Chapter 152 – Shocked Car Shop Owner

Meanwhile, I sat on the sofa outside, and casually chatted with Wu Yingying. Wu Yingying grew up in the military camp, and was someone who wasn’t afraid of anything as well, so she wasn’t worried about what was going to happen.

After the middle-aged man finished his call, he glared at me fiercely, and thought, laugh now, it’ll be your turn to cry later. Just randomly accusing you guys of oppressing the market, disturbing public safety would be enough to have you in custody for several days.

About ten odd minutes later, we saw several people in police uniform rush over. I didn’t even raise my head at all, Wu Yingying was the same as me, the two of us were having a discussion about the car plate number, as if the car has already become ours. According to Wu Yingying’s thoughts, she can just casually get a military car plate from her dad. However, I felt that the Lamborghini itself was already eye-catching enough, if it has a military car plate as well, it would be too much. Therefore, I felt that it was better to lay low a little, worst come to worst, we’ll just get some help from Jiang Yongfu for a car plate with a nice number.

“You two dare to cause trouble here?” The person in the lead yelled. “Do you want to die?”

“Biao-ge, you came, it’s the two of them! Causing a ruckus here!” The middle-aged man said.

The muscular brute first looked greedily at the suitcase of cash on the table, and only retracted his gaze from a large while. He thought, this person is so ******* rich, if he doesn’t squeeze some out of him with such a good opportunity, what is he waiting for?

Thus, he walked towards Wu Yingying and I with a weird smile, and said “You two, come with me to the security office!”

Wu YIngying and I continued our topic, and neither of us raised our heads.

“I’m talking to the two of you! Did you ******* hear me!” The muscular brute in the leader immediately got pissed after seeing that the two people in front of him didn’t treat him as anything special, and continued to chat and laugh.

“I’m talking to you, you deaf person!” A little security guard behind couldn’t stand it anymore, so he shouted and rushed up. The first thing he did afterwards was grab my collar.

“Who are you shouting a!?” I immediately sent a kick his way. He ******* actually dared to grab my collar!

“Ah…” The guard that rushed up gave out a cry of pain, then flew away, crashing down beside the Lamborghini.

“Why did you use so much strength! Don’t trash my car!” Wu Yingying said worriedly, her expression was like as if the Lamborghini was already her personal belongings.

“You actually ******* hit people? You got sick of living right! Grab him, and teach him a good lesson in the security office!” The person in the lead also get anxious, and roared.

Only now did I straighten my messed-up collar, and stood up. I looked casually at the brute in front of me, “If you don’t want to be like your lackey just now, then you better shut up!”

“****! I don’t believe that I can’t murder you!” The brute in the lead immediately got angry, and rushed over pointing at me.

I didn’t pay attention to this kind of small fry at all, I just stood there without moving .The muscular brute called Biao-ge thought I was too shocked, so he dashed over pridefully, and raised his fist towards me.

I nimbly dodged the attack, and casually kicked, hitting Biao-ge’s crotch perfectly. Biao-ge immediately felt an overwhelming sense of pain, and laid on the floor, unable to get up.

The two lackeys behind Biao-ge looked at each other, signaling each other that they have met someone strong! However, from the looks of it, the two of them didn’t think of me as anything special. They just treated me beating Biao-ge just now as dumb luck!

The lackey behind Biao-ge suddenly picked up a metal bat and smashed it down upon me. I found it rather funny, you two communicated so long with your eyes and finally came up with this idea? Using a metal bat to hit me?

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I casually reached out my hand to grab the metal bat, Lackey A pulled it a bit, but he couldn’t move it. Yet, he didn’t have any sense of worriedness, instead he had a sense of happiness on his face! I found it rather weird, of course, I immediately understood his intention!

Lackey A was diverting my attention, so I would move away! This is because Lackey B had already silently creeped behind my back, holding another metal bat, and was about to smash it onto me!

“Peng!” Before I made a move, Lackey B full heavily onto the floor, I looked around, and saw that a fire extinguisher was in Wu Yingying’s hands, she looked at Lackey B on the floor with a smirk and said, “Is your stupid bat as powerful as my fire extinguisher?”

Seeing that Wu Yingying handled the problem in front, I didn’t play around with Lackey A anymore, and forcefully flung him away, causing him to land heavily onto the well, and instantly faint.

Seeing the ferocity of us two easily handling the people that he called, the car shop owner couldn’t help but shudder. However, recalling that he is rather important in this car shop, and he has to keep his face. If he just submits now, how’s he going to survive in the industry!

Therefore, he forced himself to stay calm and say, “I old Zhang is also a tough guy in this area, ask around, there really isn’t any that dares to be cocky in front of I, old Zhang!”

“Say, Owner Zhang, I don’t know if you are a tough guy, and I don’t want to know. Because there’s no need to,” I found it a bit funny. “I’m just going to ask you know, are you going to sell this car or not?”

“This-This car is a display item, the main company has said that it can’t be sold…” Owner Zhang didn’t dare to be too forceful, the two people in front of him just beat down four muscular brutes, with his physique he was clearly not an opponent.

“If you aren’t selling it, then why did you tell is that this car’s three million and eight hundred thousand?!” Wu Yingying interrupted from the side.

“About this…” Owner Zhang was instantly placed into an awkward spot.

Owner Zhang was troubled right now, if he knew it would turn out this why, he would have settled it a bit nicer, now he truly has moved a boulder to drop on his own feet. He was really afraid of the people in front of him beating him up if he says something wrong.

“Hey, is it Uncle Li? I’m Yingying! I’m at the Huifeng car shop in the car market, and got interested in a car, but this owner refuses to sell it to be… It’s a Lamborghini sports car… Sure, then I’ll wait for you!” Wu Yingying actually added oil to the fire and dialed the phone number of Secretary Li of the Industrial and Trade Bureau.

Wu Yingying’s call was extremely loud, the angry words of Secretary Li from the other side of the phone was clearly heard by Owner Zhang, when he heard “cancelling business license”, his face was scared white.

After Wu Yingying finished speaking, I signaled her to not hang up, and directly took over the phone.

“Secretary Li, I’m Liu Lei,” I said.

“Liu Lei? Why are you with Yingying?!” Secretary Li said in surprise.

“I’m going to gift the car to her, so I ran into a bit of trouble!” I chuckled.

“Fine, wait there a little, I’ll go over in person,” Secretary Li said.

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