Chapter 142 – Meeting Once Again

I didn’t think this chick started becoming a groupie as well, but then again, there aren’t many girls uninterested in these things.

“Okay, okay, it’s a famous singer. However you are forcefully making me go, if I get on with that Su Yingzhi something, don’t be jealous!” I said rather playfully.

“Che…! There are a lot of people that likes her! If you can take her in, I definitely wouldn’t object,” Zhao Yanyan glared at me with disdain.

Of course, this was only a joke, I don’t think Zhao Yanyan treated it seriously either. However, after a certain period of time, Zhao Yanyan couldn’t help but admit that she had once agreed to it.

At this time, I thought of another money making thing, and that’s the entertainment industry. Although the entertainment industry would shrink drastically after a few years, but entertainment shows like Super Girl were beyond popular. Now, in 1995, it was the peak era for albums and tv shows, this situation lasted until 2002, where the profits of the industry started going downhill. I could completely stick a foot in with this chance. The only thing I have a lot of right now was money, in this era, as long as you have money, even terrible films could be sold spectacularly.

The two chicks beside me definitely had the potential to be a star, but I was not prepared for them to get into this area, since the water was two deep there, it was not what the two chicks could handle.

I often seen some shady news about the entertainment industry, a lot of not famous female actors used their body to trade for a lesser character. Although a lot of stars, who’s family had a lot of money and power, didn’t need to do this, but after becoming a public image, the rich second generations around them were enough for them to handle.

Subconsciously, I had already treated Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier as my private property, how could I take out my stuff for other people to look at.

The computing industry I am in is my forte, with the help of Uncle Zhao, Shuguang Corporation went onto the right track without much effort. However, the entertainment and catering industries were areas I have never stepped into, this piqued my interest of opening a new business once again, I want to use my ability in an unknown industry to carve out a path.

I already had a lot of money, and since I was only in First Year, I had a bunch of time, why not just start a company in another industry.

It looks like I have to talk about my ideas with Uncle Zhao when I have the opportunity to.

“Xiao Liu, where are you?” Just when I parked my car in the courtyard of the Industrial Bank, I received Uncle Zhao’s phone number.

“I just got home, and am parking my car. What is it?” Normally Uncle Zhao wouldn’t call me at night.

“There’s something to do with the company, can you come over to Shuguang?” Uncle Zhao said.

“Now? Sure, wait for me,” I hung up, and drove the car out again.

Perhaps because I was in a hurry, the moment the light at the crossroads turned, I drove my car out, it was precisely at this moment that a left-turning Alto scratched against mine.

I could tell that the Alto was in worse shape than mine, the entire back of the back was smashed inwards. It was really difficult to make a judgement on who’s responsibility it was in these type of traffic accidents, since both moved the moment the light turned, and it didn’t matter who was right and who was wrong, but perhaps I had a slightly heavier responsibility.

The most important thing right now is that I don’t know if the people in the Alto was hurt. I opened the car door and ran over. At this moment, the driver of the Alto also got down from the copilot side.

I instantly felt relieved after seeing that the person in the car was fine. The worst thing that could happen after crashing a car was compensating with a bit of money, the responsibility of crashing into a person was much larger.

To my surprise, the person that came down from the Alto was actually a young woman, she looked to be around eighteen or nineteen, she had clear eyes, and looked very pleasant, she seemed like a university student. What made me confused was that the girl in front of me was actually kind of familiar, as if I have seen her somewhere, but I just couldn’t recall where.

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The girl’s expression momentarily blanked upon seeing me, she hesitated in her heart, why was it him? Originally she had planned to rip this person off a lot, but now she just couldn’t make that decision. Thinking back to the things that this person said to her, her heart jumped all over the place for no reason like a deer.

Of course I didn’t know what she was thinking, and asked anxiously, “Are you okay?”

“I’m alright, some skin just peeled off from my hands…” The girl had already planned everything in the car, she would not let off the person that dared to crash into this xiaojie’s car that easily. After a while, she would get down from the car, pretended to hurt all over, and force the culprit to take her to the hospital for a full body check. Then blackmail from for some money to buy a new car. However when the words came out from her mouth, it actually turned into “I’m alright”/

“That’s great! It’s good that you’re fine, let me see your hand…” Before she replied, I grabbed hold of her hand. There was actually a two centimeter long wound that was bleeding on her left hand!

“You’re still saying you’re fine after getting hurt like this! Let me send you to the hospital first,” saying that, I pushed her beside my Jetta without letting her reply.

Only the headlights were broken on my car, everywhere else was fine.

The girl sat into the car with a lot of thoughts. He actually touched her hand, from what it seemed like, he seemed to really care about her! Thinking about this, she completely forgot about the pain on her hand, instead she was a little happy. The thoughts of making him compensate were completely gone from her mind.

“Oh yeah, what are you going to do about your car?” I suddenly remembered that the girl’s car was still stopped in the middle of the road.

“Aiya!” After getting reminded by me, the girl only remembered that her car was still stopped there, and her phone as well as purse were still on the car.

I thought the girl felt some heartache for her car, that Alto looked rather new, it looks like it hasn’t been driven for over a year, getting crashed like this by me essentially made it useless.

“Relax, I’ll compensate you,” I comforted her. An Alto really wasn’t anything to me.

“That’s not it, I mean that my family must be worried about me after going out for this lone! Do you have a phone? Lend it to me,” the girl frowned and said. Did I (the girl) look so greedy for money?

I smiled, and handed my mobile phone to her.

“Hey, dad, I’m Yingying… En, my car crashed with someone else just now… I’m fine, and am going to the hospital right now… My car is at Nanxikou, find someone to help me bring it back… Okay, I said I’m fine… Sure, I’ll call you when I reach the hospital,” The girl finished and let out a long sigh, she had thought that her father would scold her, she never would have thought that she would pass so easily. Back then when she was going to buy a car, her father strongly objected, and said that what’s the point of a girl driving, wouldn’t it be fine to just get someone to send her wherever she wants to go!


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