Chapter 132 – Who plotted against who?

I have seen the advert of this fur coat shop on television many times, and didn’t pay too much attention to it, I just remember the one sentence of “one fake will be compensated with ten”/

Now that I hold the honor card of this fur coat, I saw that there was a condition of “all of the fur coats sold from this store are real, if any fake is sold, it’ll be compensated by ten times” written on the back.

I know about Fishman brand fur coats, the real Fishman brand fur coats don’t need to be washed, and dust won’t stick onto it. Now the one the coarse voice have given me is already dirtied to this level, it was clearly fake.

I looked at the coarse voice that was happily counting money, he was smiling so much that his mouth couldn’t close. I thought in my heart, I’ll let you be happy for a while, let’s see how you’re going to cry later.

“Owner, is this coat you sold me Fishman Brand?” I stopped smiling and asked suddenly.

The coarse voice momentarily blanked and immediately said, “Yes, of course it is! Otherwise how would I give you the honor card! Our shop never sells fake stuff!”

“Oh!” I nodded in false satisfaction. What I wanted was this sentence.

Seeing that I didn’t have much reaction, the coarse voice let out a sigh of relief. He swore in his heart, you bumpkin nearly scared me to death. I thought he really saw through something.

However, my following actions was enough to shock the coarse voice. I took our Yanyan’s mobile phone, and dialed a phone number.

“Hey, Uncle Li?” I said.


“I’m Liu Lei… Yes, yes, Uncle Zhao’s…” Every time I called someone I had to use Uncle Zhao’s name. Gah, you have to know that I am Shuguang Corporation’s chairman!


“I got into some trouble in the business street next to Department Store-dasha… Yes, I got tricjed, at New Fur Plaza!”


“Sure, I’ll wait a bit,” I hung up.

“This bro, look… If you are unsatisfied, you can get a refund…” The coarse voice started worrying after hearing me make the call. He thought, this fellow is so rich, he can’t have gotten a bunch of delinquents to trash my store right? He (the shop owner) couldn’t think about making money anymore, and his attitude turned around completely.

“Refund? Why would I get a refund! Fishman Brand fur is my favorite brand… Of course, ignoring fakes,” I deliberately pretended to say “ignoring fakes” out as if it was just a coincidence.

However, from the coarse voice’s perspective, these words were like a sharp sword that directly pierced into his heard. It’s all because of his momentary great for money, he never would have thought…

“This dage, it’s all Laodi’s fault, you can be a great man and not remember a petty person’s wrongs, and let Laodi off!” The coarse voice said with a crying face. The way he addressed me also upgraded from “bro” to “dage”.

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“Shop owner, what are you saying? What do you let you go? Why don’t I understand?” I laughed coldly in my heart, but still showed a confused expression.

“Aiya, you’re messing with Laodi! I have elders and youngsters… If anything happened to me, what is my family going to do!” The coarse voice nearly kneel for me.

“Say, shop owner, what are you saying that here for? What do you mean you have elders and youngsters? There’s something wrong with you right?” Now I was really confused, this shop owner can’t have split personalities right!

“Didn’t you find some people to trash my store?” Seeing that my expression didn’t look like it was acting, the coarse voice asked weirdly.

“Trash your store? Why would I trash your store! This is a lawful society, I am also a law-abiding good citizen, why would I trash your store! What are you thinking!” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so this fellow misunderstood my meaning. He thought I called some people to trash his store.

“Ah?… Not trashing store…” Hearing that I didn’t want to trash his store, the coarse voice also got confused, who did he (Liu Lei) call if not to trash his store? He (shop owner) could only nod blankly.

Just at that moment an enforcement car from the Trade and Industrial Bureau stopped in front of New Fur Plaza, several people wearing uniforms came down from the car and directly pushed the door open and came inside.

The coarse voice immediately blanked, but then still went up to greet him, “Wang-ge, what wind blew you over!” He knew this Wang-ge, he was in charge of getting the business administration fees in this area, and wasn’t too familiar with him (the shop owner), but they had a bit of business each other, and he could say something.

The person called Wang-ge didn’t even look at the coarse voice, and directly walked in my direction.

“Hello, are you Mr. Liu?” Wang-ge asked.

“Yes, you are…” I stood up and offered a handshake.

“Chief Li asked me to come,” Wang-ge said quietly to me. It seems like this Chief Li already told my characteristics to him.

“What happened!” Wang-ge immediately resumed his professional tone. This was also a hint to me, I was in the right here, there was no need to make it seem the Trade and Industrial Bureau deliberately stood on my side. Working impartially was the best, this way no one could say anything.

I told him what had happened, then pointed out that the honor card did say a compensation of ten times behind the it.

“Is everything he said real? So your fur coat is fake?” Wang-ge held the fur coat in front of the coarse voice and said.

“About this… Wang-ge, don’t listen to his bullshit, I never sell fake stuff…” The coarse voice was already sweating, when he heard me mention a compensation of ten times, his heart screamed that this wasn’t good, so the newbie actions of this upstart were all acts, it was like he had already planned to plot against him once.

“Why do you have so much useless words, I’m asking you if it is real or fake!” Wang-ge said impatiently.

“… Real…” The coarse voice clearly didn’t have much confidence in his words, but still continued.

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“Is it? Then we can only send it to the technical supervision bureau to be checked. This checking fee isn’t cheap, if this thing really is fake, then the fees are handled by the business! How’s it, have you thought about it carefully?” Wang-ge clearly didn’t care about the coarse voice’s reply, there were too many ways to eal with this sort of people.

“About this…” The coarse voice also hesitated, this fur cat is definitely fake! It was a counterfeit that he got from Guangzhou, he had originally wanted to sell it cheaply, but due to his momentary greed that blinded his heart, he actually wanted to treat it as a real product to rip off the customer, but got into trouble despite all his confidence.

“It’s fake!” The coarse voice hesitated for a long while, then finally admitted.

“Okay now, since you admitted it, you need to compensate the consumer immediately according to the promise! As for you selling fake stuff, it isn’t over between us,” Wang-ge took out a punishment slips and said.

“About this… Can I compensate a few days later…” The coarse voice still didn’t fully give up.


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