Chapter 147 – Family Talk

“Nothing much,” Zhao Junsheng smiled. Wouldn’t it shock the world if he said out his thoughts!

“But speaking of which, why did Yanyan let you find women outside?” Zhao Junsheng changed the topic back to it again.

“I didn’t find it, she matched us together,” I said helplessly. Although I couldn’t help myself sometimes, but I never had a thought about cheating, but I never would have thought that Zhao Yanyan would first match Xia Jing, then Weier, causing me to be more and more perverted.

“What!” Zhao Junsheng opened his eyes wide, this was the most shocking thing he has seen. “You’re saying that Yayan took the initiative in matching you?”

Originally Zhao Junsheng had thought that Yanyan loved me too much, and so allowed me to do so helplessly. He never would have thought that the truth would be like this.

“Yeah, actually I am rather intrigued as well,” I said. To be truthful, I still have a feeling like I’m dreaming even now, but then again rebirth was a dream to me. A lot of things that were impossible has become possible now.

“Never mind, Uncle Zhao wouldn’t say too much about other things anymore. You are already the chairman of a corporation, and my boss. But having a lot of women is also trouble, Uncle Zhao has been in your shoes before. Although Yanyan doesn’t disagree, but… can you handle so many people?” Zhao Junsheng said ambiguously.

I momentarily blanked, then immediately realized that Zhao Junsheng was talking about that. But how could I talk about it with him? Was I supposed to tell him that the two chicks, Yanyan and Weier, aren’t able to satisfy me even together?

“Uncle Zhao, about this… If I can’t, then how could Yanyan let me find other people,” I said subtly.

Zhao Junsheng looked at me meaningfully, like a scientist. It caused me to shudder uncomfortably.

It was already twelve something when I parked my car in the courtyard of the Industrial Bank. I wouldn’t even dare to return home this late before, but now it is just a normal occurrence.

Ever since my mom found out about Zhao Yanyan and my relationship, she was extremely lenient with my night life. Every time I call my mom to tell her that I was staying over in Zhao Yanyan’s home, she would always get really happy, and remind me to be careful very meaningfully. I was also rather speechless to this, although my mom told Zhao Yanyan multiple times that she hopes to get a grandchild earlier, but after all, the two of us are still high school students, Zhao Yanyan couldn’t possible go to university with a large tummy. Even if the school agrees, the civil affairs bureau would not.

I went upstairs, took out my key and familiarly opened the door. The moment I entered into the room, I felt that the atmosphere wasn’t right. It was nearly one o’clock, why were the lights still on? I took another look, and saw that my parents were dressed properly, sitting on the sofa, looking coldly at me.

This scene was so familiar, it was just like the time when they found out about Zhao Yanyan and my relationship. They can’t have found out about something again right?

I nearly freaked out after looking in, there was no need to be so terrifying even if they want to scare people right? It’s like when the yamen was interrogating criminals.

“You’re back?” My mom said without smiling, her eyes weren’t even looking at me.

“Yeah, I’m back, dad, mom, you haven’t slept yet?” I hope that I could see something from their expressions, but I was disappointed, the two of them didn’t even have any expression.

“En. It’s good that you’re back, I thought you aren’t coming back again today,” My mom said something incomprehensible.

“Mom, what is it? Are you talking about how I always didn’t come home a few days ago?” I asked questioningly.

“Not come home? I can’t be any more happy when you go to Zhao Yanyan’s home, I’m just afraid that you would go elsewhere,” My mom glared at me and said.

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Elsewhere? What did this mean? Was it hinting at something? Speaking of which, could they have found out about me going to Shuguang Corporation just now? That’s impossible? I went to KFC first, then to the hospital, and finally went to Shuguang Corporation, how could they have found out?

“Say it, what did you do to wrong us, are you going to be honest, or should I tell you?” My mom cleared her throat and said.

Wronged you? When did I wrong you? I kept on searching for the keyword in my mind, but the results were blank. Never mind, I’ll just test it little by little.

“I just went to a friend’s company…” I said and paused, but my mom didn’t have any reaction.

“Their company works on software…” I continued.

My mom got impatient, “Don’t just try to find stuff to say, and try to change the topic! What does your friend’s company have anything to do with this!”

Nothing to do with this? It looks like they don’t know about Shuguang corporation. This made me relieved, other than this, I wasn’t hiding from my parents. However, from the looks of it, it seemed like the three sessions of trial. Making it seem so serious, as if I had committed some grave unforgivable sin.

“Are you going to say it, or should I say it?” My dad roared after seeing me not reply for a long time.

“You say it,” I replied casually. Actually I really can’t say it, what was I supposed to say?

“Fine! Fine! Fine!” My dad repeated it three times. Then he continued, “Little *******, your wings are hard now right? I can’t control you now right? You’re not going to say it, then I’ll say it for you, how did Yanyan wrong you? You actually learnt to get a mistress?!”

Mistress? This was the second time I heard someone mention this term, last time it was Fatty Wu, this time… Could it be because of Chen Weier? I shouted “crap” in my heart! I got too intimate with Chen Weier in the morning downstairs, they most likely saw it!

“Yeah, how great is Yanyan! She likes you so much, and even gave you her most precious thing, and that’s not enough? Isn’t this blasphemy!” My mom continued after my dad.

“Dad! Mom! This is my private business, I can deal with it! You don’t need to worry about me!” Since it has come to this, I have nothing to hide, so I just let it all out.

“Private business? I gave birth to you, and you’re talking private business with me? Do you want to get beaten?” My mom also got angry.

“Mom, this type of thing is all willing, I didn’t force anything!” I explained.

“Willing? Who is that girl that came downstairs to our home this morning? What is her relationship with you?” My mom asked.

“She’s my girlfriend,” I said assuredly.

“Girlfriend? Then Zhao Yanyan?” My mom laughed coldly.

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“She is as well!” I said without hesitation.

“As well? Fine, you, then does she know about Zhao Yanyan?” In my mom’s mind, the girl she saw this morning was ninety percent blinded by me, and didn’t know the fact that I was two timing.

“She does,” I said at a moderate pace.


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