Chapter 143 – I told you before

I also called Uncle Zhao, and told him that I got into an accident on the road, so I’ll only get there later. Uncle Zhao gave me a few reminders and didn’t say too much.

“What’s your name?” It was a far distance away from the hospital, so I found a topic to chat with the girl.

I-I told you before,” the girl thought about it and said.

“Before? Have we met before?” I asked weirdly, no wonder I felt that she was kind of familiar when I saw her just now.

“Never mind if you don’t remember!” The girl said unhappily. He actually forgot about her, and she was always thinking about him. But that was hardly surprising, why would she be interested about her when he has two such outstanding girls by his side.

“Is there a hint?” I still couldn’t think of it after a long while, could she know the me before I was reborn? Since the section of memory before I was reborn was rather distant due to the years, it was already a bit blurry, a lot of the times I could only remember them under hints from other people/

“Is twenty percent off fine? What about fifteen percent?” The girl suddenly said using me tone.

I suddenly remembered, the girl in front of me was that girl manning the cashier counter at Dynasty Seafood the other day, she was the Wu Yingying that I managed to get her name from.

“So it’s you!” I said with a smile, “I wonder if you can give me a discount when I compensate you for your car later!”

Although Wu Yingying had already prepared not to get him to compensate, but thinking back to how he even forgot her name, she got a bit mad, and said, “Dream on! You have to get me a new car!”

“Okay, new car then new car,” I was just trying to find some topic to talk about with her, I didn’t lack this amount of money.

“Okay! You said it! Are you going to buy whatever car I say I want to buy?” Wu Yingying suddenly said craftily, and started planning in her heart, he actually didn’t treat her as anything, she was definitely going to find a chance to put him into an awkward situation.

I didn’t notice all this, and casually agreed, “Sure.”

“Pinky swear!” Wu Yingying suddenly reached out her little finger towards me like a child.

“Dajie, I’m driving! Do you want there to be another person on the car?” I laughed wryly.

“Another person? What do you mean?” Wu Yingying didn’t understand.

“If I crash into another Alto, then wouldn’t I have to send that driver to the hospital?” I explained with a smile.

“Oh wow! You’re saying my Alto isn’t strong aren’t you?” Wu Yingying said angrily.

“That car isn’t strong. You’re lucky that you crashed into me, if it was onto a road roller then it would have immediately turned into a pile of scrap metal!” I teased.

“Heh! With what you’re saying, am I supposed to thank you?” Wu Yingying snorted.

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“That isn’t needed, it isn’t your fault that all of us from the north east are living Lei Feng,” I remember the song I heard in my previous life saying that all people from the north east are living Lei Feng.

“You…! You are being unreasonable!” Despite knowing that I was kidding with her, Wu Yingying still couldn’t help but blush.

“What, this is the truth! If you drove an armored car out, the person hurt right now would be me,” I continued to tease her.

“Oh? This isn’t a bad idea, let me go back and talk about it with my dad, and get an armored car to drive,” Wu Yingying actually nodded seriously after hearing me say that.

I kept sweating! Can armored cars be casually driven on the streets! From her tone, it seems like her father is some kind of important person. But I know most of the rich or people in power in the Songjiang area, why can’t I think of anyone who’s surname is Wu?

Wu Yingying’s wound on her hand was just a scratch, when we got to the hospital, they just put some ointment on it, and didn’t even need to patch it up. Wu Yingying called her father, and told him the location of the hospital.

“Does it still hurt? I asked Wu Yingying.

“Much better,” Wu Yingying said quietly to me.

“Let me check!” My thoughts for a prank surfaced once more, seeing how this girl is so pretty and innocent, I really wanted to touch her a bit.

“No!” Wu Yingying moved away her hand.

How could I give up such a good opportunity, I reached over my hand to grab her hands. However Wu Yingying dodged, and caused me to miss. She’s actually capable of some kungfu!

I immediately got interested, and swiftly pulled WU Yingying’s hand over. Wu Yingying struggled a few times, but couldn’t’ get free, so she let out a “yi” sound. She is a taekwondo master, don’t mention about catching her, normal people can’t even touch her. But why was he so quick? He grabbed her before she even managed to realize what was going on.

Just at that moment, a middle aged man wearing military uniform stormed in furiously and yellowed, “Yingying, are you alright?”

Wu Yingying’s cheeks immediately turned red, her had was still held by that person, what was she going to do if this embarrassing scene was seen by her dad. Wu Yingying tried to struggle forcefully a few times, but there wasn’t any effort, she angrily, but quietly said to me, “Haven’t you touched enough? Let go quickly!”
I was also shocked all of a sudden, and forgot that I was holding Wu Yingying’s little hand. Hearing her said that, I immediately released it.

What shocked me was not Wu Yingying’s father, but the person behind Wu Yingying’s father!

“Yingying, did this brat cause your car to end up like that!” Wu YIngying’s father glared at me angrily and roared.

“About this…” Seeing her father like this, Wu Yingying really didn’t know how to answer. If she say yes, with her father’s ****** temper, he would definitely scold him without listening to everything; if she said no, the truth was still ike this.

“Yingying, why aren’t you saying anything! Is this brat threatening you! Don’t worry, daddy’s here, I’ll help you get even!” Father Wu saw that Wu Yingying was hesitant to say anything, so he thought I threatened her somehow.

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“Dad, you can’t blame him for this, both of us are responsible!” Wu Yingying could only explain after seeing her father being so relentless.

“Don’t blame him?! Your car is nearly scrap metal and you still aren’t blaming him? Are we only supposed to blame him when you are dead!” Father Wu said with his eyes wide open.

“****, damn geezer, can you speak a bit less! You drank too much right, cursing dajie to die!” The person behind Father Wu also walked over this and said without restraint.

“Hai… Hai…” Father Wu coughed twice and stopped talking.

“Wu Tian! Why are you here! This is…” What surprised me was that the person behind Father Wu was the damn fatty Wu Tian!

“Big Bro, did you wipe out my older sister’s car?” Fatty Wu saw that it was me, and was also very surprised.

“Yeah! Thank god your older sister is fine!” I couldn’t help but exclaim, this world is really too small! But seeing how tall and muscular, how could he have such a delicate jiejie?

“Say Big Bro, don’t you have enough with two waifus?! Why are you laying your hand on my older sister!” Fatty Wu laughed sinisterly.


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