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Chapter 131 – Blackmail Me

I put away the mobile phone, turned back to the business street, and noticed that I lost sight of the two girls. Zhao Yanyan’s mobile phone was still with me, there was no helping it, I could only search shop by shop.

Suddenly I noticed that a lot of people surrounded the entrance of one of the shops. Originally I didn’t want to care, but when I neared, I heard a voice that I couldn’t be more familiar with.

“Don’t you need to try when buying clothes? Didn’t I just try a few extra, look at your service attitude!” Zhao Yanyan’s voice of displeasure passed into my ear.

“Buying? From the looks of it you two can’t even afford it, you just want to try a few more to feel good! Did I say anything wrong? You two just tried here and there, and got picky about this and that, my clothing shop still needs to do business!” A coarse voice roared.

“Who said we weren’t buying? How do you know we aren’t? Chen Weier also started speaking.

“Heh, you buying? Can you afford it? This is imported fur coats from Italy, costing several tens of thousands for one! If you two little girls can afford this, I’ll rip my head off,” the coarse voice sneered.

“Let’s go, Yanyan-meimei. There’s no need to get answer with this sort of people!” Weier suggested. Since there was only them two girls here, and so she didn’t want to get into trouble.

“Go? Can you go? Wanting to go after making the clothes dirty, how’s there something so simple in the world!” The coarse voice roared.

“What relationship does it have with us, your clerk didn’t catch it and it fell onto the floor!” Chen Weier immediately said anxiously seeing that the shop owner wanted to act rogue.

“We didn’t catch it? The clothes fell from your hands, what does that have to do with us? So you’re saying that if you push someone off upstairs, and he died, it’s because the people at the bottom couldn’t catch. So you have no responsibility? You have legal blindness right!” The coarse voice pointed at Chen Weier and said.

“Then what do you want? Zhao Yanyan has seen more things, and knows that the person in front wanted to blackmail her, so immediately calmed down.

“What do I want? My fur coat is the famous Italian brand —— XXXXX brand! Sixty something thousand! Now that it’s dirty, what do you say!” The coarse voice said proudly seeing that the chick in front of her fell far it.

“Sixty thousand? Who are you tricking, don’t think we don’t know anything!” Zhao Yanyan said angrily. Mommy’s fur coat is just thirty something thousand and it was better than the one in front of her by who knows how many times, could something that doesn’t even reach that level sell for sixty thousand?!

“Don’t care about if I’m tricking you or not, this is a true branded good!” The coarse voice showed a “I can sell it for however much I like” look.

“You——! Fine, then what do you say!” Zhao Yanyan was the kind of more civilized girl that didn’t want to cause trouble. This was also the reason why I didn’t know her family background for so long in my previous life.

“Call your parents, and tell them to send ten thousand over as compensations, then I’ll just admit my misfortune!” The coarse voice said as he if suffered a big loss.

“This is clearly blackmail! It’s illegal!” Chen Weier immediately refused since this guy started off immediately with ten thousand.

“Blackmail? Little girl, be careful of what you say, what do you mean blackmail? This is compensation for my loss! My fur coat is sixty thousand something, if you calculate it, I have lost a lot!” The coarse voice shook his head and said.

I knew it was my turn to appear, I managed to get a grasp of the situation. How could I let my two beautiful wives continue to get bullied by this coarse voice with bad lucker? The reason I called him bad lucker is because misfortune is about to fall upon him. A sinister plan formed in my head.

“What’s going on? My big and small wife, who wants to blackmail you?” I held my hands in front of my chest, and squeezed through the crowd, arriving beside the two girls.

“Hubby! You finally came!” The two girls looked at me happily, and each of them wrapped around one of my arms.

It was the coarse voice’s turn to momentarily blank, he could have never imagined that the two girls as beautiful as flowers were both the wives of the man in front of him. If it really was like that it would be difficult to deal with! Since this man could support two wives, then definitely wasn’t someone normal, either rich or noble. It’s all because of his greed that he caused this trouble.

“Wifeys, what’s going on?” I held one both in each arm and said. Actually I actually understood everything at the side.

Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier couldn’t help but blushing hearing I call them “Wifeys” in front of so many people. Zhao Yanyan was a bit calmer, and told me how everything came to be.

“About this… I don’t think this is actually a big deal…” The coarse voice had a bit of guilt after seeing my proud appearance.

“I was wondering what it was! Isn’t it just a fur coat! Sixty thousand kuai, that’s too cheap, I’ll beat it!” I intentionally pretended to be an upstart and said. ****, seeing that the coarse voice wanted to back down, of course I can’t let him! If he regrets it then how am I supposed to play with him!

“You said you want to buy it?” The coarse voice immediately got excited after hearing what I said. He had thought the person in front of him would get really mad, he never imagined that the person would really buy it! The coarse voice felt relieved and thought, so it’s another idiot, it’s just that he’s an upstart idiot. If I don’t rip him off furiously, then what am I supposed to do! He immediately changed his attitude, and said respectfully, “Mister, let’s talk inside!”

The other people crowding outside wanted to see a show, but they didn’t think the situation would be resolved so easily, thus all of them left sadly.

Inside the shop, the coarse voice took out the dirtied fur coat and said to me, “It’s this, it’s from the Italian XXXXX brand!”

“How much?” I raised my head to look at the fur coat, and immediately felt relieved.

“Sixty eight thousand eight hundred after discount!” The coarse voice said randomly.

I took it over to have a look, it really had dust stuck to it, which couldn’t remove by hands.

“Fine, it’s not expensive. I’ll take this, go and get the receipt and honor card for me!” I casually threw a bank card over without hesitation.

This made the coarse voice blank. He never would have imagined that the person in front of him wouldn’t even negotiate for the price, he assumed that the person would try to lower the price. The coarse voice happily received the bank card, getting extremely happy, the cost of the fur coat was not even two thousand kuai, he was making a huge profit! He didn’t think this upstart in front of him was so rich, he should have gotten more from him! From the looks of it he can take out even a hundred thousand.

However, this guy did not know my thoughts at all, under this situation, even if he asked me to spend a hundred thousand, I wouldn’t hesitate, in fact I would be even more happy.

After a while, the coarse voice finished everything, and handed me the receipt and honor card. I flipped over the honor card, and stopped my gaze on one condition, a cold smile, that went unnoticed by others, appeared at the corner of my mouth.


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