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Chapter 162 – Private Party

“Oh, you’re talking about this! It was a small group that the few of us that likes Yanyan made. I am the president!” Fatty Wu said shamelessly.

I think that Fatty Wu is the first person I’ve seen that acts so chilled while facing their rival in love.

“This Wang Yu is pretty nice, “Fatty Wu said. “He’s rather just, he was originally in our middle school, but then dropped out to start a company in high school, I didn’t think he actually made it quite decent. He probably came this time to get into contact with Su Yingzi’s company.”

I nodded, this gathering is essentially a bridge for upper class people to get into contact, so there’s nothing wrong with Wang Yu’s actions.

“But you, Fatty Wu, you don’t seem interested in this type of gatherings?” I was quite confused about seeing Fatty Wu here.

“Don’t mention it, you don’t know, but this Su Yingzi’s background is pretty powerful, I don’t know who called my old man, so my old man sent me with a group of special forces to secretly protect this place, “Fatty Wu said with a troubled face.

“Oh!” I casually nodded, but didn’t treat it as a big deal. I wondered in my heart how powerful can a celebrity’s background be.

“Look, Su Yingzi’s here,” Someone shouted out. The hall immediately quieted down quite a bit, everyone sent their gazes at the entrance of the hall. As expected, Su Yingzi, under the company of several bodyguards, slowly walked into the entrance hall.

At this moment, Su Yingzi already took off her makeup, and changed it a white evening dress, she was like a fairy not of this world, and felt exceptionally pure.

This was the first time I seen Su Yingzi this clearly, in the concert just now, due to the lighting, I couldn’t see that well. If I didn’t see her with my own eyes, I would definitely not believe that there was such a beautiful girl in the world.

Su Yingzi looked around, and her gaze swept over me, then turned towards others without stopping. I don’t know why, but I felt a sense of disappointment. It looks like Su Yingzi didn’t recognize me, the person that stood on the stage with her.

However, my mood immediately returned to normal, it was impossible for anything to happen between her and I, someone as possessive as me could never tolerate their own woman showing off outside, and was it possible for Su Yingzi, even after becoming my woman, to give up her career?

Instantly, I lost interest in this gathering, and just randomly found a seat to sit down. If it wasn’t due to seeing Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier’s excited expression, I might have walked out ages ago.

I was very bored of the upper class life in my previous life, and felt tired of the feeling of getting served all the time. This was why after getting reborn, I always intentionally dressed myself up like a normal person.

“Is this alright? She seems to have so many bodyguards by her side,” Huang Weicheng said troubledly.

“I promise it’s fine, as long as we do this…” Rat-eye said quietly.

“Okay! Then let’s do that!” Huang Weicheng also such the fairy like Su Yingzi just now, and the sperm has already gotten to his head, his couldn’t wait any longer.

“Now, I announce, the party official begins! Please welcome the concert’s organizer Shuguang Corporation’s CEO Mr. Zhao Junsheng to say a few words to everyone…” The host’s voice rang out. I know this host, I saw quite a few of the shows that he hosted, he is a slightly famous host from Songjiang Television. I didn’t think that even he got invited.

“What! Dad!” Hearing the name “Zhao Junsheng”, Zhao Yanyan freaked, and immediately understood the reason behind the VIP seat tickets, and the attitude of the guard at the door after seeing Uncle Gao.

“Liu Lei, did you know about this ages ago?” Zhao Yanyan glared at me, and said with an expression that was hard to understand.

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I had wanted to give a surprise to her, yet it backfired, so the best thing to do right now is to keep quiet.

“Heh! I’ll deal get even with you when we get home!” Zhao Yanyan said, then ignored me.

Back home? I thought lewdly in my heart, hehe=, I fear it’ll be getting even on the bed back home right!

After Zhao Junsheng spoke, it was Su Yingzi’s speech, I saw Su Yingzi receiving the host’s microphone with a smile, and said opening, “First of all, thanks to the organizer of the concert, Shuguang Corporation, the concert was perfectly held, I’m very happy! Also, I am very thankful towards…”

I had no interest in hearing such a courteous speech, my mind was filled with scenes of xxoo’ing with Zhao Yanyan, I really hope this “take care of you later at home” moment would come sooner. Even since I practiced the qigong methods Footy taught me, certain areas of me improved drastically, but I still didn’t have a chance to get intimate with the two chicks, so I was really desperate. I really hope this effort-wasting party would end quickly.

After the banquet started, Zhao Junsheng, the representative of the organizer, gave a toasted Su Yingzi, I didn’t think that Su Yingzi was also very cooperative, and downed the entire glass of red wine.

Following that was free time, a lot of fans rushed up and surrounded Su Yingzi, all of them toasting her, Su Yingzi only answered them perfunctorily, after she down that glass of red wine, Su Yingzi’s head was already a bit dizzy, she couldn’t drink anymore.

“Su-xiaojie, this one toasts you!” Seeing that the time was ripe, Huang Weicheng walked over with a glass of red wine. Then he gave a cue to Rat-eye who was on the side.

“Sorry, I can’t drink anymore…” Seeing that another person came to toast, Su Yingzi quickly shook her hands and refused.

“About this… I fear Su-xiaojie isn’t giving this one face, is this one lower than all the other people just now in Su-xiaojie’s eyes?” Huang Weicheng pretended to be dissatisfied and said.

“About this…” Su Yingzi felt troubled, why was this person so annoying, but there’s no helping it, she had to do the things concerning face fully. Every time she was dealing with the others’ toast, it was her sipping a little, while others drinking a glass, but now that her head is aching, she can’t even drink another mouthful, yet this person was still standing there with a glass as if he wasn’t giving up at all.

“How about this, Su-xiaojie, this one has a great idea!” Rat-eye appeared in front of Su Yingzi and Huang Weicheng right on time. “It’s a shame for Mr. Huang, as it is troubling for Su-xiaojie to not give face to him. From this one’s perspective, Mr. Huang should drink a glass, and Su-xiaojie will drink tea instead of wine, I don’t know if Mr. Huang is fine with that or not?”

“Sure! Let’s do that” Huang Weicheng said in agreement.

Su Yingzi looked at Rat-eye, her eyes full of thanks, she did not know that she had already walked into these two’s trap.

Rat-eye opened a bottle of green tea, and poured a cup for Su Yingzi.

Huang Weicheng said, ‘Thank you Su-xiaojie for giving this one face, Huang will drink it first in respect!” Saying that, he tipped his head up and finished the glass of red wine.


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