Chapter 157 – Concert

After we showed our tickets after entering the stadium, workers immediately led us into the staff-only path. All of the people around us looked at us with envy.

“Is their ticket fake?” A person furthest away asked without understanding.

“Hai! Bro, don’t joke! Their ticket are VIP tickets, I was rather close just now, and could see it clearly!” A young man waiting to enter said.

“Yeah, didn’t you see the workers’ respectful attitude! It was clearly serving a VIP! Would they treat them like that if it was fake!” Another young man also said.

“Aiya! I had to get a through a lot of trouble to get a normal seat! I’m so jealous, I heard that everyone on the VIP seats can get an album signed by Su Yingzi!” The first young man said jealously.

“Okay now! Stop getting envious, those people much be the young masters and ladies of rich families! We’ll never get treatment like that…”

Under the guidance of the workers, the three of us arrived at the VIP seats of the sports stadium. Most of the seats were prepared for provincial officials, but provincial officials normally wouldn’t attend this sort of celebrity concert, most of the ones that come would be their children.

A group of young people sat beside us. Seeing that I sat down, they were all very surprised. That’s because the children of provincial officials and rich businessmen were all very familiar with each other, and often go to gatherings. Seeing a new face like me, they couldn’t help but be surprised, when they saw Zhao Yanyan beside me finally understood. Then seeing Zhao Yanyan and I get intimate, their gazes couldn’t help but be filled with contempt, and poison. Zhao Yanyan is the number one target in the princeling’s mind. Now that they see her get intimate with a boy, all of them were dissatisfied with it, but it wasn’t the place to lash out. So they could only chat among themselves.

The lights gradually dampened, and the stadium also quieted down. Even the bragging boys beside us have shut up. This group of people wasn’t just a little lecherous, **** I thought I was perverted enough, I only understood what is sexual maniac today. These people don’t look old, but they just get more and more impressive when talking that kind of experience. All of them claim to have gotten on with this or that star, and slept with this or that model, even the details were described clearly. Their brags are over the top, and extreme. It even made Zhao Yanyan, who was sitting on the side, frown, you have to know that Zhao Yanyan is not a little virgin girl that hasn’t experienced anything, but even she had her face red. It could be seen how lecherous these people are, if it wasn’t due to Uncle Zhao’s face, their consequence would be not much better than Yang Kaiyuan.

“Su Yingzi——!” I don’t know who called out in the lead, and following that the calls of “Su Yingzi”, “Su Yingzi” echoed throughout the entire stadium.

Thirty seconds later, the stage lights at the center of the stadium lighted up, and within the mist, a podium slowly rose with the elegant music…

The stadium once again boiled!

“Su Yingzi came out!” Someone shouted, following that was thousands of shouts, “Su Yinzi, I love you!”

The name “Su Yingzi” formed from glow sticks could be seen clearly all over the audience seats, infinite lights flickered in the air, forming a gorgeous scene. This made me think of concerts of superstars in the Hong Kong Coliseum I saw in my previous life! Who exactly is this Su Yingzi? She was able gain the achievement that others cannot in a life time in just half a year!

As the music ended, a girl incomparably beautiful stood at the center of the stage. She was Su Yingzi, the main character of tonight.

Although I already have two beauty wives, I was still surprised by the appearance of the girl in front of me! There was actually a woman so perfect in the world! I couldn’t help but use my superpower, turning my eyes into binoculars, in order to closer examine this beauty that should only belong in heavens, but was on earth for some reason.

“Heh! Weier-jiejie, look at this fellow, his saliva is dripping! If I knew this earlier, I wouldn’t let him come!” Zhao Yanyan’s pout pulled me back from my blunder

“Yanyan-meimei, but I feel like, if Su Yingzi can…” Saying to that point, Chen Weier’s face couldn’t help but turn red.

Zhao Yanyan is also very crafty, how could she now hear what Chen Weier alluded to, she glanced at me sideways and said, “I don’t object, I just fear that this fellow doesn’t have that much charm!”

I could only smile wryly, even if you are willing I wouldn’t be. I have already heard that a lot of celebrities had very terrible private lives, their appearances appear so innocent, and are even more virgin than virgins, but in secret they are more lewd that any ones. Sex parties, the news of them selling their bodies for money is just everywhere, of course, it is undeniable that some of them are slander, but most of them even had photos printed, in front of the evidence, any denial is futile.

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Although I was a bit interested in Su Yingzi’s beauty, but I don’t find to find a wife that would always give me a green hat to wear. I don’t have other issues, it’s just that machismo is rather severe, I strongly believe that no matter what a woman is like before, as long as she had intercourse with me, then that woman can only belong to me. Therefore, I cannot allow a woman to get xxoo’d with other men after having intercourse with me, it would be someone put a green hat on me.

“Hello, friends in Songjiang province, I am Su Yingzi…” Su Yingzi said sweetly.

“Yingzi! Yingzi!” Before Su Yingzi finished, the crowd got worked up, their cheers rose up, and the excited crowd made the stadium in the middle of winter boil.

Looking at the worked-up people, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of contempt. The Su Yingzi you all like might just get ridden the moment the concert finishes. Is this thought kind of like saying the grape is sour when I can’t eat it?

Su Yingzi placed her finger in front of her mouth, and made a shush action, as expected the crowd quieted down a lot.

“Songjiang city, this is the last stop of the national touring concert! I didn’t think that there are so many people that likes me even in the north, I’m so happy! Thank you, all the friends who like Yingzi, without you guys, Yingzi wouldn’t have today! The first song, “Thank you for loving me” is for everyone…” As Su Yingzi finished talking, the music started. A thunderous clap once again rang out throughout the stadium.

Although Su Yingzi’s fresh image made it very difficult for people to link it with other darker things. However, I don’t know why but I just kept on thinking in that direction, thinking about what Su Yingzi looks like without clothes on, thinking about her and I…

I couldn’t help but be shocked that I had this thought, what was up with me? I have to quickly calm myself down and stop wandering thoughts.


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