Chapter 145 – The Ploy of Father and Son

“Good, you said it! No going back on your words! You must accompany me until I buy a car that satisfies me!” Wu Yingying proceeded to strike the iron while it is hot.

“Okay! This is natural!” Facing her, I really didn’t know what to say. I didn’t even dare to say too much, in fear of getting tricked by her once again. I didn’t know that, I was already tricked by her, a few days later, I couldn’t help but face this fact.

“Then… Pinky Sweat!” Wu Yingying was afraid that I would go back on my words, and stuck out a pinky at me, then said with a smile.

“Ai!” I speechlessly reached out a finger and pinky swore with her, I was truly defeated by her.

I didn’t think I would be tricked by Wu Yingying like this, but, even if she wants to buy a very expensive car, that’s fine, since I don’t lack money, and she’s Fatty Wu’s jiejie, I crashed her car so I have to show some sincerity right?

At this moment, Father Wu pulled Fatty Wu to a corner without anyone, and whispered.

“Damn Fatty, do you think the person just now is your older sister? My eyes can’t have messed up right,” Father Wu rubbed his eyes and said.

“****, Damn Geezer. You can’t not even recognize your own daughter right? I really don’t understand how you got to be a leader, if you go on the battlefield, you would kill your own people!” Fatty Wu said with despise.

“You Damn Fatty, I’ve told you how many times, a leader is in charge of commands, and is in control of the entire situation. It doesn’t matter if my eyes are good or not, it would be fine as long as my mind is good,” Father Wu smacked Fatty Wu on the back of his head.

“Damn Geezer, are you jealous of me being smarter than you, sooner or later my brain would be smacked dumb by you!” Fatty Wu said unwillingly.

“Wait, wait! We got off track!” Father Wu said. “Say, why does your older sister seem so feminine today?”

“****, how would I know about your daughter!” Fatty Wu was still showing dissatisfaction to Father Wu’s violent action just now, “However, then again, jiejie seems to only act like that in front of Liu Lei.”

“Yeah! That’s possible! I can also tell, do you think Yingying fell for that Liu Lei?” Father Wu said as if he suddenly understood everything.

“Now that you say it, it really seems possible!” Fatty Wu also said.

“My ******* god, this is a great thing, if we can marry your sister out earlier, then I, the old man, can still live an extra few years,” Father Wu said happily.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Fatty Wu also said happily. Although his jiejie looked very feminine, but her personality was not like that of a woman’s at all, both him and his father would get tricked by her the moment they let down their guard at home, causing the two of them to always be extremely vigilant at home.

“However, this Liu Lei seems to already have two girlfriends!” Fatty Wu said awkwardly.

“Yeah? That’s even better, since there’s already two, an extra Yingying doesn’t matter, let me go and talk to Liu Lei, and get him to do some charity work and bring Yingying home as well! I don’t think an extra one matters, our family’s Yingying’s looks is also a phoenix among men, it’s just that her personality… But this can be ignored. After all, he did get lucky!”

Father Wu acted like he find a lifeline, how could he easily give up. There was no lack of sons of rich people proposing to his daughter normally, and he also encouraged them enthusiastically, but the issue was that his own daughter had completely no interest in these people, she even messed around with them beyond belief, as this occurred over time, there were less and less people that dared to visit for this purpose. At the same time, Yingying became a knot in his heart. Now there’s finally one that send himself up to them, and his daughter actually didn’t do anything extreme to him, rather she seemed to get along with him quite well. If he missed such a great chance, then there was no guarantee when the next chance would come.

“About this…” Fatty Wu felt a bit troubled. His older sister was so unruly, if she really fell head over heels for Liu Lei, and if she gets jealous, how could the kind and caring Zhao Yanyan be her opponent! At that time, one side would be someone he loves, the other is his older sister, he really can’t be biased towards anyone. What’s more is that if he dared to be biased, his older sister would definitely tear his bones out. Thinking about his older sister’s techniques, his entire body shuddered. He clenched his teeth, loyalty and filial piety could no co-exist since the ancient times, it was better to act for the benefits in front of his eyes!

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“Okay! I agree!” Fatty Wu said resolutely, “If old sis really gets married out, then it’ll be peace for both of us.”

“yeah! We finally send this witch away!” Father Wu said happily, as if the entire situation is assured.

“My dear daddy~! Who are you guys calling witch?” Suddenly a sinister sounding voice rang out behind the father and son, the two of them immediately felt cold air rise up from beneath their feet.

“This… Yingying, we… we are…” Father Wu stuttered.

“We are talking about that novel! Web novel, it’s called!” Fatty Wu quickly thought of an excuse.

“Yes, yes! “Very Pure and Ambiguous”, ha… Yingying, that novel is really great!” Father Wu quickly continued.

“Very Pure and Ambiguous? What’s that? Is it good?” Wu Yingying asked weirdly.

“Yes, of course it is, it’s a love story about a man and multiple women, that man also have superpowers, it’s amazing!” Fatty Wu quickly explained.

“Oh… Then show me when we get back?” Wu Yingying said to Fatty Wu after hearing that.

“Oh yeah, where’s Liu Lei?” How could Fatty Wu have read Very Pure and Ambiguous, this book isn’t even out in 1995, that Fishman the Second is probably still in middle school, how could it be possible for him to go and write? Fatty WU was worried that she would continue pestering about it, so he immediately changed the topic.

“He already left! You two weren’t there when he was looking for you!” Wu Yingying said with displeasure.

“Ah? Left? Fatty Wu said regretfully, he lost such a great chance for no reason.

“What is it?” Wu Yingying asked weirdly after seeing her father expression that was more upset than having lost money.

“Nothing, nothing! We just want to thank hi ma bit!” Fatty Wu said out of nowhere.

“Thank? Why thank? Thank him for crashing my car?” Wu Yingying asked in confusion.

“About this…” Fatty Wu stammered. “Of course not, isn’t he going to get you a good car, we saved money, hehe——“

Wu Yingying looked at Fatty Wu weirdly after hearing his words, but she think too much about it, she just asked, “How did you come?’

“I drove…” The moment the words left his mouth, Fatty Wu regretted it, but it was too late.

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“Give me the car key, I’ll drive,” Wu Yingying said with a face full of smiles.

“The geezer and I will take a cab…” Fatty Wu handed the car keys over to Wu Yingying in terror.


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