Chapter 160 – Written Proof

I even saw Su Yingzi raising her eyebrows at me in protest! I was speechless, did I really look that easy to bully?

While I was speechless, the concert neared to it’s closure… But due to the fan’s passion, Su Yingzi couldn’t help but add two more songs before the concert ends.

After the concert finished, there was a private party. Of course it was already an unspoken real of the current entertainment industry. The organizer also organized this, since in the party, the organizer can also come into contact with a lot of the local upper class, and could help build a good foundation for future co-operations. This was also convenient for the children of these famous people, thus these second generations also became the common guests of this sort of private party.

Since Shuguang Corporation is the organizer of this concert, Uncle Zhao must attend it. It was hard to imagine the expression that Zhao Yanyan would have later when she finds out that this concert was actually organized by her father’s company, it will definitely be interesting.

“Liu Lei, is there a private gathering after the concert finishes?” Zhao Yanyan asked thoughtfully.

“Yeah! How’d you know?” I haven’t told her and Weier about this yet, I wanted to give them a surprise.

“Oh! Can we go?” Zhao Yanyan said to me.

Actually, as Grandpa Zhao’s granddaughter, and the daughter of Shuguang Corporation’s CEO, she can totally attend the gathering with these identities. But since she asked this, she treated her identity as my woman, and me as her support. This made me really happy, and it also satisfied my machismo.

“Of course we can, my Yanyan,” I said with a smile.

“Who’s your Yanyan! Thick face!” Zhao Yanyan pouted.

“Of course it’s you!” I said.

“When did I become yours? Do you have evidence? Receipt? Honor card?” Zhao Yanyan looked at me sideways and said.

“Of course I do!” I said assuredly.

“Yi?” Zhao Yanyan asked weirdly after hearing me say that, “You have what?”

“Evidence!” I said proudly. “It’s even handwritten by someone!”

“Handwritten proof?!” Zhao Yanyan got even more confused, in her memories she didn’t sign any contract with him!

“Hehe! Lunch box… English notes… Test… Reward!” I teased.

“Ah!” Zhao Yanyan also remembered, and her face turned red. It was that day, when Zhao Yanyan gave out her first kiss in the woods behind the school.

“Times passed by so quickly!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah! We’ve been together for half a year in the blink of an eye!” Zhao Yanyan said reminiscently. “You were so terrible then! Making me walk step by step into your trap of feelings…”

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“When did I! You were the one who said you lived me first!” I chuckled.

“Heh! I don’t care about you!” Zhao Yanyan stomped her foot, and said shyly.

“… Can the two of you wait till we get home before thinking back about this nostalgic past!” Chen Weier interrupted with a hint of jealousy.

“Weier, it’s your turn when we get back home! A rainy night… Liu Lei, say that you don’t like me!” I imitated Weier’s voice and said.

“You’re terrible!” This time it was Chen Weier’s turn to be shy.

“Oh yeah, Liu Lei! You haven’t told me yet, how are we going to enter that private party?” Zhao Yanyan asked weirdly. From her perspective, although I earned a lot of money writing the software, how could I know so many upper-class people?

“You’ll know when we get there!” I said mysteriously. Actually isn’t it because her dad is Zhao Junsheng!

When we exited the sports stadium, can got the parking lot of Songjiang University. I just opened the car door, then heard a whistle. I raised my head and looked, it was actually the gongzi-ges that were sitting beside me on the concert.

I frowned, but held it in and didn’t explode.

I didn’t think that these people would think that I am a ***** after seeing my lack of reaction, and act even more over the top.

“You’re driving a ****** Jetta and yet you’re still picking up girls!” That person called Cheng-ge said.

“Yeah, the two girls over there rare so pretty, how could they follow that little white face? Looking at how clear this little white face is, he definitely eats soft rice! Why not follow me instead, she’ll get a great life, and I’ll let her know what a real woman is,” Rat-eye said lecherously.

“Rat, ******* be more quiet! That girl seems like the provincial party committee’s Zhao Limin’s granddaughter! Don’t just say stuff like that!” Cheng-ge frowned.

I started up the car, and drove directly to Songjiang Guobin Hotel, which was also where the private party was held.

“Yanyan, do you know the two people just now?” I said with displeasure.

“I’ve seen the fatter one before, he’s called Huang Weicheng. I don’t know the other one,” Zhao Yanyan thought about it and said.

“What does his family do?” A brat this cocky wasn’t too commonly seen, it was clear that he was a young master spoiled by his family.

“Huang Weicheng’s father is one of Songjiang province’s top ten private entrepreneurs, the same one my dad had gotten into. The company is for real estate, it seem to be really big. However, I heard dad and grandpa mention normally that Huang Weicheng’s father started off in the underworld. Hubby, promise me, don’t attract some unneeded trouble okay? Think about Weier-jiejie and I, and how worried we’ll get! If something happened to you, what should the two of us do!” Zhao Yanyan said to me worriedly.

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“Don’t worry, I’m just asking,” I said, but I didn’t think that in my heart. Real estate, it was convenient that I wanted to develop in this area, this Huang Weicheng might be an opportunity. Heh, it’s great if you end up pissing me off, or else I really have no reason to treat you as a stepping stone.

Underworld? Originally I might have been a little scared, but it was different now. When Footy was teaching me to use superpowers, he once told me that even if my body was cut into several hundred pieces, I could still restore it back. Of course, this must be under my permission, or else when a knife hacks onto my body, the only thing that might turn into smithereens is that knife.

It looks like Huang Weicheng’s family is not just a little rich, he actually drove a Mercedes. It’s just that the color was a bit dull. It might be due to the different taste, I feel like it doesn’t look as good as my Jetta.

When I parked the car in the parking lot of Guobing Hotel, and arrived at the banquet hall holding the party, Huang Weicheng led Rat-eye in, Zhao Yanyan, Chen Weier and I just wanted to go in, but was stopped by the guard at the door, “Sorry, this is a private party, you can’t just go in. Please show your invitations.”

Invitations? Zhao Junsheng didn’t said you needed invitations? What’s more, that something Huang Weicheng didn’t show an invitation either!

“The people just now didn’t have invitations either?” Before I said anything, Chen Weier first said.


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