Dapeng was afraid that I would go back on my words, and immediately agreed.

I laughed in my heart, but I still nodded without changing my expression. Qi Dapeng was very happy, from his perspective, the thing about the challenge was easy as done! All he needed to wait for is holding the beauty in his arms!

I returned to the classroom, Guo Qing immediately came up and asked, “Boss, that idiot didn’t do anything to you right?!”

I chuckled, “Don’t you know how good your boss’s skill is? What can he do to me!”

“That’s true! Oh yeah, Boss, what did he chat with you about?” Guo Qing said with a laugh.

“He challenged me!” I said calmly.

“What! Challenge?” Zhao Yanyan and Guo Qing were shocked at the same time upon hearing it, “Why did he challenge you?”

Thus, I told the two everything about how Qi Dapeng challenged me because of Xu Ruoyun.

“Then you agreed to Qi Dapeng’s challenge?” Zhao Yanyan asked.

“I agreed,” I said.

“Heh! You pervert! I knew you had ill intentions towards Ruoyun-meimei!” Zhao Yanyan snorted.

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“Dasao, that’s where you’re wrong! Xu Ruoyun getting with Boss is at least a hundred times better than getting with that idiot Qi Dapeng!” Guo Qing quickly tried to smoothen things.

That afternoon, Ye Xiaoxiao held the first class meeting of this semester. Towards this beauty Ye Xiaoxiao, I did have rather intense feelings. No matter what, I am an old man with the psychological age of thirty-something years old, it’s impossible for me not to get interested in mature women. So, I continued to gaze lecherously at Ye Xiaoxiao’s chest, but even since the condom incident happened, Ye Xiaoxiao seemed to always be on guard against me, she pretty much never turned her chest towards me during lesson. However, I was different not, I can use my x-ray vision any time. Gaga~! This is a super great power.

“This is the first class meeting for us this semester, there are two important things. The first thing is that we have to choose the class leaders again. Why do we have to choose them again? It’s not because the original class leaders were up to their job, the main reason is because the original class leaders were temporarily picked by me, we didn’t know each other. This time it would be voted democratically, all students will participate, aside from the original class leaders, I will name out several nominees, other students that wants to get elected can also self-nominate,” Ye Xiaoxiao said.

Choose again? I remember the change was in the second year in my previous life, and in the end, the results still had Liu Kesheng winning, was it my rebirth that caused this election to happen earlier? I wasn’t very interested in this class leader election, the class leaders in middle school is just a fake job, doing work for free, it is just to give a bit of self-satisfaction to people. In my previous life, I already shined enough, I started liking laying low in this life, the current school life game me a sort of sim feeling, that’s why I can’t avoid this sort of thing fast enough, it wasn’t possible for me to participate. However, what surprised me was that Ye Xiaoxiao actually put my name onto the blackboard as well. I looked strangely towards Ye Xiaoxiao, which got me a challenging look in return, making me all the more confused.

The results of the election as going to come out very quickly, I couldn’t help but admit, this Liu Kesheng brat did have some tricks up his sleeves. Although his father had already been arrested, but this brat still worked hard to get close to people, eighty-percent of the students had getting aided by Liu Kesheng here and there. I guess this brat might have been stimulated by his father’s incident, and thus started working hard.

Ye Xiaoxiao frowned as she saw that the votes for Liu Kesheng had already surpassed half the class, she didn’t think that such a petty person would be able to receive so many votes. TO be honest, she did have great hopes for this Liu Kesheng at the start, however, the incidents that followed caused Ye Xiaoxiao’s impression of Liu Kesheng to drop immensely. It’s because a narrow-minded person would not be enough to lead others. If she finds out about all those ****** things Liu Kesheng had done before, who knows what she would think.

Liu Kesheng looked at the votes on the blackboard, he know that his hard work for this half a year weren’t waste. His current situation is different from before, from now on, everything was on himself.

Ye Xiaoxiao was very troubled right now, according to the votes on the blackboard, it is almost guaranteed for Liu Kesheng to be the class rep, but Ye Xiaoxiao’s intention for this election is to choose a new class rep, the other positions weren’t really important.


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