Chapter 136 – It’s all true

“Oh yeah, didn’t you say you wanted to find me for something? What is it?” I adjusted my emotions, and broke through the awkwardness. Calling me so early in the morning, it was natural for Xu Ruoyun to have something very important, of course I wouldn’t be stupid enough to think that she just wanted me to pretend to be her boyfriend.

“En, then let’s talk about serious matters,” Xu Ruoyun nodded, and returned to normal. She said seriously to me, “Liu Lei, I have one thing I always wanted to ask you, can you answer me honestly?”

“What is it? Ask. As long as it’s not making me sell out national secrets, I will tell you,” in order to ease the atmosphere, I joked.

I didn’t think that my words actually had the opposite effect, Xu Ruoyun glared at me unhappily, “I’m talking serious matters with you, can you not joke?” Xu Ruoyun already recovered from the state just now, and her attitude to me become extremely cold again.

“En, ask,” I immediately serious solemnly.

“Did you write that Shuguang input method yourself or not?” Xu Ruoyun asked.

“Shuguang input method?” I momentarily blanked, why was it Shuguang input method again? Why did this chick just had some special feelings for my input method! I remember that when I was with the little chick Xu the last few times, she always asked me about this input method, could it be… I immediately thought of the incident that was getting really controversial on the newspaper about Shuguang input method being plagiarized a few days back…

“I wrote it myself!” I hesitated a bit, then said without a doubt. “Why are you asking me about this?”

“Because someone told me that your input method was plagiarized, and I saw on the newspaper several days back…” Xu Ruoyun explained. “However they suddenly clarified the next day.”

“I wrote that input method, I authorized the rights to Microsoft,” I felt like there was nothing to hide now, and so I told little chick Xu.

“Ah?! You authorized it?” Although Xu Ruoyun knew about the general matters from the clarification on the newspaper, but she still couldn’t help but gasp.

Since the newspaper did not go into detail, and it just said that Shuguang and Microsoft were cooperating. What kind of company was Microsoft, it was the head of the software industry, they would actually use a high schooler’s authorization.

“Yes. Windows 95 decided to use this input method that has already gotten a little famous in the mainland market in order to better get into the mainland market, since the people that have gotten used to it wouldn’t want to give up what they have gotten used to,” I explained calmly.

“Then why didn’t you take out these prove to shut the people saying stuff up!” Since little chick Xu said this, it means that she has already accepted my explanation in her heart.

However, are things like evidence really taken out so easily? I do have the contract with Microsoft, but it isn’t good to publish it, but it wouldn’t be good to show it to the public, it’s all because I put sensitive numbers like percentages into it due to wanting to lessen the troubles, the money these number represented was billions or even tens of billions, if it was shown to the public, it would be a bit too shocking.

Although Shuguang Corporation has developed stably in this time period, no one on the outside knows exactly how much Shugaung has, if the amount was really shown (despite it actually only being a small portion of it), it was hard to avoid some groups or organization continuously try to get sponsored, it would be way too troublesome.

“After a bit more time, people would most likely forget about this case, so what’s the need to make this extra move. What’s more, that’s Shuguang Corporation’s issue, I’m just a software developer, how could I say anything,” I didn’t want to spend too much time on that.

“That’s true. However doesn’t Shuguang Corporation belong to Yanyan-jie’s dad? Just have a word with him!” Xu Ruoyun suggested.

“Never mind, doing that will only make others think we’re petty,” recently, I found that I really was a bit tired, I randomly got a bunch of enemies after getting reborn, causing the troubles to be endless, I really was a bit tired. Actually sometimes if it isn’t anything huge, as long as it doesn’t threaten the interests of myself and my family, there is no need to take revenge.

“Liu Lei, but I always feel like someone is the mastermind behind it, I feel like the article was written by someone Li Boliang found,” Xu Ruoyun suddenly said quietly to me.

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“Li Boliang?” I suddenly thought of the angry teenager just now, it might really be possible after hearing her say that.

“Yeah! Because the morning the newspaper came out, he came to me and bragged. Li Boliang normally doesn’t read the newspaper, if that aricle had nothing to do with him, how could he know about this first thing in the morning!” Xu Ruoyun analyzed logically.

****, I wanted to let this fellow go, but it looks like I have to find a chance to take care of him, he nearly caused huge troubles for me just with an article, thank god I found out about it early, or else the reputation of Shuguang would really be ruin by him.

Yet I still said, “Never mind, it’s already passed.”

Xu Ruoyun nodded thoughtfully, and said, “It would be good if Li Boliang was half as generous as you.”

I’m generous? It’s more like you don’t know me right? Although I don’t plan to get revenge for everything in the future, but I’m just a ***** if I don’t get even with him after causing me so much trouble.

Li Boliang was half as generous as me? What did she mean by this? Did she mean that if Li Boliang had a bit of generosity she would have agreed with Li Boliang? My heart tensed for no reason. Then by accident the coffee spoon in my hand fell into the cup.

“What happened to you?” Xu Ruoyun also noticed by abnormality.

“Nothing,” I mocked myself. “I was just a bit not careful.” What does it matter to me if she agreed with Li Boliang or not! What am I getting worried about no reason.

“You’re jealous!” Xu Ruoyun suddenly said to me.

“No!” I denied subconsciously.

“Haha! You really are!” Xu Ruoyun said while giggling. “Okay, I already told you the news, I should get going! Remember to pay the bill!”

Saying that, Xu Ruoyun stood up, and took up the little bag and put it on herself, then prepared to leave. She walked a few steps, then turned back around, and said quietly to me, “Liu Lei, everything I said just now was true!” After that, she quickly ran away.

True? What was true? Was it Li Boliang? I shook my head weirdly, and got the waitress to get the bill.

I walked out of the door when I suddenly realized it, then looked unbelievably in the direction Xu Ruoyun went! True… What she said was true, could it be that “I love you”?

This chick actually confessed to me, and it’s true? All of a sudden, my mind went blank with a “hong” sound.


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