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Chapter 144 – A Terrifying Thought

“Make a move on your older sister?!” It can’t be, you actually noticed the slightly lecherous thought that I just had!

“****, you’re still lying to me. Although my family’s old man’s eyesight is bad so he didn’t see, but I saw it clearly, you were holding my older sister’s hand just now!” Fatty Wu said with a smirk.

“…, her hand is hurt, so I’m just seeing if it got better…” I was clearly not confident with what I was saying, because even I didn’t believe my own explanation.

“Big Bro, I have nothing to say if you’re going to move in on my sister, but I’m just scared that Zhao Yanyan will suffer later!” Fatty Wu said with a grieving expression.

“What do you mean?” I asked speechlessly. What does this have to do with Zhao Yanyan.

“My sister is terrifying, she’s completely unruly and unreasonable at home, if you really bring her back as well when the time comes, your two waifus won’t be a match for her!” Fatty Wu glanced sideways towards Wu Yingying, and said quietly to me after noticing that she wasn’t paying attention in this direction.

Terrifying? Unruly? Unreasonable? Why couldn’t I tell? The shy girl at the cashier of Dynasty Seafood, as well as that rather feminine shyness from just now appeared in my mind, I could not link these with the words before together at all.

“Stop thinking like that, how is it possible when your older sister and I have such a large age gap,” I said.

Father Wu looked at Wu Tian and I who chatted like old friends, and asked weirdly, “You know each other?”

“Hai! Definitely! Do you know who he is?” Fatty Wu chuckled and asked while pointing at me.

“Who?” Father Wu asked weirdly. From his memory, Fatty Wu didn’t have a friend like me.

“He’s the person that you made me pilot a helicopter and search all over the mountains for!” Fatty Wu pointed to me and said.

“Oh?! You’re that Liu Lei Elder Zhao talked about?” Father Wu looked at me in surprise. “You don’t seem that old right?”

“Yeah! I am the same age as Wu Fat… Tian!” I said. I nearly called him Fatty Wu. However Fatty Wu’s next sentence caught me completely off guard!

“Damn Fatty! Since you know each other, then settle this privately!” Father Wu actually called his son “Damn Fatty”, and Fatty Wu called Father Wu “Damn Geezer”! This is the weirdest father and son combination I’ve seen!

“Father, just leave it like this, don’t blame Liu Lei, daughter also have some responsibility…” Wu Yingying said shyly.

“What!?” Wu Yingying’s words nearly made Father Wu fall over. He felt that there was something wrong with his daughter when he arrive, since she was acting completely different from normal, as if she was another person, he had thought that she was threatened. However the culprit was so familiar with his son, then threatening wasn’t quite possible, why was his daughter still so withdrawn?

“Yingying, are you sick? Did you hit your head in the car crash just now?” Father Wu asked worriedly.

“Dad~! What are you doing! I told you that I’m fine…” Wu Yingying actually started acting spoiled.

Now even Fatty Wu was so shocked that his jaw was dropping, did his jiejie take the wrong pill or something! This was the first time since he has been born that he has seen his jiejie act spoiled, he quickly pinched his thighs to see if he was dreaming.

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On the other hand, I was completely lost due to Father and Fatty Wu’s actions, “Fatty Wu, what is this expression?

“No… No! Big Bro, you misunderstand, I don’t mean that, I am just wondering about the strange actions of my older sister today! If she didn’t look exactly the same, I nearly thought that the person in front of me is not my older sister!”

“Damn-Fat-Ty! What did you say!” Wu Yingying suddenly glared at Fatty Wu in anger.

The moment Fatty Wu heard this voice, his entire body tensed, and said carefully, “Jie… I… Won’t say anymore.”

Of course I didn’t see Wu Yingying’s expression at the time, because my back was to her, I was still wondering why Fatty Wu suddenly stopped. When I turned around, Wu Yingying returned to that little woman look that could charm everyone, and was looking at me lovingly.

I felt a streak of coldness in my heart… This sight, this Wu Yingying can’t be an anthomaniac right!

Only Fatty Wu patted his chest, and let out a sigh of relief,” Oh, this is my older sister!”

“Dad~! Just don’t mind this, Liu Lei already promised to buy me a new sports car!” WU Yingying said joyfully to Father Wu.

I sweat! When did I promise! Didn’t this come out of nowhere? What’s wrong with this person? She was just saying not to blame me just now, and now she’s making me buy her a sports car?!

“Yeah!” Father Wu looked at me in surprise.

At this time, I could only smile wryly. If I deny it, that would make me seem too petty. It’s not that I cared about the money that would be spent to buy this car, but the main problem is that when did I promise to buy her a sports car? This made me rather dissatisfied.

Wu Yingying also saw my weird expression, she pouted and said, “Liu Lei, you promised that you would compensate me with a car on the way to the hospital!”

I thought about it, it really was like that, but I never said a sports car!

“You promised me, you said that you would buy any car I want to buy!” Wu Yingying said slyly.

****, damn it! Only now did I notice her sentence that seemed like nothing at the time, I am a thirty something old fox, and yet I was tricked by a chick that’s only eighteen or nineteen!

Now that it had come to do, I could only nod against my heart, and said, “Yeah, let’s find a time to go to the car market together.”

At this moment, both Fatty Wu and his father started thinking, Father Wu looked at me weirdly, and saw that the clothes I was wearing were rather normal, although they are branded goods, the price wasn’t that expensive.

With the fact that I was driving a very common Jetta produced in the country, I didn’t look like a rich person no matter how much he looked. Although Zhao Limin had said I was a very important person when he was asked to find me, he wasn’t told anything about me.

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Therefore, according to Father Wu’s judgement, I did have some money, but was not filthy rich. A sports car would cost at least a million, how could I casually gift it to someone else?

Fatty Wu felt even more weird, looking at his jiejie, it was clear that she was forcing Liu Lei to buy a sports car for her. But what is she doing that for?

Many sons of rich people would spend loads of money just to get his jiejie to smile. There are loads of good car that they bring to their home, it could be said that his jiejie could start a car exhibition just by opening their front door.

However, his jiejie used the money she worked for to buy an Alto, and it hasn’t even been driven for a few days before getting ruined by Liu Lei. Was she really going to make him compensate? But it didn’t seem like it, it seems to be more of getting spoiled and acting rogue. Fatty Wu really didn’t understand.

Could it be… Fatty Wu had a terrifying thought, it can’t be that old sis got interested in Liu Lei right?


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