Chapter 133 – Business Oppurtunities Everywhere

“After a few days? Whether or not your shop can continue to open after a few days all depends on your current performance!” Wang-ge said expressionlessly.

“Okay, okay I’ll immediately pay, immediately pay,” the coarse voice freaked, and immediately got obedient.

I told the coarse voice my bank account number, and he immediately called the bank to transfer the money.

Ten minutes later, my checked that my account indeed had an extra six hundred and eighty eight thousand and eight hundred Yuan. Then I nodded in satisfaction to Wang-ge, before taking the two girls out of the fur store. I threw the fur coat I just bought casually to the side, even if stuff of this quality was given to me, I wouldn’t take it.

The coarse voice felt terrible, no matter how stupid he is, he could tell that I called the people from the Trade and Industrial Bureau over, but he couldn’t say anything either, he was doing things by the books, and did not cross the line at all. The coarse voice sighed, and held the fine Wang-ge gave him, he really suffered a loss that he could only keep quiet about this time.

“Hubby, you were so cool just now!” Chen Weier held my hand, and stuck excitedly by my side.

“Of course, you need to look at who your hubby is!” I said proudly. I spent a million to trash a Mercedes in the morning, not even half a day has passed before getting back nearly seven hundred thousand. Although this money wasn’t much to me, it still made my mood great.

“Yeah, I had thought you only knew how to solve things with violence! Liu Lei, I never thought that you are pretty good at plotting against people!” Zhao Yanyan also said happily.

“It can’t be, is your hubby just a simple minded, fool with a developed five limbs?” I chuckled and asked.

“Five limbs? Isn’t it four limbs?” Chen Weier asked weirdly.

Zhao Yanyan has been with me longer, and had a bit of understanding ability with this sort of speech. She immediately thought of what I meant by developed five limbs, she blushed, glared at me, and said, “Pervert!”

However, Chen Weier didn’t understand, she looked weirdly at Zhao Yanyan and me, “What’s going on? What does this have to do with pervert?”

I just kept a naughty smile on the side, causing Chen Weier to hold Zhao Yanyan and ask, “Yanyan-meimei, what exactly is going on?”

Zhao Yanyan looked at me, and wasn’t sure of how to reply. This sort of thing could only be communicated with meaning and not with words, how could a girl say this out loud.

How would Chen Weier know this, she looked at the ambiguous expression between Zhao Yanyan and I, and thought that we had some secret that we were keeping from her, thus she pouted unhappily and said, “Are you two treating me as an outsider, hiding everything from me.”

Zhao Yanyan couldn’t help it, glared at me sideways, then muttered a few sentences beside Chen Weier’s ear shyly, Chen Weier’s cheeks immediately turned bright red, and said to me in dissatisfaction, “I really don’t know what’s in your head the entire day! Having such god grades despite always thinking about that!”

“Hehe, I wonder who it was that always says to me: I want… But their grades aren’t bad!” I mimicked the voice of the two girls on the bed and laughed.

“You’re still saying it!” The two girls shouted. What awaited me was series of little fists.

Ai, sometimes having a bit more wives might not be a good thing, if I had a few more in the future, wouldn’t I be beaten to death.

The two girls went on a shopping spree with my accompaniment. Originally Chen Weier wasn’t quite willing, but under Zhao Yanyan’ encouragement, the two bought a lot of the same clothes, even the same underwear. If you didn’t know you would think the two were sisters. I didn’t have any complaint, fully showing off my upstart abilities, and just kept on spending money without twitching an eyebrow. In fact, I was a little happy, I was scared that they would just walk and not buy anything, that would be even worse. I rather finish buying quickly.

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Only then did I notice how great the initial idea of me buying a car was, the stuff I bought could be send to the trunk at any time Otherwise wouldn’t I, this free baggage carrier, be tired to death.

After shopping, the two girls first went back to the Zhao Yanyan’s family’s mansion in the development area, I explained to them for a bit, then raced straight to Shuguang Corporation after telling that Uncle Zhao had some business with me.

Walking out from Zhao Junsheng’s mansion, I looked at the construction area nearby, and sighed in secret. The real estate industry was immediately going into its peak, I wonder if I can get a share from it? Songjiang city in 1995 had business opportunities everywhere, casually throwing out a bit of experience from my previous life could great a millionaire. However, what I lacked right now was talented people, if an industry didn’t have a god leader, then any money and experience was pointless. This made me think of a sentence I often heard in my previous life: What’s the most important thing in this society, it’s talent!

No matter when this sentence was put, it was an unmovable truth.

According to Uncle Zhao, personnel already went over to give out the appropriate punishment to Songjaing Morning Post. They will clarify the truth on tomorrow’s newspaper. Although they have issued a callback for today’s newspaper, all of the newspaper stands already sold out, and it was pretty much impossible for a callback.

“Did you find out who was behind this?” After I closed the door, I said to Zhao Junsheng.

“It’s the result of one of their editors called Wang Deyi at their company, the person that sent the article in promised to give him twenty thousand kuai after it was done,” Zhao Junsheng said.

“Twenty thousand kuai? This fellow is too daring! Then would he dare to print some **** pics if he was given some money?” I said. This person was too easy to fool, selling the headline for twenty thousand kuai.

“That’s difference! They have their limits, it isn’t much problem printing about some insider news of businesses, but they made their mistake on printing about our Shuguang Corporation,” Zhao Junsheng said.

“What about that Wang Deyi?” I asked. I will definitely not let these petty people off easy, after all Shuguang Corporation was all established my me, it was like my children, -how could I let other people casually slander it.

“He was arrested because of bribery already,” Zhao Junsheng said.

I nodded, since the brat was caught, he can’t possibly come out that easily. Don’t look at how little his bribe seemed to be, but the crimes of defamation, abuse of power etc. was although to cause big trouble for him.

“Did they find the person that sent the article?” I asked.

“However, this person contacted Wang Deyi through the phone. However according to Wang Deyi, he hasn’t gotten the payment of twenty thousand even now, instead he got himself in trouble,” Zhao Junsheng smiled.

I’ll leave this thing temporarily like this. Following that, Songjiang Morning Post publicly apologized the next day, this incident with Shuguang Corporation also gradually faded from site. Some people even thought that this was a some sensational news by Shuguang Corporation itself.

I pretty much spent the entire winter break rolling around with Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier. I would lie on the bed holding one in each arm whenever I have nothing to do. I don’t know why I turned so lazy, could I have gone into hibernation?


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