Chapter 148 – I fear that’s not all

This sentence nearly made my mom drop her glasses. “What did you say?! She knows? She’s still with you even though she knows?” My mom shouted in surprise.

“Never mind, you don’t need to say anymore. Since it’s like this, I think that girl can’t be anything good, sticking on you even after knowing you have a girlfriend, she definitely isn’t a good thing!” My dad concluded.

But my following sentence overthrew his conclusion, I said, “Zhao Yanyan knows.”

“What-What did you say?” My dad looked at me in disbelief, “Zhao Yanyan also knows!? Who are you kidding? How could any girl agree for her own boyfriend to get two girlfriends? Are you treating your dad as an idiot or Zhao Yanyan as an idiot?”

“Dad! Listen to me, neither of you are idiots! But what I said is the truth! The truth is like this,” I said calmly.

“The kid’s mom, looks at if this ******* is having a fever? How could he say this thing that is so hard to believe?” My dad pointed at me and said in confusion.

“Old Liu, stop scolding Leilei. Let’s ask about it clearly, Leilei isn’t normally a kid that likes lying either!” My mom was slightly more logical, and said slowly after having a sip of water.

“Sure! Then tell us, what exactly happen!” My dad sighed an said.

“Dad! Mom! We are all clear about the relationships between the three of us, and are all completely willing. We just ate KFC together just now, also, actually the last few days at Zhao Yanyan’s home, the three of us… lived together,” I strengthened my resolve, and just said everything out, to prevent my dad and mom to keep telling some logic to me.

“Three people lived together! Leilei, you actually did such an absurd thing? And in Yanyan’s home?” My mom was so shocked that she couldn’t close her mouth. My dad just glared at me with open eyes.

“Yeah, so there isn’t who hurt who, or who wronged who. The relationship between the two of them is quite good as well,” I continued.

“This… Ai! This is blasphemy!” My dad finally said something after a long while.

“Then, does Yanyan’s family know about your relationship? My mom asked worriedly, if this sort of thing was found out, it would be weird if they don’t break his leg. Who would want their daughter to share a husband with someone else!

“Uncle Zhao also knows, he saw us, and to not disturb us, he deliberately went to the company to sleep,” I said. Actually it was because Zhao Junsheng couldn’t help but agree as my subordinate.

“What… What is this!” The amount of shock my dad got today was so much more than the amount of salt he had in his life. He couldn’t help but exclaim in his heart : This world is too crazy! It looks like he is too behind the times!

I thought, you are already shocked like this from two, there might be a Xia Jing after a while, wouldn’t you be shocked to death then.

“Is it really like that?” My mom was also shocked, and still asked with suspicion. No matter who it was, they wouldn’t be able to be believe this instantly. Since the two girls are young, it is possible for them to like the same person. But if even Yanyan’s dad also went crazy with them, it would be a bit too over the top!

“En,” I nodded. “If you don’t believe me, you can ask Yanyan the next time she comes.”

“Ai! Never mind, since it’s like this, and the person involved isn’t saying anything, why are us bystanders worried about!” My mom sighed. “This is the matters of young people, we really can’t say anything! Even if we want to, we don’t understand! But no matter what, I’m still your mom! I have to say something now, if both of them follow you so loyally, then I will treat them equally, and treat both of them as my daughters-in-law. However, if you can only choose one, you can only choose Zhao Yanyan, or else don’t think of entering this family’s door!”

I nodded my head. I know, this thing will pass peacefully. The last sentence my mom said to me was pointless, ignoring the fact that these two people wouldn’t ever leave me, even at the end, the first person I marry will definitely be Zhao Yanyan, that’s the goal for my rebirth!

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Thinking about marriage, that’s another problematic topic. There definitely will not be an issue with Zhao Yanyan being my legal wife in the future, the main issue was Chen Weier, although the chick doesn’t fight for anything, but I already promised her that I will marry her properly. Seeing her joyous expression, I know that she does care about these things in her heart! I can’t exactly marry twice can I?

This country wouldn’t allow this, if that happened, I would have committed bigamy.

“Wait a bit——“ Just as I was prepared to go back to my room, I was stopped by my dad.

“What is it? I subconsciously turned around.

“Little *******, pay attention in the future, stop philandering outside! I really don’t know what good deeds you have done in your previous life, for two girls to be completely loyal to you, I’ll say it today, if you dare to bring a third one home, I’ll break your leg!” My dad looked and me and scolded.

“Okay now dad, I know. However, if Yanyan and them insists on making me find another one, I can’t help it,” I turned around and went back into my room before my dad reacted.

The moment I closed the door, I heard my dad’s roar,” You little *******, you’re messing with me aren’t you?!”

“Leave it, Old Liu, Yanyan isn’t saying anything, what’s the point of us worrying here,” My mom said.

“But this is a bit too much, does the brat think it’s the old society, where multiple wives and mistresses are fine,” My dad said.

“This shows that our son is charming! To be honest, as a mother, I’m rather happy, two daughters-in-law, how much glory is that for me, the mother-in-law!” My mom said.

“That’s true. But does this count as bigamy?” My dad said worriedly.

“Count your ***! In this era, there are plenty of people with mistresses, I don’t see anyone has got charged for it. What’s more, they haven’t registered, what bigamy!” My mom glared at me dad sideways and said.

“From what our son said, it seems like he’s prepared to bring more back home,” My dad thought back to my final sentence.

“Bring more? Never mind, there isn’t much difference between two or three, as long as Zhao Yanyan doesn’t object, we shouldn’t say too much as parents,” My mom said uncaringly.

“I’m afraid it’s not just three…” My dad said thoughtfully.

“What?!” My mom freaked.

The next morning, before I woke up, I received Wu Yingying’s phone call.

“Dajie, can’t you let me sleep a bit more? You have to know I’m growing up…” I said unwillingly to the phone.

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“What dajie, it makes me seem really old, call me Yingying!” Wu Yingying pouted.


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