Chapter 163 – Something’s Up

Su Yingzi also drank the cup of green tea in one gulp.

Huang Weicheng and Rat-eyed smiled at each other, then slowly walked outside the door.

After a while, Su Yingzi suddenly felt that her body was burning, there was an unexplainable feeling, she just felt that there are swarms of ants crawling all over her body, especially in between her legs, it was really itchy. This was a feeling she never had before! Did she drink too much? That’s not right, Su Yingzi thought as she rubbed her legs together, her eyes becoming a bit lost.

Rat-eye, who hid in the corner smiled sinisterly, “Cheng-ge, it’s taking effect!”

“Good! Don’t worry, as long as this succeeds you’ll get a lot of reward, I’ll let you play after I finish playing!” Cheng-ge said with a lecherous smile.

“Thank you Cheng-ge!” Rat-eye licked his lips and said excitedly.

“What are you thanking me for, we’re all bros! What’s more, when the time comes, the two of us go together, to play a three… three what was it again?” Wang Weicheng caressed his chin and said.

“Cheng-ge, it’s called 3P!” Rat-eye said.

“Yes yes yes! Three ***! Three ***** doing it together! Hehe! Just thinking about it is ******* great!” Wang Weicheng has clearly already treated as Su Yingzi as something he’ll get.

As expected, Su Yingzi was under extreme suffering, at this moment she really wanted to go into the bathroom to take a shower, even washing her face would be great.

“Su-xiaojie, where are you going?” A bodyguard noticed that Su Yingzi walked towards the entrance of the banquet hall, and chased up to ask.

“I’m going to the bathroom…” Su Yingzi said troubledly, at this moment she just wanted to quickly run out.

“I’ll go with you,” The bodyguard said worriedly.

“No need!” Su Yingzi waved her hand, don’t talk about how terrible she looks right now, how could she let anyone see! With that, Su Yingzi quickly ran out of the banquet hall, leaving that bodyguard shaking his head helplessly.

Su Yingzi arrived at the bathroom, turned on the tap and was just about to wash her face, when everything darkened, then she felt like her body was covered with a bag.

“Who…” Su Yingzi yelled, “Help… Somebody help!”

“Yell your ***! ****, I’m telling you, the entire hotel is full of my people, no matter how you shout, nobody will help!” Rat-eye said impatiently.

Su Yingzi suddenly felt like her body was held up horizontally, causing her to frantically kick around, her hands also kept on moving.

“What are you doing! Do you want money? I’ll give it to you, how much do you want?” Seeing that resistance was futile, Su Yingzi thought that these people wanted money.

“Money? I can tell you very responsibly, although I’m not as rich as you, but it’s enough for me to spend a lifetime!” Wang Weicheng said fiercely.

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“Cheng-ge, don’t bullshit with her, hurry up and get her into the room, we’re in the toiler, it’s over if we get soon by others!” Rat-eye reminded.

Wang Weicheng freaked, that god Rat-eye reminded him, or else he nearly started doing work in this toilet.

“Shunzi, did you prepare the room I told you to prepare?” Rat-eye asked a waiter standing at the entrance of the bathroom.

“It’s all been prepared, Young Master!” The waiter called Shunzi answered fearfully.

“Not bad!” Rat-eye praised. “Although, don’t tell anyone about this, or else be careful since I’ll be merciless!”

Shunzi’s heart jumped, and immediately nodded then said, “Yes, yes! I will definitely keep it a secret!”

Rat-eye smiled, and carried Su Yingzi into the prepared room with Wang Weicheng.

In the banquet hall, Su Yingzi’s bodyguards also started getting scared, it’s already been twenty minutes, why did Su Yingzi not come back from the toiler after so logn?

That bodyguard dialed Su Yingzi’s mobile phone, but it said that the phone has already been shut down.

An accident can’t have appeared, right? Thinking to that point, that bodyguard quickly left the banquet hall, and ran towards the bathroom.

“Su-xiaojie?” That bodyguard rushed into the bathroom and shouted.

No reply.

“Su-xiaojie!” That bodyguard shouted again.

Still no reply.

That bodyguard immediately realized something was up! He immediately rushed into the girl’s bathroom, and pushed open the stall doors one by one. But there was no one inside.

That bodyguard ran out of the bathroom, and shouted to a waiter not far away, “Have you see Su-xiaojie?”

That bodyguard is the Shunzi from just now, of course he couldn’t speak the truth! Shunzi said with a lost expression, “Su-xiaojie? I haven’t seen her, nobody passed by here at all.

That bodyguard nodded, then immediately ran back to the banquet hall, and found the person in charge for Su Yingzi’s company.

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“What did you say?! Su-xiaojie went missing?!” The person in charge for the concert organizer exclaimed.

“Yes, her phone is turned off, there is no one in the bathroom… Look, should we call the police? The bodyguard said anxiously.

“Call the police? Is there something wrong with your brain! If this is known by those reporters, it will cause a lot of impact for Su-xiaojie’s reputation!” The person in charge for the organizer shook his head immediately after hearing that.

“Then what should we do?” The bodyguard had no idea either, if they asked him to fight, he might be able to 1v2, but when it comes to planning, he doesn’t understand anything.

“Contact the person in charge of this hotel first, and see if they can send some waiters to search the entire hotel carefully!” The person in charge wiped away a bit of sweat and said. “But no need to hurry, Su-xiaojie might have not been able to hold in the alcohol, and went to rest somewhere!”

“Okay! I’ll immediately contact the person in charge of this hotel!” The bodyguard nodded, then ran out.

The person in charge signed, although he acted very calm on the surface, his heart was already a mess. How big was the issue of Su Yingzi going missing! He’s not afraid of the prepared, he’s just afraid of the unprepared, kidnapping and blackmailing isn’t uncommon in recent years, but this is a better result. Su Yingzi’s appearance is like a fairy, if she was… by some bad people… The person in charge didn’t dare to think any further…

The bag on Su Yingzi’s head was lifted, and she immediately saw Huang Weicheng and Rat-eye who were smiling lecherously at her.

“So it’s you guys… What do you two want?” Su Yingzi shouted frantically.

“Of course it’s us, but what do the two of us want, don’t you know?” Huang Weicheng sneered.

“You guys… Let me go, I’ll give you however much money you want..” Su Yingzi subconsciously used her had to cover her neckline.

“****, you have a bad memory right! I already told you, I don’t lack money!” Rat—eye looked at her lasciviously.

Facing these bad people, Su Yingzi’s breathing became unstable, she looked down, and didn’t know what to do.


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