Chapter 156 – Superstar Su Yingzi

“What else is it, martial uncle?” Footy immediately turned back, and said respectfully.

“How do I find you?” I asked.

“This is simple, martial uncle, you just have to silently call out martial nephew’s name, and then martial nephew will immediately appear in front of you,” Footy said.

“Okay, I understand, you can leave now. Also, don’t just randomly follow me around when you have nothing to do, it’s kind of scary,” I waved my hand and said.

“I understand, I understand!” Footy quickly answered, and respectfully watched me leave.

“Footy!” Just when I got home, I silently called out in my heart.

I instantly saw a black figure fly in front of me, “Martial uncle, you were looking for me?” Footy asked respectfully.

“It’s nothing, I was just testing,” I chuckled in my heart, this is great, it looks like I have stuff to play with now.

“——“ Footy said, “Martial uncle, then can martial nephew leave?”

“Yes, go,” I waved my hand.

Footy instantly disappeared.

These few days, Footy taught me many uses of the superpower I have in my body, such as invisibility, flying, phasing through walls, x-ray vision etc., as well as their uses.

Although I asked him many times about where the superpower in my body came from, the old man would avoid the topic, or threaten me with suicide, but was unwilling to speak out the truth no matter what. I could only leave it.

It was already the weekend in the blink of the eye, I went to get Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier early in the morning. I spent the past two days at home with Footy learning how to use my superpower, and pretty much didn’t go out, the two chicks were a bit unwilling.

“Say, where did you go these few days?” Zhao Yanyan stuck onto my body like a little swallow the moment she got on the car.

“I stayed at home,” I answered honestly.

“At home? How could you be so well behaved! Say, did you hook up with another girl!” Zhao Yanyan raised her eyebrows and said while glaring at me.

“How could I!” I don’t know if Wu Yingying counts, but if I really bring her home, then it’ll be lots of trouble for me.

“Okay, Yanyan-meimei, don’t put him on the spot,” Chen Weier helped me out.

“Heh, Weier-jiejie, you don’t know him that well, this fellow is really lecherous!” Zhao Yanyan glanced at me sideways and said.

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“You still make opportunities even though you know I am lecherous,” I know Yanyan all too much, although she says that, but she still listens to me in her heart. A perfect model wife.

“Heh!” Zhao Yanyan turned her head around and stopped caring about me after seeing my shamelessness.

Su Yingzi entering the entertainment industry was a complete accident. As the sole daughter of the chairman of the second largest corporation in the entire country, Su Electronics, she could completely live the life of a daxiaojie without worries.

During Autumn in the previous year, Su Yingzi had a sudden interest and entered a youth singing competition sponsored by Su Electronics, the result was that Su Yingzi getting the first place. There is definitely an element of pleasing the Su corporation, but Su Yingzi’s performance was truly perfect as well, whether it was her appearance or her voice, there was no wrong to her being crowned the winner.

Only the people in the industry knows how dark the entertainment industry is. Using their bodies to gain opportunities to rise has already become the unspoken rules for new girls, but Yu Yingzi is an exception. She has the halo of being the daxiaojie of the Su family, under her father’s protection, there was no need to pretend with anyone, instead a lot of people already line up to display their good will.

A lot of people said that Su Yingzi got popular due to her father, but it is undeniable that her beautiful appearance and sweet singing voice is another to make her fans wild.

No matter what, Su Yingzi is has gotten popular, and popular to the extreme. In less than half a year, her fans already spread throughout the country. What was most unbelievable was that even though there is a lot of news about Su Yingzi, and a lot of hype about her, there hasn’t been any rumors!

Su Yingzi’s background was far too big, the daxiaojie of Su Corporation! This caused those sons of rich families to merely watch on. Most of the celebrities could be dealt with using money, when in front of money, a lot of pure and innocent girls in the entertainment industry would become ***** *****, as well as the lovers of those rich sons for a night. However, Su Yingzi didn’t lack money at all! Su Corporation, the second largest corporation within the country, the leading business of electronic manufacture! If you say Su Yingzi lack money, then it would be like Japan deny their history of invading China, only idiots would believe it.

If you say if Su Yingzi doesn’t thirst for a sensational relationship, that would be a lie. The higher people stand, the lonelier they are. Su Yingzi’s daxiaojie halo does not allow her to casually get a boyfriend, now with the identity of a superstar, it would be impossible to get into a relationship right?

Actually, in Su Yingzi’s mind, he doesn’t need that much money, because she already had a lot of it. He doesn’t have to be the center of everyone’s attention, because she is famous enough. He only needs to be nice to her, care for her, protect her, and help to carry her burdens when she’s in trouble, that’s enough. However, this person just hasn’t appeared. The only people that have appeared are those villains that are after her beauty or assets.

The destination of Su Yingzi’s touring concert is the provincial capital of Songjiang province – Songjiang city. Originally due to it being rather far, her company didn’t prepare to organize a concert in Songjiang. However, as someone who grew up in the south, Su Yingzi has never seen snow, obviously, she wouldn’t give up this chance, thus Songjiang city became the final stop for the concert.

However, Su YIngzi would have never thought that such a coincidental decision made her meet a man in Songjiang, a man that she will always be entangled within her life…

The location of the concert is the stadium in Songjiang University. The sports stadium in Songjiang University is the largest sports stadium within the Songjiang province, covering 20000 square meters. All of the sports and cultural performances would be held here.

Looking at the large crowd of people outside the sports stadium, I never would have imagined that a little celebrity would have so many supporters. Furthermore, I have never heard of this Su Yingzi in my previous life!

“Hubby, what ticket did you buy?” Zhao Yanyan held me and asked.

Hehe, it seems like this chick doesn’t know that her father’s company organized this concert yet!

“I don’t know, someone else got it for me,” When Uncle Zhao gave me the tickets, I stuffed it into my pocket without looking, I don’t know what seats I got either. I took the tickets out from my pocket and handed it to Zhao Yanyan.

Chen Weier immediately looked over, and showed a surprise expression, “Wow! This is actually the VIP seats on the first row! Hubby, how did you get these tickets? A lot of my good friends couldn’t even get the standing tickets for outside the stadium! You actually bought VIP seats, and three of them at a time! I should have gotten you to help if I found out about this earlier!”

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I could only smile wryly, was I supposed to tell her that I organized this concert?


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