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Chapter 118 – I’ll be honest

“Five hundred thousand?! Liu Lei, what does your family actually do! From your tone it’s like you don’t care at all! Also, where did you get so much money, how can your parents allow you to spend recklessly?” Chen Weier said in surprise.

“I… These are my New Year’s money!” I randomly made up an excuse. I couldn’t casually speak about my money making methods right now.

“New Year’s money! God, Liu Lei, if I knew you were so rich what need was there for me to… to sell myself to that big boss!” Chen Weier sighed.

“But if I just took several hundred thousand and said I wanted to gift it to you, could you accept it?” This was what I cared about, or else I wouldn’t transfer the money through Chen Weier’s older brother.

“Ai…! Why am I so dumb,” Chen Weier said regretfully. “We have to apologize to that big boss when we get out.”

“Weier, there’s no need, “ Seeing Chen Weier’s painful expression, I couldn’t help but speak. “You don’t need to return that two hundred and fifty thousand to that big boss!”

“No need to return? Why?” Chen Weier opened her eyes wide and looked at me weirdly.

“Yes, no need to return!” I said solemnly. “Because, he already got what he reserved!’

“Got it? What happened?” Chen Weier said with a face full of disbelief.

“Because —— I am that big boss!” I said it word by word.

“What!? Liu Lei, what did you say?” Chen Weier raised her head up and exclaimed.

“That’s right, I am the person that reserved your virginity, you already returned your body to it’s original owner!” I said calmly.

“You… You…” All of a sudden, Chen Weier got so worked up that she couldn’t say anything, and only looked at me in surprise.

“Weier, it’s like this…” I told Chen Weier all about how I heard about Father Chen needing to do a surgery immediately, then found Chen Yong and then made that agreement with him, after that I told her the additional clause of “if she meets someone she really like the agreement can be cancelled”.

Chen Weier had a face of confusion while hearing that, finally, she said quietly, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier, this way we-we would already be together.”

“I didn’t want to get you with contemptable methods, this was also the reason I gave Chen Yong that additional condition. I hope my women all love me out of their hearts, and are not bound by other conditions!” I caressed Chen Weier’s hair and said.

“However, my older brother didn’t tell me that additional condition!” Chen Weier said like she was wronged.

“Then blame your brother, not completing what he was supposed to do!” This ****** Chen Yong, I’ll deal with him when I get out, unable to make gain successes but more than enough to cause failures, he just keeps on causing trouble for me.

“Heh, you terrible person! This is karma, if you didn’t tell my older brother than you wanted to reserve me, you might have gotten me already!” Chen Weier pouted.

“If I gave your older brother several hundred thousand without any conditions, ignoring whether if he believed it or not, even if I really gave him, would he dare to accept it?” I said.

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“You’re being irrational! You have ulterior motives from the beginning! You actually wanted to reserve… reserve my that,” Chen Weier suddenly opened her mouth and bit my on my shoulders.

“Aiya… it hurts,” I screamed.

“How does this hurt, my pain just now was pain,” Chen Weier glared at me and said.

“Then do you want to hurt once again?” Underneath Chen Weier’s subtle tease, my lust built up, and there was a reaction down there again.

“I don’t want it, never again, I won’t do it anymore! There’s no pleasure at all,” Chen Weier pouted.

“Heh, it’s not your decision to make whether we do it or not, I already reserved you!” With that, I flipped around and pinned Chen Weier under my body.

“It’ll hurt!” Chen Weier kept on using her fists to resist my assault, and yelled. “Help…”

I don’t know why, I suddenly got unusually excepted, when we kissed just now. Chen Weier’s “Help” made my blood boil, could it be that I’m a kinky person?

“Hehe, beauty, even if you scream your throat out, no one will come and save you!” With that, I continued.

“En… Lighter,” Chen Weier suddenly said.

Ai, just as I found out the joy of role play, it was interrupted by Chen Weier’s soft words…

Chen Weier rested on my shoulders with the unique sexiness of a girl that turned into a woman, and subconsciously massaged my body with her hands.

“So.. So doing this sort of stuff, feels pretty good!” Chen Weier whispered in my ear.

“Wait till your body completely recovers, it’ll feel better,” I said lecherously.

“Hmmph! Oh yeah, hubby, tell me, who feels better for you between Yanyan-meimei and me?” Chen Weier suddenly blinked and asked naughtily.

“About this…” How was I supposed to answer!

“Heh! You just said that you like me just now, now you’re already going back on your words!” Chen Weier turned around, and ignored me.

“Hubby, are you angry?” Seeing that I didn’t say anything at all for along while, she turned back around and said worriedly. “I was just kidding with you, I don’t want to fight over anything with Yanyan-meimei, I was just kidding, I don’t know why I asked such a random question myself!”

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“Weier, I know this might not be fair to you, having to share my love with other girls, but you and Yanyan’s positions in my heart on the same, there is no more or less. As for the feeling of having sex, the most important thing is with who, and not just for the enjoyment,” I embraced Chen Weier, and said full-heartedly.

“I know… However… However how am I supposed to face Yanyan-meimei in the future, I already went to steal her boyfriend!” Chen Weier sighed.

“You don’t have to worry about this. If Yanyan didn’t want me to accept you, she wouldn’t have always intentionally created opportunities for us. She would have thought of the fact that us too being always together would cause a problem sooner or later,” I said.

“Oh,” Chen Weier nodded. “But why do I feel so weird.”

“There’s nothing to worry about, after getting in contact with Yanyan more, you’ll notice that she’s easy to get along with,” I continued.

“Oh yeah, hubby, do you think I’ll get pregnant?” Chen Weier suddenly asked.

“About this… when did you have your period last?” This was definitely an issue, Zhao Yanyan took the emergency pills after doing it for the first time, but where was I supposed to find pregnancy pills in the middle of nowhere!

“En, it just finished the day before yesterday, why?” Chen Weier said shyly.

“The day before yesterday, it should be a safe day,” I thought about it and said.

“Oh,” Chen Weier nodded as if she understood, I think she doesn’t have much knowledge in this areas. Sex Education was completely from extra-curricular books or magazines.


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