Chapter 151 – So Cheap!

“I’m not angry now, I’ll save it all for later,” Wu Yingying said.

“Later? With who?” I suddenly wanted to tease this woman.

“Heh! Of course it’s you!” Wu Yingying snorted.

“With me? I don’t have any issues with it, but I fear my two wives wouldn’t agree!” I said lecherously.

“?” Wu Yingying momentarily blanked, but immediately understood, and said angrily. “Who wants to give birth⌈1⌋ with you, dream on!”

Thus, I was dragged to the car market by Wu Yingying very early in the morning the next day, however, she was much more obedient than the previous, she directly ran over to the Lamborghini we saw the previous day, it seems like sports car were still very attractive to girls.

“How much are you selling this for?” Wu Yingying pointed to the Lamborghini and asked the sales lady.

Since it’s the morning, the sales lady was busy doing her makeup, as she raised her head, it was actually the couple from yesterday, she instantly felt a sense of contempt looking at them. From her perspective, the two of them are just poor people coming to window shop. Now hearing the girl’s words, she felt more assured about her thoughts, “how much are you selling this for”?! Is there anyone that talks like that? Does she think that she’s buying cabbage in the market?

Therefore, the sales lady just completely ignored Wu Yingying’s question, as if she didn’t heart it.

“Hey, I’m talking to you, how much is it for one?” Wu Yingyign is not punctilious normally, so she doesn’t seem like a lady when she speaks at all. However, being able to say this kind of stuff, I really don’t know if she is doing it intentionally.

Even I couldn’t hold it in on the side anymore. How much for one? Why does it seem like she’s at the wholesale market?

“How much for one? Are you buying vegetables?” The sales lady said impatiently.

My originally smiling face instantly darkened, “She asked you how much, just say it, don’t bullshit so much!”

The sales lady momentarily blanked, she didn’t think that this person’s temper wasn’t that good. However, she peaked at Wu Yingying and my clothes again, and thought back to our actions the previous day, so she naturally put us in the poor people category. If the person was someone wearing tons of jewelry, she definitely wouldn’t have dared to act so pridefully, but the person in front of her didn’t seem like anything to fear.

“You can’t afford it even if I told you!” The sales lady said with contempt. Actually this car was not for sale at all, it was lent to them by the agency in Hong Kong to make their car shop seem more impressive. When the car was first displayed here, it did shock the nearby car shops quite a lot.

“This car’s three million and eight hundred thousand!” A balding middle aged man walked out from the car shop and said impatiently. He was the manager of this car shop, and had clearly seem everything that happened just now. Although the two people didn’t seem to be able to afford cars, but since it’s early in the morning and they haven’t properly opened, he wasn’t willing to cause too much trouble. Thus, he set a rather high price in hope of scaring the couple away.

“Three million and eight hundred thousand?” Wu Yingying was so shocked that she had her mouth wide open, from her perspective, this car was like an Alto, it’s just a scrap metal jacket with an engine inside, why was there so much difference?!

Seeing Wu Yingying’s expression, the middle-aged man felt more contempt. He though, now you’re shocked? If you’re shocked then leave quickly, and don’t cause trouble here.

However, my following words completely made the middle-aged man discard that thought. At that moment, I was trying to think of a way to quickly buy the car in order to send this woman back.

“Three million eight hundred thousand? This car?!” I pointed at the Lamborghini and asked. It can’t be, this thingy is so cheap? I remember my old boss Xu Zhongbang also bought his daughter a Lamborghini as a birthday present in my previous life, I even went to choose it with him, he spent ten million something then!

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“That’s right!” The middle-aged man said proudly.

“****, it looks better than the one old Xu bought, and it’s actually so cheap,” I shook my head and muttered to myself.

“What-what did you say?!” The middle-aged man said in shock, he definitely did not believe the kid in front of him could afford Lamborghini, but he did clearly heard him say “it’s so cheap”!

“Nothing, Yingying, what do you think about this car?” I ignored that middle-aged man, turned around and said to Wu Yingying.

“It’s quite pretty, but the price…” Wu Yingying hesitated when she heard three million and eight hundred thousand! This wasn’t a small sum.

“It’s fine if you like it!” I then said to the middle-aged man, “I’ll take this car, here’s the money!”

I casually placed several locked suitcases onto the table, opened them, and revealed stack after stack of neatly piled hundred Yuan notes.

“You-You are going to buy it!?” The middle-aged man widened his eyes in disbelief, and looked idiotically at the huge sum of money in front of him. When he heard this kid say this car was cheap, he didn’t think too much into it, and thought that he was lying. Now seeing the stacks of hundred Yuan notes, he momentarily blanked on spot, and couldn’t all anything for a moment.

“Hurry on with the procedures!” I said impatiently. Confused? The owner of this large car shop can’t not have seen this amount of money before right!

“About this… This…” All of a sudden, the middle-aged man wasn’t sure of how to reply. This car was not for sale, it was lent to them by the supplier to make them look good, three million and eight hundred thousand was a price he randomly said, he never thought that the student that didn’t seem like anything special could afford it. However, now that the other person even brought up the money, this troubled him a lot.

“This car actually isn’t for sale, it’s just placed here for display…” The middle-aged man paused, and spoke out the truth.

“Not for sale!? Why the **** did you name a price if it’s not for sale!” I immediately got pissed after hearing that, ****, Wu Yingying finally chose a car, and not you aren’t selling it? If it was normally, I might have just laughed it off, but now, if he doesn’t sell it, then it means I have to accompany Wu Yingying go around the car market, how could I agree to that!

“There is a price, but no products, so!? What’s more is that what can you do to me if I don’t sell it?” Hearing me get loud, the sales lady immediately stood up. Seeing at the two people that bring a whole suitcase of money everywhere, they were clearly upstarts, and obviously don’t have any backing.

“I fear it’s not up to you right!” I said coldly.

Hearing me say that, the middle-aged man also got angry, “You’re going to force us to sell it! Don’t think that you’re amazing just because you have money, I’m telling you, you are nothing in my eyes! If you don’t leave, then I’m going to call the police!”

“Call the police? Sure! Let’s see who’s in the right then!” I laughed coldly. Does this person think I’m still a little brat? Trying to scare me with that, I have tasted electric batons before, what more is there to be afraid of?

Saying that, I counted out twenty stacks of hundred Yuan notes, threw it into Wu Yingying’s backpack, and then threw the rest of the money to the middle-aged man,” Three million and eight hundred thousand, do the procedures!”

“Just wait!” The middle-aged man glared at me and said fiercely. Then he went to make a call inside the shop.

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  1. I know it sounds kind of awkward in English, but there really isn’t a good way to translate it into English from Chinese. Essentially, Wu Yingying say’s she’s barely not angry, and angry is 生气, which she shortened to 生. At the same time, 生 also means giving birth. Hence, the play on words. 
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