Chapter 138 – I’ll use his surname

I turned around and went into my room, found the envelopes that was holding my pocket money in the drawer, then gave it to my mom in the kitchen and said, “Mom, I barely used my pocket money, use it first. You don’t have to give me any either, I’ll naturally ask you for it when I need money!”

I received the enveloped while being really worked up, she didn’t say anything for a long time. After a while, she said to my dad, “We really raised a good son!”

“Leilei, why does dad think you aren’t the same after entering high school?” My dad suddenly said.

Not the same? I freaked, they can’t have noticed the fact that I was reborn right?

“How… am I not the same?” I asked carefully.

“I can’t explain it clearly, I just feel like you grew up. You know you have to study, you know about filial piety towards your parents, and most importantly you know to find a girlfriend…” My dad said with a smile.

I let out a sigh of relief, and said while chuckling, “Yeah, people have to grow up!”

I looked at my watch, it was almost time, Chen Weier should be here already, thus I just told my parents that Zhao Yanyan was waiting for me downstairs and hurried down.

Watching my fleeting image, my mom said weirdly, “Yanyan is downstairs? Why doesn’t she come up? She even have the key to our home.”

I dad also said in confusion, “Yeah, look at how the brat hurried downstairs, do you think he’s hiding something from us?”

“Yeah! Something’s wrong!” My mom’s expression also got more serious.

“There’s definitely something wrong!” My dad stood up as he said it, and walked with my mom to the balcony…

When I got downstairs, Chen Weier had already arrived. She was wearing the light blue down jacket that she bought with Zhao Yanyan a few days back, and was breathing into her hands, jumping on the spot. It must be because of her feet being cold.

“How long have you been here?” I went up and asked.

Chen Weier jumped into my embrace, and said aggrievedly. “It’s been a long time! My hands are about to freeze off, help me warm them up!” With that, she reached her hands into my clothes.

“Then why didn’t you wait a while in the stairway!” I used my hand to cover Chen Weier’s frozen red cheeks with my heart aching.

“Ai~! I’m just a little wife, no one loves or cares about me, I can only stand in this freezing land. How could I be like Yanyan-meimei, already having your home key,” Chen Weier said meaningfully.

I sweat! Isn’t the chick Zhao Yanyan just causing pointless trouble, isn’t telling her all these just making her jealous?!

“Ai? What is it? You’re angry? I’m kidding with you, I never wanted to fight over anything with Yanyan-meimei! You did buy me with two hundred and fifty thousand, even if you treat me as a maid, I won’t have any complaints!” Chen Weier said while smiling.

Although she said this, I still know that, which girl truly doesn’t care about these things?

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“Don’t worry, Weier, one day you will also openly marry to my home,” I hugged Chen Weier and said seriously.

“En…” Chen Weier nodded, her hand in my clothes started acting up.

“Aiya, where are you grabbing, it’s going to freeze me to death!” I shouted out in surprise, Weier’s icy hands slid down…

“Haha, it is to freeze you to death,” I walked out of the entrance to my family’s compound hand in hand with Chen Weier.

At this time, I still didn’t know that, on the balcony of a building not far away, a man and a woman were spying on me with binoculars.

“Old Liu, is that girl Zhao Yanyan?” The woman asked nervously.

“It doesn’t seem like it!” The man said.

“Then what are you looking at, quickly let me see!” The woman grabbed the binoculars over.

“They hugged together!”

“That chick looks pretty good from this distance!”

“Leilei this heartless person, can he face Zhao Yanyan? See if I break his leg when he comes back.”

“Let’s ask him clearly when he gets back!”

“Ask for what, I’ll use his surname if I don’t beat him to death!”

“Old Liu, you got blinded from anger right? He had the same surname with you from the beginning!”


I walked out of the courtyard, and arrived at the Industrial Bank in front of my home, I took out my Jetta from the warming garage. Since Shuguang and the Industrial Bank were related companies, a lot of Shuguang’s accounts for funds are at the Industrial Bank, therefore the main bank manager also directly allowed me to park in the branch near my home.

“Why did you park the car here?’ Chen WEier looked weirdly at the guard that was smiling to me.

“Oh, the branch manager is Uncle Zhao’s friend,” I explained.

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Chen Weier’s home wasn’t far from mine, it only took ten minutes on car, so we arrived at the bungalow area near the market place very quickly. This was already the last undeveloped area in Songjiang city, the reason was because it was really too poor here.

When I drove the car at the entrance of the quadrangle, several old men and women that were exercising in the morning look at the car that stopped in the bungalow area in shock. You have to know that in this bungalow area, there was barely any car.

“Which family does the car belong to? And it’s rather new!” An old lady said.

“It can’t belong to our area right, who can buy a car in the bungalow area,” Another old lady said.

‘That’s true, the people here can’t even afford houses, how could they have the sapre money to buy a car!”

“The car costs several tens of thousands right?”

“Several tens of thousands? The factory owner of Dongzi’s factory next door also bought one of these cards! The brand is called something like “Jieda”! It needs a hundred something thousand!”

“Jieda? Was it produced the same place as the liberation cars?”

“It seems like it!”

The old men and old women chatted randomly.

Chen Weier opened the door and got off the car first, I locked the car door and got off as well. When did the electronic remote for the car appear? Why isn’t it popularized yet, it is really tiring having to use the key to lock the car door all the time.

“Quickly look, it’s that Old Chen’s family’s daughter?” An old lady looked using a gaze as if she discovered a new continent.

“Don’t say it, it really is! Who’s the man beside her?”

“How do I know, look at how intimate their actions are, their relationship is definitely not normal!”

“Old Chen’s family’s daughter’s beau right?”

“Beau? Old Chen’s family’s daughter is only in third year, why would she find a beau?”

“Then who knows, look at that man, he looks dignified and is also driving a car, it’s clear that it’s a big boss!”

“It can’t be a rich man she got with right?”

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“That’s very possible, I heard that Old Chen used a hundred something thousand for his illness, his family’s is broke to the core, they can’t possibly take out so much money!”

“Girls right now, they really are open…”


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