Chapter 161 – It’ll scare you to death if I say it

“The two just now? Can you compare up to them?” The guard snorted and said in disdain.

“What about them? Why don’t you ask them for the invitations, and ask us for it?” Zhao Yanyan was also a bit angry. Even a guard had an ox’s temper, what Guobin Hotel, they are just looking down on people.

“It’ll scare you to death if I say it! Do you see the door? Out of those two, one of them is Songjiang Province’s real estate magnate Wang Youwei’s gongzi, Wang Weicheng, as for the other, is the gongzi of this hotel’s general manager!” The guard said angrily.

“Hahahaha!” I laughed a lot after hearing that, it wasn’t a pretense, it was because this was very funny. One is a real estate magnate, the other is the hotel manager, in other words they are just extras, the real organizer is my Shuguang Corporation!

“What are you laughing at?” The guard looked at me and asked in confusion.

“Do you know who is organizing this party?” I asked meaningfully.

“Organizing? Why are you asking this!” The guard asked without understanding.

“Nonsense! I’m telling you, this is the young lady of Shuguang Corporation’s Director Zhao!” I didn’t want to bullshit with the guard.

“Ah!” The guard momentarily blanked. How could he not know that the organizer for the concert is Shuguang Corporation, and now hearing this person say it, he did start to lack confidence.

“Yanyan, why are you guys standing at the door? Why aren’t you coming in?” At this moment, Uncle Zhao’s driver old Gao saw us and walked over.

“Uncle Zhao, this guard isn’t letting us in,” Zhao Yanyan said in annoyance.

“About this… Gao-ge, I’m just doing things by the book!” The guard quickly explained. He didn’t know other people, but he couldn’t not recognize the person in front of him. The driver of Shuguang Corporation’s CEO, he didn’t lack meeting with him.

Since the banquet is private, it wasn’t very big in scale. Old Gao led us into the banquet hall, Zhao Yanyan and I were not unfamiliar with this sort of situation, but it was Chen Weier’s first time attending such an official private gathering, so she wasn’t quite used to it. She dipped her head while entering and was a little shy.

Since Su Yingzi didn’t appear yet the banquet didn’t officially start. The people inside chatted in small groups, all of them making friends with those that they can use in the future. That Wang Weicheng stood beside the window, holding a glass of red wine and was flirting with a very slutty girl. Rate-eye was lecherously starting at that girl’s chest.

It looks like this Wang Weicheng’s taste is not unusually low, even doing this sort of goods.

“Zhao-xiaojie, can you give face to this lowly one and be my partner?” A male voice full of magnetism entered my ears. Zhao-xiaojie? Isn’t that my wife? My impression of this person instantly dropped, the magnetic voice also turned feminine.

“Sorry, she is my partner,” I raised my head and said to the person that have come mercilessly. I checked the person out, he was about the same age as me, and was wearing a black suit, it was obvious from first sight that the price isn’t cheap. He could be said as quite handsome, especially that educated feel, giving others a polite atmosphere.

“Ah!” The person momentarily blanked, and checked me out at the same time as I checked him out. However, even after quite a while, he still couldn’t recall a person like me in Songjiang Province’s upper class. Thus he said weirdly but still politely, “Sorry, it’s this one’s mistake. I wonder how should I address mister?”

“I’m called Liu Lei,” From the looks of it, this person isn’t some sordid person, and my impression of him improved quite a bit. Thus I reached out my hand.

“It’s a pleasure meeting you, here is this one’s name card,” That person shook hands with me, took out a name card from his pocket and said politely while handing it over to me with two hands.

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I took a look, on it wrote: Songjiang City Xingyu Cultural Media Development Limited, Chairman of the Board, Wang Yu.

“Oh, so it’s Chairman Wang, forgive my rudeness!” I replied with courtesy. However, I subconsciously placed this person into the section of young but accomplished people in my heard. The bad impression from the start was wiped clean.

“What Chairman Wang, it’s just messing around. I wonder where does Mr. Liu work?” Wang Yu shook his head and said humbly. Despite that, I could still tell that this person was a bit happy being flattered.

“Me? I’m just a student,” I chuckled.

“It can’t be that simple right, you even got the prideful Zhao-xiaojie to be your partner, Mr. Liu…” Wang Yu’s mind simulated infinite possibilities, who exactly is this person?

“Prideful?” I repeated in confusion, why couldn’t I tell.

“Yeah. Our Chasing Zhao Alliance has already pursued Zhao-xiaojie for so any years, yet I haven’t seen anyone succeed in asking her out…” Wang Yu explained.

“Wait, what did you say? Chasing Zhao Alliance? What is that?” I sweat, why is there such an organization?

“Wang Yu, what are you saying!” Zhao Yanyan interrupted.

“I won’t say anymore, no more,” I didn’t think that the blabbering Wang Yu instantly acted like a mouse that saw a cat.

“Ai, Wangnv, what are you doing!” Just as we were talking, a voice sounded out from behind my back.

“Wu-ge, can you not say my nickname in front of my idol!” Wang Yu frowned and said unwillingly.

“Idol? Yanyan also came?” Since we had our backs to him, so the only person he saw was Wang Yu.

Following that, I heard the person that came say, “Big bro, Dasao…es, you guys also came.”

The person that came was Fatty Wu, seeing Zhao Yanyan, he originally wanted to say Dasao, but then he saw Chen Weier, who he met the other day, and thus said Dasaoes in a hurry.

“Dasao? What’s this!” Wang Yu asked weirdly, but he had a bad feeling in his heart.

“Wangnv, don’t you know? Zhao Yanyan already belongs to someone!” Fatty Wu clapped Wang Yu’s shoulders and said.

“That means… we have no hope?” Wang Yu momentarily blanked, and said disappointedly. He felt something amiss just now, it was his first time seeing Zhao Yanyan out appear alone with a boy, he already had a foreboding feeling then, he never would have thought that it would become reality.

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“Okay now, Wangnv, don’t be upset. I heard there’s quite a few beauties in this banquet today, take this chance to get along with one,” Fatty Wu comforted.

Wang Yu shook his head, picked up a glass of beer bitterly, then chugged it down. I was a bit worried seeing his appearance. I also clearly understood his feeling right now, did I have this sort of feeling in my previous life?

“Is he alright?” I said asked Fatty Wu worriedly.

“He’s fine, what could happen. Let him be, he’ll be fine in a moment,” Fatty Wu said uncaringly, it looks like he was already used to it.

“Oh yeah, I heard that there’s a Chasing Zhao Alliance? What’s that? I asked without giving up.


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