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Chapter 117 – Lend me Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand

“Ouch…” Chen Weier shouted, then quickly sat up. The intense pain caused Chen Weier to awake from the lust.

“Weier, what is it?” I looked worriedly at the beauty with a face of confusion.

“Liu Lei, can you promise me one thing?” Chen Weier suddenly said seriously.

“What thing?” Don’t say one thing right now, even if it’s a hundred things, even if you ask me to pick the sun from the sky, I would be willing to do it.

“If… I’m saying if we can get out of here alive, can you lend me two hundred and fifty thousand?” Chen Weier hesitated a bit, then slowly said it out. From the period of contact they had, she knew that the person in front of her was very rich, but she did not know exactly how rich, two hundred and fifty thousand was not a small number.

“Sure,” I agreed without thinking, I was couldn’t wait anymore, if I wait, I will die. What’s more, isn’t it just two hundred and fifty thousand! No matter what Chen Weier wants the money for, it was only a number to me.

“Liu Lei, I’m serious! Can you really lend me two hundred and fifty thousand? It’s two hundred and fifty thousand!” Chen Weier thought that I didn’t think about it and just casually answered after seeing my reaction was so fast. Therefore, she intentionally emphasized the phrase two hundred and fifty thousand.

“Don’t walk about two hundred and fifty thousand, even five hundred thousand is fine,” I nodded, and reached out my hand to push Weier down again.

“You can’t lie to me!” Weier smiled, flipped around, straddled across me and said, “Liu Lei… I love you!”

The cave was freezing, but Chen Weier and my body were burning hot. We held each other, both panting, while gazing at each other.

Chen Weier smiled, then silently laid on my chest, tears flowed from her eyes and splashed across my chest.

“Weier, why,” after a while, I asked Weier after seeing that her mood has calmed down.

“Because-Because I love you! It’s true, Liu Lei, I love you so much!” Chen Weier said while crying tears of happiness. “I finally became your wife.”

“Weier, what exactly happened?” Was the Chen Weier in front of my eyes still the Chen Weier I know?

“Perhaps-Perhaps we can’t live for that much longer, I want to give myself to you before I die, only then will I have no more regrets in this world!” Chen Weier said passionately.

“However… Doesn’t it hurt?” This was the most important question.

“How does it not hurt, you meanie… It hurts so much!” Chen Weier pounded her first on my body. “Hubby, why don’t a feel a tiny bit of the pleasure from doing… doing that sort of stuff!”

“Idiot girl, a woman’s first time will always hurt, not to mention ho wcrazy you were!” Chen Weier actually started acting spoiled with me, this means that Chen Weier has already placed down the burden in her heart.

“How-How would I know… You didn’t tell me,” Chen Weier complained with a frown.

“I wanted to tell you, but you told me not to speak!” I said as if I was wronged.

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“…” Chen Weier blushed shyly and got afraid to look at me.

“Weier…” I lightly called.

“En,” Chen Weier answered quietly.

“When did you start liking me?” I held Weier in my arms and caressed her smooth skin.

“I don’t know, probably that time you randomly stood up to scold my gege! I started to feel like you were really interesting,” Chen Weier pressed her palm against mine, and said shyly.

“Oh? Then why did you still tell me to promise that I don’t like you?” I suddenly thought of the strange request Chen Weier had before.

“Don’t you want to ask me why I want to borrow two hundred and fifty thousand from you?” Chen Weier asked slowly.

“Two hundred and fifty thousand? Oh, right, you seem to have said to that wanted two hundred and fifty thousand,” getting reminded by her, I suddenly recalled that this chick asked me to borrow two hundred and fifty thousand when I was in heat.

“Ah! You can’t have answered me perfunctorily right… Crap, crap, let’s spend an entire life in this cave!” Chen Weier said anxiously.

“Relax, you are my wife now, this little bit of money doesn’t matter, as long as we can get out, I’ll immediately get the money for you,” I explained.

“Really?” Chen Weier said happily, then she suddenly turned serious. “Liu Lei, would you think that I sold myself to your for two hundred and fifty thousand?”

“How could I!” I denied subconsciously.

“No, listen to me! Actually I…” Chen Weier sighed in my arms. “Remember the hug I gave you that night?”

“Of course I remember!” I asked weirdly. Could it be that the fellow Chen Yong told Weier that I spent money to reserve her virginity?

“I said to you that I don’t like you and didn’t allow you to like me was because… because I don’t belong to myself anymore!” Chen Weier said with a bit of hesitation. “Because, in order to get my father treated, I already sold myself to someone else!”

I only understood it then, so it was this reason that the thin layer between Chen Weier and I wasn’t poked through! Chen Yong, this *******, did he not tell Weier my extra condition of “if she meets someone she truly likes then the agreement can be cancelled”? XX that XX, isn’t that ruining my business!

“There’s a boss, he used two hundred and fifty thousand and reserved my… my that, can you understand?” Chen Weier blushed and didn’t say the embarassing word “virginity” out in the end.

“I can understand,” I said. Bullshit, that boss is my, would I not know what I reserved?
“So-So I think that if we can really get out alive, I want to return this two hundred and fifty thousand to him!” Chen Weier continued.

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“——“ Hearing Weier’s words, I really didn’t know how to answer, why do I feel so awkward about this situation, taking out two hundred and fifty thousand to return it to myself, it gave me a feeling of undermining myself.

“Liu Lei, what is it, do you feel that I —— two hundred and fifty thousand is too expensive ——” Seeing that I wasn’t speaking, Chen Weier thought I felt a bit of heart ache for this two hundred and fifty thousand.

“How could I. That person was willing to spend two hundred and fifty thousand, how can your husband, I, do any worse!” I promised.

“However, I just don’t know if that boss would cancel the agreement with my older brother,” Chen Weier said worriedly.

“No problem, since the two of us have cooked raw rice into cooked rice, what can he do if he was unwilling, worst come to worst, just throw him some money, let’s just give him five hundred thousand!” I said shamelessly. I didn’t need to worry about this either, because that boss was me, how could I cause trouble for myself? Unless I have a multiple personality disorder.

Of course I can’t tell that to Weier right now.


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