Chapter 139 – The Shocked Mother Chen

Although both Chen Weier and I heard everything clearly, we just smiled and moved on. There were these kind of old men and women that liked to say random things anywhere you went, the mouths are on them, let them say whatever they want.

Since this time coming to Weier’s home, we had planned to show our hand to her parents, the two of us didn’t hide anything in front of everyone, and just intimately hand in hand into the courtyard.

“Mom, Liu Lei’s here!” Chen Weier pushed open the door to her home and said.

“He came! Come in quickly, come in quickly!” Mother Chen hurriedly came out from the room, but when she saw Chen Weier and I holding hands, she exclaimed, “You… you…”

“Mom, this is my boyfriend, Liu Lei! He came over to our home last time,” Chen Weier said with a smile of happiness, joy flickering in her eyes, her cheeks were red like a large happy. If it wasn’t for Mother Chen being there, I really wanted to go up and take a bite of her.

“Boy… Boyfriend! Weier, what did you say!?” Mother Chen freaked, and nearly fell over. I quickly went over to support her and said, “Bomu, Chen Weier is right, Weier and I, are already together.”

“Together? What’s going on? Xiao Liu, aren’t you younger than Weier? What’s more…” Mother Chen said, and looked towards Chen Weier in confusion.

Weier and I thought of where Mother Chen’s confusion lied at the same time.

“Mom, this is rather complicated, Liu Lei and I getting together was a complete accident…” Chen Weier explained.

“Weier, mom isn’t interfering with your live, you aren’t young, finding another half is normal, furthermore Xiao Liu-tongxue is so excellent, and has helped our family. But you are different from other girls…” Mother Chen finally said out the worry in her heart. Actually the first time she saw this male classmate beside her daughter, she felt that the boy wasn’t bad, after a few more contacts afterwards, she started to like him more and more. Sometimes she would even think how good it would be if this boy could become her son-in-law, but thinking about Weier’s current situation, she couldn’t help but give up these meaningless thoughts.

“Mom! Don’t say anything right now, let me explain!” Weier pulled Mother Chen into the room, and closed the door.

I smiled, this does save me some trouble, it was better to let Chen Weier explain to her mother, it was easier to communicate between them. On the other hand, I didn’t have anything to do, I walked into their home and saw that Father Chen could already sit up, and was talking with Chen Yong. Seeing me enter, he immediately greeted, “Xiao Liu-tongxue, you came!”

“En, how’s bofu’s body recently?” I asked.

“Not bad! I covered pretty well, and can already eat normal things normal! I went to the hospital for checkup last week, they said that there aren’t any major problems anymore, I just need to focus on resting,” Father Chen was much more energetic than the last time I came. “Ai? Where’s Weier and her mom?” Father Chen saw that I came in by myself and asked weirdly.

“They have some things to do in the other room, they’ll come over very quickly,” I explained.

Within the small room.

Mother Chen already recovered from the shock just now, and said solemnly, “What’s going on!”

Thus Chen Weier told her everything from how we skied together, to how we got ambushed by Li Shaojie, and fell down the cliff, into an ice hole, then miraculously floated to a lone island.

When Chen Weier got to the part where the two of us took of all our clothes, embraced each other and dried off by the fire, Mother Chen immediately reacted, “Then the two of you did what shouldn’t have happened?”

“En…” Chen Weier nodded with a red face. Of course she knew what Mother Chen meant by what shouldn’t have happened, she continued, “We thought we would never get back at the time…”

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“Ai! Mom isn’t blaming you, but you already promised that big boss that paid to have your dad treated, saying that you would give your body to him, but now…” Mother Chen sighed.

“Mom, don’t worry about this! There just isn’t any big boss either, it was all made up randomly by my annoying gege!” Chen Weier said while giggling.

“Made up randomly!” Mother Chen was shocked once again, “If it was made up randomly then where did the money come from?”

“Actually that money was given to gege by Liu Lei, I only foud out afterwards,” Chen Weier said with a smile.

“What? Xiao Liu gave the money? Is that actually true? What does his family do?” Mother Chen asked in disbelief.

In 1995, Mother Chen wouldn’t believe that a high school student can casually take out two hundred and fifty thousand no matter what. She already felt like she was making a huge profit selling a bowl of Mala Tang for two kuai, this two hundred and fifty thousand was undoubtedly an astronomical number.

“His family? I think his parents work in a factory!” Chen Weier thought about and said. She wasn’t very clear about the circumstances, and only heard about it once from Zhao Yanyan.

“Work in a factory?” Mother Chen exclaimed. “His parents are factory directors?” Then she immediately thought that it isn’t right, even factory directors would have a salary normally, how could they have so much money. In Mother Chen’s mind, there wasn’t words like “corruption” yet, or else she would definitely have thought that my parents are corrupt.

“No, his dad is an engineer, his mom is a normal worker or something,” Chen Weier didn’t understand the meaning behind her mother’s words, and thought she was just casually asking about her boyfriend’s family background.

“Engineer? Normal worker! Then where did he get so much money? Weier, this isn’t a joke, is he lying to you?” The more Mother Chen heard, the less right it got, Father Chen also worked in a factory before he was sick and was a workshop director, he only got eight or nine hundred kuai per month, his parents are only an engineer and a normal worker, how could he take out two hundred and fifty thousand!

“His money didn’t come from his parents!” Only now did Chen Weier understood her mother’s meanings, so she was doubtful of whether I could take out this amount of money or not! I didn’t have time to explain so much on the lone island, and lied to her saying that it was my New Year’s money. However, she also found out from Zhao Yanyan later that my money were earned by myself from the software I wrote.

“Didn’t come from his parents? Then where’s it from?” Mother Chen got more and more confused.

“He earned it himself!” When Chen Weier said this, her expression was full of pride. Her own hubby could earn money to support her, Chen Weier’s little girl’s vanity was also satisfied a little.

“Earned it himself! How is it possible! That’s two hundred and fifty thousand! Not twenty five kuai!” Mother Chen didn’t believe a child could earn two hundred and fifty thousand at all! Not to mention a child, even an adult might not earn that much in a lifetime.

“Yeah! I heard from Yanyan-meimei that he wrote a software, it sold really well!” Chen Weier said.

“Yanyan-meimei? Who’s that?” Mother Chen asked weirdly.


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