Chapter 149 – Wu Yingying’s Thoughts

“If you let me sleep a bit more, it’ll be fine even if I call you meimei!” I teased into the phone.

“Cui! Not serious at all, you just know how to take advantage of people!” Wu Yingying complained.

“Fine, then calling you Yingying is fine right! Yingying-dajie, just let me sleep a bit more!” I said sleepily.

“Liu—— Lei!” Wu Yingying suddenly roared. “I hate you! You are still calling me dajie!”

Getting roared at made me clear up quite a bit, and my sleepiness also left, causing me to become wide awake.

“Yingying, good Yingying, just let me sleep okay…” I said.

“No, if you talked to me like that just now I might have considered agreeing to your request, however I am already angry now, so no chance at all!” Wu Yingying said in displeasure.

No then no, after her car, I have no interest in sleeping anymore. “Yingying-da… daxiaojie, please tell me what if your business?” It was good that I was rather intelligent, or else I would have gotten her annoyed again.

“You’re smart!” How could Wu Yingying heart my tone, “You promise this xiaojie yesterday that you would buy me a car!”

“Yes, I promised you…” ****, she can’t be wanting me to accompany her today right?!

“It’s good that your memory’s fine, I thought you would have forgotten after a nap!” Wu Yingying said with a smile.

If I knew this earlier, I should have told her that I don’t remember, then I’ll be saved all this trouble.

“How could I forget,” I smiled wryly and said.

“It’s good that you didn’t forget! Quickly come and get me, and we’ll go to the car market to buy the car!” Wu Yingying said neither fast nor slowly.

“Now?” I sweat!

“Now!” Wu Yingying said determinedly.

“Never mind, tell me where you are, I will go and get you!” I stretched and said. Actually I could refuse, but since I promised her, I have to do it sooner or later, it was better to finish it quickly. However, the truth will prove that my thought was completely wrong.

“I am at the mansion in the Songjiang Military region, just drive your car in after you arrive, I’ll tell the guards, “Wu Yingying said.

“Okay, see you in two hours!” After saying that, I hung up the phone before she replied, and directly shut it down.

All that was left was Wu Yingying roaring angrily into the phone, “Liu Lei! You’ve done it!”

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When Wu Yingying dialed back, the other person actually shut down their phone!

Using this opportunity, I should go back to sleep first, or else I can’t guarantee that I would wipe off another car.

When I appeared in front of the Songjiang military region’s courtyard, it was already two hours later. The soldier looked at my car plate and let me in, that’s it. It was clear that Wu Yingying had given them a heads-up, but what made me nomt understand was that, how did she remember my car plate number? Was it a subconscious action because I crashed into her?

Actually, Wu Yingying had been sitting in the living room of the mansion looking outside of the window since a long time ago, she was about to give up. Ever since they hung up the phone, Wu Yingying didn’t waste a single moment, and just waited in the living room the entire time. At the start, she got more and more angry, she didn’t agree to anyone who took the initiative to ask her out, yet now she is asking others out, but he didn’t treat him as much. However, as the time passed, the anger had already turned into anxiousness, at the end, she just hoped that he would appear faster, she was fine with having waited so long. Despite this, that figure never appeared at the entrance of the mansion.

Ai! Wu Yingying sighed, and thought a little in jealousy, what does she count as, he already has two peerless beauties accompanying him, how could he be interested in her? Moreover, she is older than him… It looks like… Was the first time of her liking someone else, going to end without a beginning?

“Di —— Di!” Two clear rings of the car horn pulled Wu Yingying back from her thoughts. She raised her head, and saw that a Jetta had been parked outside the door, the window of the front door was rolled down, and the person inside was revealing a terrible smile, isn’t that the person she had been missing!

Wu Yingying couldn’t care about anything else, and just pushed open the door, then ran out. All of a sudden, the thoughts and feelings of wronged surged up, and also understood her own thoughts.

“Why did you come so late!” Wu Yingying said with a frown.

“Since we are going to buy a car, of course I needed to go and withdraw money from the bank!” I smiled, and held up the black suitcase in from of her. I just got it out from the Industrial Bank, and am now using it as an excuse for being late.

“You’re bringing cash to buy a car!?” Wu Yingying looked at me in disbelief, as if she was looking at a monster. However, she was rather happy, looking at that big box, there was at least a million inside, it seems like he was really prepared to buy her a sports car.

“I say, da… daxiaojie, looking at me so closely, I would misunderstand it as you liking me,” I joked.

Wu Yingying’s heart felt a sudden sweetness after hearing that, and thought, it’s good if you misunderstand! However, she said, “Don’t you have a bank car? Who goes out holding a suitcase of cash!”

“I’m afraid that when I pay, they will say to me, sorry, we don’t support XX bank’s cards here…” I chuckled, and imitated Wu Yingying’s tone and said.

“You-You’re terrible!” Wu Yingying blushed, and thought back to what happened that day at the hotel. “You just know how to bully me!”

“Oh yeah, I had something that I always wanted to ask you, why did you go to work at Dynasty Seafood?” I spoke out a confusion in my heart.

“I was working and studying at the same time okay!” Wu Yingying glared at me and said.

“You were working and studying? You don’t seem to lack money!” I asked weirdly, how could the young mistress of a leader of the military region lack money?

“I don’t want to spend the family’s money!” Wu Yingying said.

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“Oh!” I nodded. “Then how much did you earn?”

“Fifty something thousand, I used it all to buy a car. But you made it disappear with a step on the pedal yesterday!” Wu Yingying said angrily.

Only then did I realized what a stupid topic I brought up! What a failure, it looks like I am definitely going to have to take upon the role of the culprit!

“Get on… To buy you a new car,” I looked at the angry Wu Yingying and said awkwardly.

“Heh!” Wu Yingying snorted, then got on the car. However, she was beyond happy inside, she finally got her face back, he wants to trick her? He should see what her nicknames are, “Witch” and “Professional Screw Over” are not just for show! She had deliberately guided the topic over there, just to make him troubled! Actually, she had only driven that Alto for a few days, and isn’t attached to it, it wasn’t a big deal for it to be trashed.

How would I know what she was thinking, I had thought that her feelings were brought up because of the topic, and so I said without any other methods, “Yingying, I’ll tell you a joke?” Telling jokes was a specialty, for example, both Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier were wooed over like this.

“I don’t want to listen,” Wu Yingying answered casually.


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