Chapter 134 – I just like him

“What’s going on here? Didn’t you tell me that his input method was plagiarized? Why did the newspaper clarify it?” Xu Ruoyun heard a copy of Songjiang Morning Post and questioned.

“About this… It is plagiarized, who knew that the Shuguang Corporation’s power is so huge, actually forcing the media to apologize…” Li Boliang had no more confidence anymore, even he couldn’t be sure of whether it is plagiarized or not. Although Shuguang Corporation was extremely powerful, if their software was really plagiarized, how could they make such a huge deal of apologizing and clarifying? Any other people would have just admitted their misfortune.

“Li Boliang, are you treating me like an idiot? Plagiarized? I think you have ulterior motives!” Xu Ruoyun snorted.

“Ruoyun, don’t be blinded by that fellow! This is for your own good, so you can see him for what he really is,” Li Boliang explained.

“For my own good? You did it for yourself! Li Boliang, I can clearly tell you that, from this point onward, the two of us have no relationship anymore, we aren’t even friends!” Xu Ruoyun said coldly.

“Ruoyun, don’t get angry! I admit, I’m selfish! I did it all for you! However, this is because I like you!” Li Boliang immediately got anxious, originally he thought his passionate article could cause Liu Lei’s fame to fall to the ground. He didn’t expect this problem, before this thing could be built up, it was clarified the next day, the editor Wang Deyi that held him was also arrested. This made Li Boliang infinitely speechless.

“Like me? There are many people that like me,” Xu Ruoyun was not moved at all.

“But before you met Liu Lei, wasn’t our relationship quite good? Even if we weren’t a couple, we were really good friends!” Li Boliang asked without giving up.

“It was because I thought you were a rather just person before, but I had always treated you as my older brother, there is no feelings of men and women involved!” Xu Ruoyun said without mercy.

“Heh! I think you most likely fell for that little white face, Liu Lei, right!” Li Boliang couldn’t stand it anymore and said angrily.

“I just like him, so what! I admit, are you happy now!” Xu Ruoyun left a sentence behind, before she turned around and left.

Li Boliang stood dumbly on spot, he knew that he lost, and it was a complete and utter loss. However, he could not think of the reason why he couldn’t gain Xu Ruoyun’s affection despite being so excellent. As the president of the Songjiang Computing Association, he had achievements since young, and didn’t use any relations with his family to gain a sponsor for the association from a foreign business, he, who was twenty, was far more mature than others his own age. The entire time, he didn’t have a low number of girls pursuing him, but all of them were due to his family background. Only Xu Ruoyun was not attracted by money. The reason Xu Ruoyun could become his friend at the time, was solely due to his own talent.

The first time Li Boliang came into contact with Xu Ruoyun, he was really shocked. Li Boliang have seen many beauties, but this was the first time he has met one that had both beauty and intelligence. Li Boliang had always thought of beautiful girls as flower vases, but Xu Ruoyun gave a different feeling to him. Ever since the two of them came into contact, their relationship gradually improved, Li Boliang also thought that Xu Ruoyun would become his girlfriend sooner or later, he never expected such a change in the middle.

Actually Li Boliang had immediately regretted it after sending the article attacking Shuguang Corporation to the press. Ignoring the fact that he had no actual solid evidence, if Shuguang Corporation pursued the matters, then the results would be really severe. That’s why after the newspaper was published, he didn’t show himself anymore.

That morning, I was sleeping nicely on my bed, when the sudden ringing of my mobile phone woke me up from my dreams. I was dreaming about Xia Jing having returned to my side, and the two of us were preparing to recall the feeling of that day, but then I woke up.

“Hey!” I furiously picked up the phone. I looked at my watch, it was only a little past seven. Who was it so early in the morning?

“Hey, Liu Lei. I’m Xu Ruoyun,” the pleasant female voice came from the other side of the call. However, I didn’t care much about this voice.

“You’re looking for Yanyan right, she’s not with me…” I sweat, this chick can’t have come to catch us in bed so earlier in the morning right.

“… I’m looking for you.” Xu Ruoyun said after a brief silence.

“For me? For what?” I asked weirdly. There doesn’t seem to be much relationship between her and I.

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“Yeah, do you have time? I have somethings I want to ask you about,” Xu Ruoyun said.

“Now?” I crawled up from the bed and stretched.

“Yeah,” Xu Ruoyun said.

“Sure, then wait for me,” I said, then hung up. Suddenly I realized that something was wrong, and that’s…

The mobile phone rang again.

I picked up, and heard little chick Xu said angrily, “Liu Lei, why did you hang up the phone? Do you know where to find me?”

“E… About this…” I also just noticed the issue.

“Heh, the coffee shop in front of Fourth High, hurry up, take a cab. Also, bring a bit more money, you’re paying later,” she didn’t wait for me to reply before hanging up.

Ten minutes later, my Jetta parked outside the coffee shop near Fourth High.

This was where I met Chen Yong last time, I didn’t think little chick Xu also like this atmosphere.

I entered, and noticed that Xu Ruoyun, also known as little comrade lightbulb, was sitting in a couples seat in a corner drinking coffee.

I really don’t know what this chick is thinking, not sitting in so many empty double tables, and just had to sit in that spot, I don’t know what Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier would say if they saw this.

I directly walked over, and sat opposite Xu Ruoyun. I didn’t think that little chick Xu actually smiled when she saw me, handed me the menu and asked, “What do you want to order?”

This was the first time Xu Ruoyun smiled at me for no reason, causing me to not know what to do all of a sudden. I even thought about whether the person in front of me was Xu Ruoyun, this was a completely different person from the little light bulb that would oppose me for no reason normally.

“Don’t you know that it is a rude to just stare at a girl? I… am shy!” Seeing that I gazed at me, Xu Ruoyun blushed, and said awkwardly.

She really wasn’t going to give up until she shocked me, hearing this, I went completely dumb. I nearly went under the table. “You… You…” I wasn’t sure what’s going on, even though I was rather mature mentally, I was still confused by this chick. Did this person have dual personalities?


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