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Chapter 122 – The Worked Up Fatty Wu

Fatty Wu already had some confusion about the beauty sitting beside me, he was just too embarrassed to ask. At this time, hearing the beauty suddenly call me “hubby”, the freaked, and his eyes nearly fell out of their sockets, before he said in surprise, “You… This…”

I held Chen Weier close, and introduced her to Fatty Wu, “This is my girlfriend, Chen Weier.”

When I said “girlfriend”, Chen Weier’s cheeks immediately blushed. Weier had already taken off her coat, and what she was wearing underneath was the dress I bought for her at Fairyfair, she was incredibly beautiful, and was giving off an allure even more mature than Zhao Yanyan.

However Fatty Wu jumped up like a maniac, pointed to my nose and shocked, “**** you jerk, what about Zhao Yanyan! Did you dump her? Wow, Liu Lei! I, Fatty Wu, was really wrong about you! I had handed Yanyan to you in trust, so you are a ******* that likes the new and despises the old! Seeing that this girl is even more beautiful than Yanyan, you immediately dumped her—— I will definitely beat you to death today!” Due to how worked up he got in his heart, Fatty Wu begun to address me as “Liu Lei” instead of the original “Big bro”.

The helicopter was originally piloted by Fatty Wu, now that Fatty Wu had jumped up all worked up, the helicopter immediately had no one to pilot, and begun to wobble! I quickly stopped him, “Fatty Wu, sit back to the pilot seat first! Listen to my explanation!”

Fatty Wu also noticed that he got too worked up, it was no joke if the helicopter crashed! He snorted, and quickly sat back down.

“You better not answer perfunctorily with **** like Zhao Yanyan dumped you! I know about Yanyan’s personality, she will definitely not easily give up when she chooses one!” Fatty Wu said coldly.

“Fatty Wu, listen to me! It’s true that Zhao Yanyan is my girlfriend, but Chen Weier is also my girlfriend!” My expression was serious, without any hints of laughter.

“Also? You have two girlfriends? That’s even more unforgivable! You are actually two timing Yanyan behind her back, and got a mistress outside?” Fatty Wu said glaringly.

“Mistress?” I repeated this word in shock! This was only 1995, Fatty Wu actually said such a fashionable word.

“This girl, don’t get tricked by him! He already has a girlfriend!” Fatty Wu turned around and said to Chen Weier.

However to Fatty Wu’s surprise, Chen Weier actually dipped her head shyly and answered quietly, “I know…”

“En, why aren’t you leaving him if you already know… What? You said you know?” Fatty Wu freaked, then roared in anger, “****! So you seduced Liu Lei, I knew you weren’t something good, dressing so slutty, like a kitsune…”

The more Fatty Wu said, the more over the line he got, I could tell Chen Weier’s face was already paled, she might immediately cry! If this Fatty Wu wasn’t my friend, I would have jumped up and beaten him up already! However he held deep feelings towards Zhao Yanyan, and now that he thought Zhao Yanyan was heart, it was understandable for him to get so worked up. I imemdaitely coughed twice and stopped him,” Hai—— Hai——! Fatty Wu, don’t get so worked up first, actually not only Chen Weier knows about this, Zhao Yanyan also knows!”

“What! Zhao Yanyan also knows? She agreed with you getting two girlfriends?” Fatty Wu exclaimed with a face of disbelief.

“Yeah! Not only does she know, she also actively tried to get Weier and I together,” I explained.

“Ai, never mind! That chick, Yanyan, could actually do something so shocking! Since the party involved isn’t saying anything, why should I, an outsider, get so worried! As expected of my big bro, actually getting two spectaculars chick follow you so determinedly,” Fatty Wu exclaimed.

“Hehe,” I could only laugh. I thought in my heart, what does two count us, getting reborn in this life, I need to get at least eight or ten!

“Hubby, you still tell me what is special kinks?” Seeing that Fatty Wu and I stopped arguing, Chen Weier didn’t forget to ask the question she asked earlier. A women’s curiosity could really last long, she actually still remembers after so long.

“About this, special kinks is a general term, it refers to people that have unhealthy preferences in that area,” I didn’t know how to explain it, sometimes the meaning could be understood, but cannot be explained with words.

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“That area? What area?” As expected, Weier didn’t understand.

“It’s the things the two of us did in the cave!” I explained, hoping that Chen Weier could get it.

“Ai.. You’re talking about it even though it’s so embarrassing,” Chen Weier hit me and said. “However they can also do that with girls in jail?”

“Hai—— Hai! It can also work between two men!” I said.

“Two men? How would two men do that sort of thing, you’re lying!” Chen Weier said weirdly.

“They can use their *****!” I whispered beside Chen Weier’s ear.

“Ya!” Chen Weier pushed me away, and said quietly, “You guys are so disgusting.

How’s this disgusting, after a few years, gay men are everywhere, they can even register for marriage outside the country. However these were all things girls from this era cannot imagine.

After a while, the chick suddenly said quietly beside my ear, “Hubby, I feel like you get extremely excited once I scream for help whenever you do that with me, does this count as special kink as well?”

I sweat, this sort of comprehension wasn’t just a little good, she could already use it so quickly.

“About this… Approximately,” I nodded and admitted.

“Then next time I’ll scream loudly! Hubby, would you like that?” Chen Weier said extremely seductively beside my year.

Hehe, I didn’t think Weier with the cold exterior was so hot when she gets it. I really found a treasure.

I suggested to Zhao Yanyan about this sort of robbers and civilian girl roleplay, however that chick wouldn’t agree no matter what. Without any solution, I could only suppress this sort of perverted desire at the bottom of my heart. I didn’t think that it was so easily fulfilled by Chen Weier today.

“Weier, if you don’t like it, then let’s do something normal,” although I really liked it, but I didn’t want to force Weier.

“Actually… Actually when I scream, it also feels really good…” When Chen Weier said all this, shy was already bright read.

I felt a sudden joy in my heart, comrade! A string of hot scenes flashed across my mind, nurse, air stewardess, maid, walonglonglong, gagagaga. I have to try all of it on Weier another day.

“Heh… Hai!” Fatty Wu’s sudden loud cough interrupted the intimacy between Weier and I.

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**** you brat can’t have bronchitis right, interrupted my delusions.

I just wanted to explode, but Fatty Wu handed me a walkie-talkie like thing, and said to me, “Yanyan is asking for you!”


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