Chapter 159 – You were so dumb just now

“To sing with me! Oh yeah, which of my songs are you more familiar with?” Su Yingzi blinked her eyes and said.

“None of them…” I answered honestly.

“You’ve never heard my songs?!” Su Yingzi also momentarily blanked after hearing me say that! She finally understood the reason why this person didn’t want to go on stage! He just doesn’t know how to sing her songs! Was he not her fan? Then why did he come to her concert, and also sat in the center of the VIP seats!

“I have…” I paused, then said. “But it was today, like just now, on the concert…”

Su Yingozi raised her eyebrows after hearing it, it could be seen that she was slightly angry! I think if it isn’t on the concert, she would definitely beat me up.

“You…!” Su Yingzi go speechless from anger, at the same time she felt a sense of disappointment! Who was she! The superstar at the center of attention, other people don’t even get the chance to flatter her, and the person in front actually doesn’t acre, and didn’t treat her as anything, and never even heard her song! From the looks of it, he probably doesn’t even know who she is!

Actually I really didn’t know who she is! If Su Yingzi knew my thought, she would definitely die of anger.

“Can I back?” Seeing her angry expression with her face bright red, but couldn’t help but force a smile, I smiled and said.

“No!” Su Yingzi didn’t even know herself why she would say that. Revenge? Possibly.

“Xiaojie, making me go on like that is embarrassing both of us!” I said, saying that, I turned around to leave.

“I said no, so no! If you don’t know how to sing then just stand on the side!” Seeing that I was about to turn around, she actually pulled my hand in the head of the moment and forcefully dragged me onto the stage.

Of course, these small actions beneath the stage would not be seen by those people far away. Or else, they saw that their goddess actually pulled a male stranger’s hand, who knows what commotion would be caused!

However, those gongzi-ges that sat beside my saw everything clearly.

“**** look at that girl, Su Yingzi, eyeing with that little white face, and are even holding hands!”

“Didn’t they say this bird, Su Yingzi, is quite pure!”

“Pure your ***, she’s just a ******* ****! I will ******* throw a hundred thousand out, and I guarantee that she’ll wash herself clean and wait for me on the bed!”

“Look at the two of their expression, they are probably discussion where they would go to **** after the concert ends!”


These discussions made Zhao Yanyan, who was sitting on the side, frown, however she was very clear about these people’s actions, and was already used to it.

It could be heard as they continued on.

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“Cheng-ge, I heard that there’s a private party after the concert ends!” A shorty with rat eyes said.

“Oh yeah! There does seem to be an activity like that! Do you have any ideas?” The person called Cheng-ge asked.

“Hehe, Cheng-ge, look at this!” Rat-eye took out a small square box from his pocket and said mysteriously. “This is the newest aphrodisiac from outside, they say the effects are amazing!”

“Is this thingy good? The last time you gave some to me, you said it’s great, and amazing. But when I gave it to a classmate in my mei’s class, nothing happened. It resulted in my not getting ******, and instead got slapped!” Cheng-ge said with dissatisfaction.

“It’s definitely good this time! I already tried it once on my bird, ****, she really was insatiable, we screwed the entire night! I nearly died from tiredness!” Rat-eye bragged.

“Really?” Cheng-ge’s eyes lit up.

“Could it be false! I can lie to anyone, but I wouldn’t dare to lie to you! They say virgins will turn into molls!” Rat-eye said proudly.

“Hehe! Brat! Not bad! When the time comes, I’ll get the dry one, but I’ll definitely let you get the wet one!” Cheng-ge said.

“Thank you Cheng-ge!” Rat-eye nodded. “But us doing that, aren’t we afraid of that girl Su Yingzi causing trouble? Her family background isn’t a joke!”

“Relax! It isn’t once or twice that I’ll ****** a celebrity! What trouble can be caused? The most important thing for people like them is fame, if they really got *****, they can only keep quiet! It’s impossible for them to advertise it around!” Cheng-ge said confidently.

“But Su Yingzi is different! Her dad is Su Yuanchao!” Rat-eye was still a bit worried.

“Now you don’t understand! The family fame is even more important for these daxiaojie that came from rich families!” Cheng-ge said with assertion. “What’s more, it looks like that girl Su Yingzi is also a ****, we ***** her? We can say that she ***** us!”

“Cheng-ge really have his ways!” Rat-eye said respectfully.

I followed Su Yingzi onto the stage, and looked around, this line of site is not a little wide1

Su Yingzi also looked at the man beside her weirdly, actually it should be the boy. Everyone, including herself, would be nervous as hell the first time they go onto the stage and face people! Yet the person beside her didn’t seem to be affected, he acted very naturally. His age looks about the same as her, so he should still be a student, where did he get this kind of confidence from?

She did not know that if it was me from before, I would definitely be shuddering facing this sort of situation! However, after getting reborn, I was different, what sort of situations have I not faced in my previous life? I will still be perfectly fine with seven tens of thousands of employees. This sort of situation is a simple matter.

“The following song, is the main song in the new album I released February the previous year…”

Before Su Yingzi finished, I could hear the crowd shouting, “Season of the Heart…” It could be seen how heated up these fans were!

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****! These people are too supportive, but I, who doesn’t know anything, stood on the stage, there was too big of a difference right?

When the music started, I just stood dumbly beside Su Yingzi, I was as blank as you could get! Looking at Su Yingzi’s beautiful dance beside me, I was like a bodyguard that surveyed the surroundings expressionlessly.

When it finally finished, I returned to the VIP seat under a lot of weird gazes. At that time, I didn’t notice anything, but a few days later, when I saw the recording of Su YIngzi’s concert, I finally knew how idiotic I was! A dumb kid wearing a track suit stood dumbly beside the beautiful superstar, and who know which ******* cameraman actually gave me a closeup shot, my expression was completely blank at the time. The first moment I thought at the time was that, if the person on TV was not me, I would shout out “******!” without hesitation.

Of course, I didn’t have that feeling at the time, although I didn’t sing a single line on the stage, but that cold expression must have been really cool!

However, Zhao Yanyan’s sentence struck me, “Hubby, you were so dumb just now!”


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