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Chapter 116 – Lighting a fire with a phone

I found a similarly dry and hard wooden stick, and started drilling on a branch. I would stil stand it when we started, but after a while, even though my hand was starting to burn, the two still didn’t have a hint of flames at all.

“Let me try!” From the start, Chen Weier sat interestedly on the side, and watched me drill the stick like an ancient person. Seeing that I was tired, she asked to help.

I handed the stick to Chen Weier, raised my hand and looked, two large blisters have appeared on my hand. Who said you can start fire by drilling wood, isn’t that just tricking people? I wonder whether those people that write textbooks have tried it themselves or not.

Chen Weier didn’t even do as well as me, she started frowning very quickly.

“Never mind, starting a fire by drilling is most likely a lie,” I snatched over the stick still in Chen Weier’s hands, threw it on the side, then said furiously.

What other methods are there to start a fire? Magnifying glass, don’t have. Fire powder, don’t have. Electricity… oh yeah, electricity can be used to start a fire! I exclaimed excitedly and ran out of the cave, found my mobile phone still on the floor, picked it up, took out the battery, then ran back to the cave.

It looks like this mobile phone isn’t completely useless!

I took off the metal portion of the holder on the skill shoes, and bent it into an arc. Then I placed the mobile phone battery in the middle of a pile of sticks, and carefully placed the arc-shaped metal on the positive and negative end of the battery.

“Weier, run,” I pulled Weier, and ran towards the opposite side.

After a while, the smoke started rising from the battery, and with a “pa” sound, light flashed everywhere. The battery was on fire! The surrounding branches also started burning.

“Hurray!” I said happily. Then I ran over and used a stick to flip the branches, causing the flames to burn more furiously.

“Liu Lei, I really admire you now, you even managed to think of this method,” Chen Weier looked at that mobile phone battery with regret.

“Still calling me Liu Lei?” I smiled naughtily towards the beauty beside me.

“Hubby…” Under the illumination of the flames, Chen Weier’s cheeks was infinitely beautiful.

I ran outside the cave again to gather a pile of spare branches, luckily this sort of thing was everywhere on the lone island in winter. This was crucial, or else we’ll be ****** if the fire gets extinguished, there is only one battery for the mobile phone.

After doing all this, I took off my ski suit, and placed it near the fire, then said to Chen Weier, “Weier, take off your clothes too.”

Chen Weier also took off her ski suit, handed it to me and said, “But the clothes inside are also wet?”

“En, take off the clothes inside later after the jackets are dried, then we’ll hide inside the jackets,” I received the clothes Chen Weier handed me, and placed it beside the fire as well.

“Achoo!” Chen Weier suddenly sneezed.

“Weier, come sit over here, closer to the fire,” I immediately said. It would be terrible if she catches a cold. Even with my excellent body conditions, I am freezing, not to mention Chen Weier.

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Due to me continuously adding wood to the fire, the fire was burning well, within a short while, our jackets have been dried. I first placed one of them on the ground not far away from the fire, then placed the other one on the top, and started to strip. When I strip till just my underwear, Chen Weier suddenly exclaimed, ‘What-what are you doing?”

“Of course I’m getting into the coat after stripping!” I pointed to the jacket that has been placed onto the floor like a blanket and said.

“Then… Then what about me?” Chen Weier gazed at the blanket blankly.

“Take off your clothes and come in together,” I said. Although I was very natural with my words, my heart was rather dirty.

“I…” Chen Weier blushed and couldn’t say anything.

“Strip quickly, let’s get into this jacket when its still warm. Or else what are we going to do when you catch a cold?” I hurried her, then started stripping my underwear.

“Then-Then don’t look at me,” Chen Weier clenched her teeth, and said after making her decision. At this moment, Chen Weier’s feelings were very conflicted, but once she recalled that she has promised to be his wife, it’s no big deal hugging him after stripping.

“Okay, then I’ll get in first, hurry,” saying that, I took off my underwear, and climbed into the “blanket”. It was rather warm inside, and it felt great.

Chen Weier took off her clothes beside the fireplace, with her back towards me. When she stripped till her underwear, I felt that she clearly hesitated, btu still stripped it in the end.

The moment Chen Weier took off her vest, her snow white skill dazed me a little. Weier’s skin was actually more white than Yanyan’s, but it wasn’t that kind of sickly pale, rather, it was a glistening type of white, as if it was soaked in milk.

“Close your eyes,” Weier suddenly said to me.

I knew that Weier was about to enter, although I really wanted to take a look at the beauty in front of Weier’s chest, I still “en” and closed my eyes. Since Weier could do this, that means that she isn’t far from being my woman. I have no need to be impatient right now.

The moment I closed my eyes, I felt an icy body climb in. I turned around, and hugged Weier into my embrace. Weier’s cold body writhed in my embraced, but I don’t know if it was due to her being cold or being worked up, Chen Weier’s breathing hastened.

“Weier…” I called quietly

“En…” The beauty in my embrace answered blurrily.

Chen Weier’s skin was very smooth, I found it really hard to imagine that a girl that had to man a stall on the streets in all types of weather could have such nice skin.

“Ah…” Weier moaned, but she didn’t stop my movements. This made me become more daring, I turned around and completely pulled Weier into my arms.

“En… No…” Weier panted, and said blurrily.

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I swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and gazed at Weier’s fiery red lips that had just opened, and kissed down without hesitation.

“Mmm…: At the start, Chen Weier was still resisting, and kept on shaking her head, but how could I spit out something that I have already placed into my mouth! Gradually Weier’s resist became quiet moans, the last line of defense of her mouth gradually opened for me, I immediately stuck my tongue in through Weier’s teeth.

Although Weier was new to this, it was a different sort of feeling. Weier’s movements made me even more excited, just like the impatience when a big bad wolf wants to eat a cute bunny…


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