Chapter 137 – Love is Blinding

Today is a very important day, today was my second time visiting Chen Weier’s home, but my identity was different. Today Chen Weier and I want reveal it all to her parents.

A lot of Shuguang’s project would only be done once, and we just needed to count money after producing it. There was already a large amount of usable funds in my hands, a lot of the projects in my plans could be started at will, including will estate. In these years, the people that throw out more money would find it easier to make it big.

Chen Weier got to my home in early in the morning, of course she didn’t dare to directly go into my home and climb into my blanket like Zhao Yanyan, my mom definitely can’t accept it in that case. Since two daughters-in-law were rather surprising in this not very open era. I didn’t have much issues with it, I was just scared that my mom would treat Chen Weier as the third party that was destroying Zhao Yanyan and my relationship, then that would really be suffering for the girl.

“Ai!” I heard my mom sigh on the table when we were eating breakfast.

“What is it, mom?” Seeing my mom’s worried look, I couldn’t help but ask.

“I don’t know what’s going on with your dad’s factory…” My mom complained.

However, before she said half of the matter, my dad interrupted, “What are you doing saying so much in front of our son! It’s matters between adults!”

“Your son has another half already, you’re still saying he’s young! She should also know some about the family situation, what’s more is that if our family continues on like this, we would have problems living!’ My mom scolded my dad, causing him to immediately shut up.

“Dad, mom, what’s with you guys? What happened to our family?” When I was saying this, I frantically searched through the large incidents that happened to our family, but there wasn’t anything, there didn’t seem to be anything that would cause our livelihood to be in trouble, could it be something sudden?

“Who knows what happened to your dad’s factory, in this recent period of time, don’t mention owing them salaries, the yearend bonus hasn’t even been paid yet, it’s nearly New Year, aren’t they not letting people live anymore?” My mom said angrily.

“What’s the use of getting mad at me! Factory Director Zhang said the factory has no money, an engineer like me can’t make any decisions!” My dad also sighed.

“You got really lucky since I married you! Ignoring how you have such a low salary, you can’t even get a cent back right now!” My mom said angrily.

“Your factory isn’t much better, paying two months of salary for three months, and you’re still talking about me!” My dad retorted unhappily.

“So what, at least I can bring money back! What about your factory? Three months! They only gave out five hundred kuai of aid in three months, what is it enough for? It’s not even enough to buy groceries!” My mom said.

“Okay now, dad, mom! Stop arguing! It’s not something you can chance, who would have thought that a large factory run by the government would have a day of unable to pay? When you just started working, the factory was an iron rice bowl, the best job! And now, those little businessmen and peddlers all became entrepreneurs, and the workers in the factory has become a job of the lowest level,” I started saying. I also know what my mom and dad were talking about at the time. It was in this time during my previous life that the electronics factory my dad was in started going downhill, being short of funds, and owed the employees’ salary, this was just the situation on the surface, the real reason was that the money would go into that factory director Zhang’s pocket, I think not long later, he would take the money and go on a run.

Should I remind my dad a bit? However, I immediately got rid of this thought, I hinted it at my dad the first day I was reborn, but he didn’t believe factory directory Zhang was that kind of person at all. And now, the money in my hands were already enough to buy tens of thousands of electronic factories like the one my dad was in, from my perspective, it was better for my dad to be laid off. Then I can help him find some easier job, I don’t want to lose this very important person to me like in my previous life.

“Heh! My son is still knowledgeable, much better than you, say, how did I fall for you then, if I married Xiao Zhao, I would be having a great life, I meant even be spending a rich wife’s life at home every day!” My mom glared at my dad, and once again used her ace.

“But isn’t he my son too! No matter what, I also did half the work! If you married Xiao Zhao can you give birth to such an excellent son! Isn’t it our old Liu family’s inheritance!” My dad immediately softened after hearing that “Xiao Zhao”, and said shamelessly.

“What are you saying, not watching what you say in front of the kid, what do you mean your work, how could you say something like that!” My mom said with a red face.

“You said it yourself that our son grew up! What’s more, could this brat be unclear about the stuff about men and women?” My dad looked at me with a strange expression.

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“Hai… Hai! If it wasn’t for our son, I would have gotten divorced with you long ago, what did you think! Even now, the ones pursuing me are down to the see already!” My mom coughed twice and said.

My mom was definitely not boasting, although my mom’s appearance couldn’t be said was the most beautiful in the world, she was unarguably a beauty. Zhao Yanyan’s mother was already considered pretty among the people in their age group, but she still had a distance away from my mom. Of course, the mature Zhao Yanyan was an exception.

I was also very confused at the start, how did my mom, being so pretty, set her eyes on my dad, of course as my dad’s son, I couldn’t say this idiotic question out loud.

It was just like why Zhao Yanyan would set her eyes on me, when I got with Zhao Yanyan, I didn’t accomplish anything. That’s why a lot of the times they say live is blinding.

“Oh yeah, Leilei, leave this month’s pocket money okay, since it’s the holidays,” My mom hesitated a bit, then finally said.

Pocket money? I immediately remembered that my mom would always give me two hundred kuai of pocket money ever since I started middle school, she would use a sealed envelope to give it to me. Actually I don’t need to use this money at all, in order to prevent my mom from being suspicious, I still gladly accepted it, then casually throw it in the drawer.

“Also, we don’t disagree with you going out to play with Zhao Yanyan, but young people are too wasteful going in love, try to save some whenever you can!” My dad also said on the side.

“I disagree with this!” Before I said anything, my mom first started, “Where am I going to find such a good daughter-in-law, she is completely devoted to our family’s Leilei, we can’t let her suffer at all!”

“But from my perspective, Zhao Yanyan’s family background is so good, she must spend a lot at a time, I’m worried we can’t afford it,” My dad said quietly.

“Dad, mom, don’t worry, Yanyan and I don’t spend a lot money when we’re together!” I thought quickly, but I still thought in my heart, we actually spend a lot. We just spend several tens of thousands a few days ago, of course this isn’t counting in the Mercedes we trashed.


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