Chapter 153 – Wait, Almsgiver

“I really troubled you, I haven’t thanked you last time yet, and now you have to come in person…” I said.

“No worries, I’m rather free here,” Secretary Li joked.

“Okay then, let’s leave it like that,” I hung up the phone, and returned the mobile phone to Wu Yingying.

“You also know Uncle Li?” Wu Yingying received the phone, and said while putting it back into her bag.

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“So you know quite a lot of people!” Wu Yingying giggled. She decided to find another day to ask Fatty Wu, to see what’s the background of this person, it should be the son of a rich businessman or government official.

At this moment, Owner Zhang’s face was pretty much green, what kind of person did he wrong, it looks like not only the male has some background, that female was the same, she was able to call the people from the Industrial and Trade Bureau here with a call, he definitely ran into a huge problem. Originally he thought that these kids with a suitcase of cash were just upstarts, he never would have imagined that they actually were so amazing. Is bringing cash to go shopping the trend now?

Now that it has come to this, he has no other choice. Leave the Hong Kong side for later, since they have already cooperated for so long, that side won’t blame him too much for selling the car, he’ll just compensate with money at worst, it was better to deal with the situation at hand first.

Thinking that, Owner Zhang gave in a little and said, “Please don’t be angry, I’ll go and do handle the procedures for you immediately.”

I smiled, and threw the two hundred thousand left over to him as well, then said, “Take this two hundred thousand to handle the procedures and buy insurance, the extra is tips. Also get the car plate ready! If you say this earlier, I wouldn’t have needed to move right? It wasted so many cells!”

Owner Zhang wiped away his sweat and agreed.

Apparently, a period of time later, Owner Zhang was chosen as the model for the best service within the car market, the reason was because that regardless of the customer’s background, regardless of what they wore, he would serve them with smiles, and patiently explain everything to them…

Recently, I always feel like someone is watching me behind my back, but whenever I turn over, I wouldn’t find anyone there.

The six sense in my body tingled even more, I don’t know if it was related to my weird superpower. Anyways, I just have a feeling of being watched every single time I do out, although I tried to find the person behind it multiple times, they always ended in failure. I even got Guo Qing to get some people to pretend to be bystanders to follow me, but they didn’t notice anyone suspicious, and that feeling still remained.

I acted the same as usual this day, and stopped the car in the courtyard of the Industrial Bank, just when I got off the car, I saw a figure blink to behind the tree.

Haha! I finally found you! I was so happy at that moment, screw it, you caused me to not be able to sleep well these two days!

I pretended like nothing happened, locked the car door, and walked towards the entrance to the courtyard. Before I walked five meters, I immediately concentrated to use my superpower, and swiftly arrived behind the tree that the figure just now was hiding behind.

“Bro, it’s been tiring for you right!” I laughed coldly as I patted his shoulders.

“Ah… ****! A ghost!” The black shirted person turned around, and found the person that he was keeping a tab on appear behind him like a ghost, it nearly caused him to pee his pants! What kind of person is this, 1 second ago he was at least twenty meters away, and the next moment he was behind him.

“Shout your ***!” I swore. “Say, why are you following me!”

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“I… I… I…” The black shirted man was already completely freaked out, he repeated the word “I” three times. When his big boss told him to keep tabs on someone, he thought it was something easy, he never would have thought that this person was so terrifying!

“I what!” I slapped him, and said, “Are you going to talk or not!”

“I’ll talk… I’ll talk, I’ll say everything! Big bro…. No, daye, let me go, I have old and young in my home, I really have no ill intentions!” The black shirted man already collapsed onto the floor, and begged.

“Why do you have so much bullshit, just answer whatever I ask you, what intentions do you have of following me?” I yelled.

“Daye, I really have no intentions, it’s just that our boss sent me over to follow you, and check in secret whether there is anyone suspicious around you!” The black shirted person said out the truth in terror.

“Sent you to follow me?! What is your boss?” I asked weirdly, I could faintly feel that there seems to be a mistake here.

“It’s Guo Qing!” The black shirted person continued to dip his head, and didn’t dare to raise it.

I sweat! I keep sweating! I sweat like a waterfall! I super duper mega sweat!

“Why did you say that earlier, ****! Get up quickly,” I swore.

“Daye, you’re going to let me go?” The black shirted person asked tremblingly.

“Of course, okay now, hurry back, stop following me,” I sent him away.

“Daye, if I return like this, Guozi-ge would skin me!” The black shirt person said with a troubled face. Before he left, he promised that he would definitely complete the mission, and it hasn’t even been half a day and now he’s being sent back, wouldn’t he get beaten up by Guozi-ge?

“Okay now, I’ll speak to him,” Saying that, I took out my mobile phone and dialed Guo Qing’s number.

Even Guo Qing has changed to Motorola 8200, but I was still using this huge model, I looked at the gigantic thing in my hand, was it time to change one? At this time, the GSM telephone feels are really robbing money, six kuai per minute, it would be nice if the signal could at least be improved, so that unlike now, I’m holding the mobile phone and still have to find signal when I make a call.

After dialing the phone, I said, “Guozi, did you send a person to follow me?”

“Yeah, how’d you know?” Guo Qing asked weirdly. Ever since the following failed the previous day, Guo Qing thought, since a open plan didn’t work, then he would do it discretely, and just didn’t tell anyone before transferring a lackey over, told him the gisps of the mission, and didn’t say anything else.

“****, why didn’t you brat say that earlier, this person nearly got beaten up by me!” I swore while laughing.

“Beaten up? Beat him up for what?” Guo Qing asked weirdly.

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“How did I know who he is! I thought I caught the person following me, who knows that actually you sent him!” I said with displeasure.

“Hehe!” Guo Qing laughed, “Didn’t I do it for you, Boss!”

“Okay now, I’ll handle this myself, I’m telling the person to go back.

I’m really speechless, I thought I had caught the mastermind, and got so excited, but only then did I find out that I caught someone on my side.

“This Almsgiver, please wait!” Suddenly a dark voice sounded out from behind it, from the voice, the person was no more than two meters away from me.

This voice instantly gave me a creepy feel, and caused cold sweat to drip from my forehead.


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