Chapter 146 – Organizing a Concert

When I arrived at Shuguang Corporation, it was already nine o’clock at night. Zhao Junsheng was sitting in his office reading documents, it was just like the first time I saw him. This made me remember that I completely ripped Zhao Junsheng off back then when my identity was unknown. I couldn’t help but smile. In the blink of an eye, half a year has passed, I, who has been reborn, used the experiences I had in my previous life to carve out a business empire that solely belongs to me, and this business empire may move into the global world in two or even one year.

This was someone I could never had imagine even in the previous life when I was the CEO of Microsoft’s Huaxia region, not to mention that I was just a student in the first year of high school right now.

“Hello, this is Director Zhao’s office?” I suddenly got playful.

“Yes… You…” Zhao Junsheng said a bit, then realized something was wrong, he raised his head and smiled after seeing that it was me, “Chairman Xiao Liu, you are still joking around with your Uncle Zhao!”

“Uncle Zhao, are you busy?” I walked over and sat down on the chair beside Uncle Zhao.

“Yeah, the bridge chip produced at Shuguang Microelectronics cannot match up to the needs of export, the factory still needs to be expanded!” Zhao Junsheng sighed, right now he had to take call of all big and small matters at Shuguang all by himself, causing him to be beyond busy. He was just complaining about having nothing to do all the time when in Tianheng, now he’s just extremely busy.

“Uncle Zhao, get a few assistants if you can’t handle it, try and see how many you can get from the ones I recommended you last time,” I said. A while ago, I gave Zhao Junsheng a huge name list, the people on nit were all elites in the future computing industry, or the excellent leaders in IT. A lot of them are still students in university right now.

“That list? I checked it out, most of them haven’t even graduated, are you sure these people can make a difference in the future? What’s more is that how did you get to know them?” Zhao Junsheng asked questioningly.

“Uncle Zhao, believe in my judgement! I got the information of these people through special means,” I can’t say anything else, after all, I can’t say that I have affirmed all this in the future right?

“Okay! Uncle Zhao does believe in your judgement! After I finish with all these stuff, I’ll send someone to contact them,” Zhao Junsheng said, “Oh yeah, let’s talk about the company, there really was something important to call you over so late.”

“Our Songjiang city is going to hold a concert, you heard about this news right?” Zhao Junsheng said.

I nodded, I just heard about this news when I was eating with Zhao Yanyan.

“The leaders of Songjiang city just called me, and asked our company to be in charge of this concert,” Zhao Junsheng continued. “Although it is rather troublesome, but as the organizer, it’s less about making money, the main thing is that we can use this concert to increase the fame of our corporation. So I immediately agreed to it.”

I strongly agreed with Zhao Junsheng’s action. A celebrity’s concert was something that a lot of business’s can’t even sponsor even if they bring the money to their door, and now Shuguang has become the organizer, this is an unparalleled chance!

“Sure, then I’ll let you decide on this Uncle Zhao,” I said.

“Xiao Liu, this time Uncle Zhao asked you to come here, is mainly to discuss about Su Yingzhi. Look at this!” After saying that, Zhao Junsheng took out an envelope from the drawer, and handed it to me.

I opened it and looked, it was actually a threatening letter! ****, this actually exist, it is a typical scene from Conan!

I skimmed over it, on it was approximately written, since Su Yingzhi rejected his confession, so he was going to give her an unforgettable experience during this cconcert.

“How did you get this threatening letter? No one knows that us Shuguang is organizing this concert right now right?” I closed the envelope and asked.

“The city leader gave it to me, this fellow is rather daring, he actually mailed it to the police station!” Zhao Junsheng said solemnly.

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“Mailed to the police station? This person can’t be insane right!” I said in surprise. “Since it’s already been mailed to the police station, then he wouldn’t dare to act out even if he had a bear’s heart or a leopard’s gall.

“Ai! The city leader also said this, but I’m scared of what if! The concert is organized by us after all, if something happens it wouldn’t be good for our reputation,” Zhao Junsheng said worriedly.

“I think it might be a joke. Does he think we’re shooting a tv series? Sending a threatening letter before this sort of thing,” I shook my head and said.

“Let’s just try to maximize security. Jiang Yongfu would also send some people, as for the day’s exact plan, we’ll discuss about it later,” Zhao Junsheng took out a form and said to me.

After Zhao Junsheng and my discussion, the press conference and autograph session that was planned would be cancelled, because this sort of thing was the most chaotic and hardest to control, it would be difficult to ensure about her safety. The rest of the activities would have the police maintaining order nearby, preventing normal people from getting near.

After the itinerary was set, the next step was the hotel where Su Yingzhi was going to stay and where the ball after the concert was going to be held etc. Originally I wanted to cancel this ball, but Zhao Junsehng said that a lot of the children of the powerful people in the province asked for this ball, so it could not be cancelled. Although Shuguang was very powerful right now, and can make a decision on their on, but there was no need to wrong these people.

“Oh yeah, Uncle Zhao, reserve three tickets for good seats for us,” I suddenly remembered that Zhao Yanyan and them had asked me to take them to the concert, originally I was stressing about the ticket, but now the organizer is us, so the ticket stuff is far more convenient.

“Xiao Liu, you also like Su Yingzhi?” Zhao Junsheng asked me weirdly, from his perspective, I shouldn’t be interested in these celebrities.

“I don’t even know who she is! I wouldn’t recognize her even if she stood in front of me,” I laughed wryly.

“Then about this…” Zhao Junsheng said.

“Isn’t it your darling daughter, or else how could I find time to watch some concert!” I shook my head and said.

“…” Zhao Junsheng smiled and continued, “But why do you want three?”

“Hai hai! You’re asking even though you already know that. I don’t believe that you’ve never liked anyone else except bomu,” I teased.

“… Ai!” Zhao Junsehng let out a deep sigh, and pondered.

“What are you thinking? Uncle Zhao,” From the looks of it, he’s most likely reminiscing about his first love.

Actually I did guess it right, Zhao Junsheng’s mind was back to the summer that year, and that young girl. After ten-odd years, he was still unable to forget about her, the impression she gave him was far too deep. In the recent two years, his emotions just calmed down a little, but the accidental incident half a year ago brought up his memories again… Some things are really too much of a coincidence.


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