Chapter 135 – Xu Ruoyun’s Confession

“Don’t ‘you… you…’, quickly order something to drink,” Xu Ruoyun actually blushed.

“Oh… okay,” I don’t know why, but looking at the Xu Ruoyun in front of me, I felt a special feeling in my heart.

“I’ll have a cup of Cappucina,” I said to the waitress.

“Kapocainao? What’s that?” The waitress repeated weirdly.

“Pu—— Haha,” I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Xu Ruoyun looked at me sideways, then said to the waitress,” He wants Kabuqinuo!”

The waitress nodded and left, when she left, her murmured, “Kabuqinuo is Kabuqinuo, why would you say Kapocainao…”

I shook my head speechlessly, the Songjiang city in 1995 didn’t have those proper coffee shops like in the future, the coffee shops right now was primarily selling juice and cold drinks, and had more of a Huaxia culture.

This waitress actually didn’t know what Cappuccino was.

“You’re showing off you that you know English!” After the waitress left, Xu Ruoyun glared at me in dissatisfaction.

“E…” I really didn’t know what to say, I would always order like this in my previous life.

“I’m sorry, calling you out to drink coffee with me so early in the morning,” Xu Ruoyun said with a smile.

“No problem, you’re Zhao Yanyan’s good friend!” I said perfunctorily. What did the chick ask me to come out for? She can’t have just wanted to get me to treat her to coffee right!

“Oh… I thought the two of us are good friends,” Xu Ruoyun said disappointedly.

“Yeah, of course we are,” Seeing her like this, I immediately added. However I regretted it right after saying that, I clearly saw a hint of craftiness flash across her eyes.

“Liu Lei, do you remember when we first met?” Xu Ruoyun drank a mouthful of coffee and said.

“… That time when we were going to Yanjing?” I asked.

“En, I felt like you were so annoying at the time, always picking out other people’s bad points,” Xu Ruoyun said with a red face.

“Did I?” I was already really confused due to this chick, so I said casually.

“You forgot?” Xu Ruoyun said in disappointment.

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“No, no, how would I forget. Who made it so that you were so rude to your grandpa!” I remembered how disrespectful the little chick was on the train.

“En, you had even scolded me justly at the time, you were so cool!” Xu Ruoyun said with a red face.

“Hehe…” I laughed dryly and didn’t know what to say. Why do I feel like the atmosphere is so weird? This chick can’t be crazy right? Is her brain messed up or am I day dreaming!

Suddenly, Xu Ruoyun said loudly, “Liu Lei, I love you.”

I looked dumbly at little chick Xu, what is she doing? It’s like she’s confessing to me? ****, was I hallucinating because I didn’t sleep well last night?

However, I don’t know why, but I felt a hint of sweetness in my heard, could it be that I had fallen for this chick that was normally rude to me?

Just as my mind was wandering, I heard a roar. I looked towards the direction of the voice, and noticed a man was standing beside us, his face full of anger.

Of course, this angry teen was Li Boliang.

“What are the two of you doing?” Li Boliang pointed at us and shouted. “Ruoyun, you really fell for this man! You disappoint me too much, you actually fall for such a piece of trash!”

“Who did you say is trash?” I raised my head and looked coldly at Li Boliang. He has the right to like and pursue Xu Ruoyun, I have no way of interfering with that, but I naturally would not allow him to say I’m trash for no reason.

“Heh, who knows,” Li Boliang snorted. “Making a Shugaung input method, it is someone else’s, but you had to say it’s your own.”

“Whether it is mine or not, the newspaper already clarified,” I said emotionlessly. If it wasn’t for the fact that Xu Ruoyun didn’t have much to do with me, I would have slapped this Li Boliang already.

However, I felt there must be more to it to Xu Ruoyun’s sudden confession.

“Newspaper? You just bribed the press,” Li Boliang twitched his mouth. “The truth is above arguments, why would the press say that before? Why did they apologize due to pressure later? A smart person would see the issue with it in one go.”

“Think whatever you want, I don’t want to explain these things to some extremist like you,” I eyed Li Boliang, then said faintly. It’s his problem however he wants to think, I can’t control him.

“Heh, Xu Ruoyun, I won’t give up!” Li Boliang knew that he was losing in reason, and can’t argue with me, so he just said hatefully. “Liu Lei, watch out! We’ll see!”

After that, he walked quickly out of the coffee shop.

Why did Li Boliang appear here? Also what did the thing Xu Ruoyun said to me mean? I looked at Xu Ruoyun with a face full of confusion.

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The chick was already completely red, she stayed silent for a moment, before slowly saying to me, “Liu Lei, just now… just now the situation was rather special. I accidentally bumped into Li Boliang in the coffee shop, he said a lot of stuff like how he likes me, basically he just wouldn’t let go -of me, and he just had to make me agree to be his girlfriend. In the heat of the moment, I lied to him and said that I already had a boyfriend, Li Boliang didn’t believe me, so I could only tell him that I came here for a date with my boyfriend,” Xu Ruoyun paused a bit before continuing. “Then, you know everything that followed, he just had to wait and see who my boyfriend was. The situation as rather tense just now, so I couldn’t tell you earlier, and could only act out the scene just now.”

After Xu Ruoyun said this, I instantly understood everything! So she was acting the whole time! My brain buzzed, and my heart instantly had a feeling of loss.

Although I knew everything that happened was rather weird just now, but I still had some unusual feelings. I even had a wishful thought that everything that happened would be real.

However, everything was just a lie, I became Xu Ruoyun’s shield, this made me a bit furious in my head, I was used by her from the start, yet I still laughably thought that it was real! I was really too dumb, too naïve…

However, it wasn’t really much after thinking through it, having Xu Ruoyun think of me to be her shield also proved her trust towards me, and I can’t disappoint this trust, thinking about that, the issue in my heart also dissipated a little.

“Sorry… I…” Seeing that I was expressionless, and my face was rather dark, Xu Ruoyun thought I was angry, and carefully apologized to me.

“It’s alright,” I chuckled while my emotions returned to normal. I already had Yanyan and Weier, two spectacular women, what’s the point in thinking so much about useless matters.

“…” After saying that Xu Ruoyun’s face was also bright red, and she felt extremely embarrassed. After all, she had just said “I love you” to me in front of so many people.


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