Chapter 150 – I’ll Compromise

“I won’t say it if you don’t want to listen!” I got annoyed as well, what’s with the attitude, I wouldn’t tell it normally. You are the only one to receive this treatment outside of my two wives, and you aren’t going to listen?!

Thus, I drove the car. The two of us just stayed in silence.

After a while, seeing that I really wasn’t saying anything, Wu Yingying felt a bit guilty, and said quietly, “Then tell, I want to listen now.”

“Listening when you want, not listening when you don’t want, do you think I’m a radio!” I intentionally said it with a stern face. However, I did want to laugh in my heart, this Wu Yingying was at least three years older than me, why was she still like a little girl in personality.

“Aiya, I’m wrong okay! Just tell it, Liu Lei, I’m begging you!” Wu Yingying got anxious and actually started acting spoiled.

“Are you actually going to buy a car or not?” I had already been dragged around the car market three times by Wu Yingying, and was starting to get a bit dizzy.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I buy! But it has to be something I like!” Saying that, Wu Yingying continued to go around the car market in circles.

“This is already your fourth round, even the owners of the car shops recognize us now…” I complained.

“The point is to make us seem more familiar, so they it’ll be easier to bargain later!” WU Yingying said.

“I don’t expect to able to save that amount of money, just hurry up and buy it! If you keep going around, I would get confused!” I smiled wryly.

“That’s not okay! Don’t you know about diligent and thrifty, I had to use two years of salary plus my New Year’s money in order to buy an Alto!” Wu Yingying said.

“Then let’s buy an Alto!” I suggested.

“Why are you so terrible, do you want me to get crashed against again?” Wu Yingying said unhappily.

“Wow, this car is so pretty! Liu Lei, look, it’s the newest model of Mercedes!”

“Then buy this…”

“No, I want to look more!”

“Wow, this car is so cool! Honda 4500! A land cruiser!”

“This car is from Fusang, let’s change for another one.”

“I also hate Fusang goods, if this was produced in the country, then I would buy it.”

“Wow, there’s actually a Lamborghini sports car here!”

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“Then buy this…”

“It seems to be an exhibition product…:

I spent the entire day accompanying Wu Yingying in circles. At the start, the sales ladies of each car shop enthusiastically introduced us to different models of cars and their functions, but as time passed on, all of them treated as poor crazy people that were just wandering around.

“Yingying, which one do you actually want!” I looked at my watch, the car market was about to close, she still didn’t even have any ideas. Right now, I wouldn’t hesitate even if she wanted to buy the entire car market. It’s already been an entire day, such valuable time…

“I haven’t made up my mind yet, how about I think about it back at home tonight, and let’s came back tomorrow?” Wu Yingying looked at me with a smile.

Come again tomorrow?! Are you serious? I instantly understood, I got tricked by this woman, she had planned all this, and wasn’t going to buy a car today at all!

“Yes or now!” Wu Yingying shook my arm and said coquettishly after seeing that I didn’t reply.

However, she isn’t my wife, so it didn’t have much effect on me. I just said coldly, “No!” After that, I threw the suitcase of money in front of her, “I’ve given you the money, come and buy it tomorrow yourself!”

After doing all that, I didn’t even look at her, before turning to leave. To be honest, I detest this kind of opinionated, women that likes to use their little smartness. Not doing proper things, and just planning little tricks, and treating others like idiots.

“Liu Lei! Stand there!” Wu Yingying said anxiously.

“I have two beautiful wives at home waiting for me, I have no time to accompany a little girl like you in her ploys!” I was also angry, if it wasn’t because I held most of the responsibility in the traffic accident yesterday, I wouldn’t even bother with her.

“I-I’m sorry okay! I’ll buy it, I’ll buy it now! Don’t go…” Seeing that I got mad, Wu Yingying immediately got worried, her tone made her seem like she was about to cry. When had she even had to put up with this, if it was another boy, she wouldn’t even want to spend a bit more time with him, and now she’s completely stuck on this fellow, and so she couldn’t resist but taking a step back.

“Never mind, saying that now, you might screw me over later. I’ve already tasted your double meanings, and making something out of nothing, go and mess with someone else,” I got more and more angry, my voice also got quite a bit louder.

“I-I’m really not like what you think…” Saying that, Wu Yingying actually started crying. “You aren’t keeping your promise, we pinky swore…”

Ai~! I sighed in my heart, I don’t have much use, I just can’t accept a girl crying, the moment they cry I would give in. I turned around, walked to Wu Yingying’s side, “Yingying, okay now, don’t cry. It’s all my fault, let’s come and buy it tomorrow okay?”

“Leave, just leave! Who wants you to be so fake! I hate you… Just leave quickly!” Wu Yingying cried even harder after hearing me say that as her fists rained down upon me.

About this… I sweat! A woman’s heart is truly like a needle under the sea! She was just telling me not to leave, not she’s telling me to leave quickly!

“If you want to look, then let’s take our time, and only buy it when we find a satisfied one okay?” The main thing right now, is to cheer this woman up, there were a lot of people watching now already. ****, if they don’t know the situation, they would think that I was bullying a woman.

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“No need for you to buy it now, I’ll buy a bicycle myself and crash myself to die,” Wu Yingying choked.

As expected, I heard an old lady said, “The youngsters nowadays really lack values, they just know how to bully their wives!”

“Yeah, look at how wicked he is!” Someone agreed.

“Blasphemy, in my opinion, that woman is terrible, getting bullied so willingly!”

“If that’s my boyfriend, I would have kicked his little bro in ages ago!”


“Say, daxiaojie, let’s leave quickly, if we stay any longer, the woman’s association will come to arrest me!” I said quietly to Wu Yingying,

“…” Wu Yingying naturally heard what others said, and no-w hearing me say that, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Seeing that she laughed and stopped crying, I knew that the tempest had passed.

“Then let’s go…” Wu Yingying said quietly to me with a blush, like my little wife.

When Wu Yingying and I left, someone was still pointing at me behind, “If it was me, I would definitely not have let him off so easily!”

“Yeah, at the start, my hubby nearly kneeled down for me!”

“Truly losing face for us women!”


“Not angry?” I looked at Wu Yingying and said. ****, what is this, she was the one that messed with me first, and now I have to comfort her.

“Barely not angry!” Wu Yingying glanced at me sideways and said.

“Barely not angry? So you’re still angry? I said with a chuckle.


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