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Chapter 115 – A lone island

“Okay,” I nodded, however I still thought in my heard, I need to find a way to hide it even if we really find the exit later.

I held Chen Weier’s hand and walked slowly over to the other side of the cave where there was light. The cave was really dark, but the ground underneath us was really flat, and it didn’t use much energy for us to walk.

“What is that!” Weier suddenly stopped in her tracks, hid behind me, and pointed to the area in front where blue light was being released. “Ghost…!”

Ai, she’s such a girl! She had thought she had already turned into a ghost just now, yet now she’s beginning to be scared of ghosts. However I wasn’t scared at all in my heart, what’s there to be afraid of, I’m Yama’s sworn little brother, isn’t any ghost that starts getting pretentious in front of me asking for death?

I looked over in the direction Chen Weier was pointing towards, as expected, there was something glowing with blue light not far away. Haha, I can’t have bumped into some sort of diamond or other worldly treasure right?

“Weier, stand here and don’t move, I’ll go take a look first,” I said to Chen Weier who was behind me. I quickly walked in front of the blue light, squatted down, and took a closer examination, then got shocked. The illuminating thing was actually a skull! On the side of the skull was a pile of white bones. I angrily sent the skull flying with a kick and swore, **** this, I thought I got some treasure, I didn’t expect it to be so demotivating.

“What was that?” Chen Weier asked weirdly after seeing I made the thing disappear with a kick.

“Oh… It’s a pile of animal bones,” I thought about it, it was better to not tell Chen Weier that they were human bones, to prevent this chick from getting frightened.

“Then why was there blue light?” Chen Weier asked in confusion.

“That blue light is actually phosphorus flames, there are a lot of phosphorus in animal bones. After the animal dies, the corpse will decay, then chemical reactions will occur. Phosphorus will turn from phosphorus acid to phosphorus gas. Phosphorus gas is in gas state, and has a very low boiling point, it will ignite under normal temperatures upon contact with air. After phosphorus gas is created and ignited, blue light will appear, which is the normal will-o’-the-wisp that we normally see!” It couldn’t be helped, so I explained scientific knowledge that I have seen on the internet in my previous life.

“So it’s like this! Liu Lei, how do you know so much? Sometimes when I’m with you, I feel like I’m your meimei, sometimes I’m not even as matured as Yanyan-meimei,” Chen Weier murmured.

Hearing Yanyan’s name, my heart suddenly sank. She must have heard the news about Weier and I falling down the cliff right? She must be really worried now right? This is the girl I love most my entire life, and finally became my lover after I got reborn, thinking to that point, I had no mind to think about the ploy to trick Weier into staying in this cave.

I took out my mobile phone from my ski suit, and turned it on. It really could turn on, I felt a sense of joy. The quality of this block was great, it could still be used even after being soaked in water for so long.

It looks like the components wouldn’t immediately oxidize after the phone is placed in water during winter. It could still be used for some time after the water dried!

I waited for a long while, and still didn’t notice the signal symbol appear on the mobile phone screen. ****, there isn’t a signal in this cave! Simulation net just doesn’t do it, thinking about how China Mobile’s GSM already have internet coverate even on the seas, allowing people to read novels with their phones even on boats, now… I still have to wait several years.

I helplessly shut down the mobile phone, and placed it back into my pocket. I’ll see if there’s signal if we really find the exit later.

I pulled Chen Weier and went over the pile of human bones, and Chen Weier didn’t look at them closely. However even if she did, she probably wouldn’t notice anything in the darkness, the most obvious skull has already been kicked away by me like a ball.

The more we walked forward, the lower the temperature felt to me, I could even feel slight breezes. It seems like it’s very likely that there’s an exit in front! As expected, after we walked another several hundred meters, and took a turn, brightness appeared before our eyes, we would clearly see that not far in front of us was an exit, and the sun outside of the exit was shining brightly.

Chen Weier and I looked at each other, then smiled, we were a bit surprised, but felt a bit helpless. Surprise because we might be saved, helpless because it was as Chen Weier said, perhaps we can’t be together if we walk out of this cave. Although I was very confused about why Chen Weier was only willing to reveal her feelings to me in death, the one I thought about right now was still Zhao Yanyan.

I quickly ran over to the cave entrance, but the scene before my eyes wasn’t very optimistic! In front of our eyes was still a scene of ice. In other words, we might be on an island in the river.

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Chen Weier also saw the scene in front, and sighed, then said slowly to me, “Liu Lei, what is it? Why do I feel like you aren’t very happy?”

I smiled wryly, then shook my head and said, “How could I be unhappy? Now that we can’t leave here, you will be my wife, I can’t be even more happy!”

Chen Weier frowned after hearing that, “You’re lying!” She thought about it for a moment, then suddenly said, “I know, are you missing Yanyan-meiemi?”

Seeing that I couldn’t hid it, I could only nod. I took out the mobile phone from my pocket, it was still not in service range. I sighed, then placed the mobile phone on the side, it looks like this thing isn’t of much use.

“Let’s get to the other side of the island, to see if there’s any way out,” Chen weier suggested after seeing my troubled expression.

“Okay,” I stood up, and walked towards the other side of the island with Chen Weier.

This island itself wasn’t big, after we walked around the cave just now, the other side of the cave was shown in front of our eyes. This is a lone island. Perhaps we really can’t return! I couldn’t help but recall the white skeleton in the cave, was that person the same as us? I couldn’t help but shudder, starvation and the cold were not joyous matters.

“Let’s go back to the cave, having our whole body soaked isn’t good!” I said to Chen Weier.

“Okay,” Chen Weier obedient followed behind me, like a little wife. This couldn’t make help but make me wonder if this chick is starting to fulfill her promise? Thinking to that, my mood brightened. A human life should be enjoyed, since it has come, then let it be.

I held Chen Weier’s hand and quickly walked towards the cave entrance.

“Weier, let’s collect some things like branches etc., the most important thing right now is to dry our clothes, or else we’ll catch a cold sooner or later,” I pointed at the leaves and branches on the ground.

With Weier’s cooperation, we quickly collected a large pile of branches in the cave. However how were we supposed to start a fire? This was really an issue. Oh yeah, I’ve read it in history books before that people in ancient times started fire with sticks, why don’t I have a go?


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