Chapter 114 – Living after death

I held Weier tightly, and furiously swam towards the lake surface, however right on top of my head was no longer the place we fell down form, but a thick layer of ice! That ice hold had long disappeared.

So the lake had already pushed us somewhere us. Luckily I took a deep breath before falling into the lake, or else I would be like Weier. I withstood the numbness that freezing lake water brought to my body, and held Chen Weier tightly, allowing the current to push us forward. I had one belief at the time, and that’s as long as the lake had current, it was running water, as long as it was running water, then we can definitely find the exit.

But gradually, as the time passed by, the lack of oxygen caused my consciousness to blur…

When I woke up again, I noticed everything was pitch dark in front of my eyes, Chen Weier was still tightly embraced by me. Although my lower body was still soaked in icy water, my upper body was exposed in air. My first reaction as that, we’re saved!

My eyes gradually got accustomed to the darkness in front of my eyes, I found out that we were in someplace like a cave, and yet the innermost of the cave was a body of water, which I was in. Clearly, this cave and the river at the body of Xixing Mountain is linked!

I dragged Weier out of the water, and leaned her against a boulder, then continued to pat her back. Chen Weier coughed up all of the dirty water in the stomach with a “wa” sound, then started coughing a lot. Luckily she didn’t chock on anything like sand, or else she would have to go to the hospital.

After a while, when Chen Weier stopped coughing, I held her in my arms. I check and saw that Weier started breathing again. Then after a while, Chen Weier’s body moved.

“Weier, how are you doing?” I asked anxiously.

“I… Liu Lei, are you Liu Lei?” Chen Weier asked in a very worked up tone after hearing my voice.

“I am, Weier, how are you feeling?” I patted Chen Weier’s back to get to her calm down.

“Liu Lei, where are we? Why is it pitch dark? Is-Is this the underworld?” Chen Weier exclaimed in shock.

I suddenly felt playful and wanted to make fun of Weier, so I pretended to be serious and said, “Yes, Weier, we’re already died! We didn’t use up our life, and so we count as accidental deaths, therefore we can’t get reincarnated yet, just now Yama has already sent us to the edge of the underworld, we have to spend fifty years here before getting reincarnated!”

“Oh!” To my surprise, Chen Weier didn’t show any extreme emotions, there was actually a hint of snicker in her tone. “So the underworld really is real!”

“Weier, we are already ghosts, are you not afraid?” I continued to scare her.

“I’m not. What’s there to be afraid of by your side? What’s more… What’s more I have already promised to marry you after dying, you can’t be going back on your word not right?’ Chen WEier leaned close to me and said obediently.

Only then did I remember, right before we “died”, I once proposed to Weier, and Weier also agreed. Now that I lied to Chen Weier and said that we have died, this chick would naturally think that we are in the underworld.

“How could that be, Weier, I can’t like you enough!” I happily hugged Chen Weier. I didn’t think that this life and death situation caused the barrier between Chen Weier and I to shatter, and allowed us to open our hearts to each other.

“Hubby, I’m a bit cold,” Chen Weier slowly said to me.

I didn’t think that Chen Weier actually called me hubby! Haha, old bro Yama, you are taking care of me too much, this life and death situation was organized well!

However, now that Chen Weier mentioned it, I felt the freezing cold all over my body, although the temperature of the cave was clearly higher than elsewhere, but wearing a completely soaked ski suit definitely was not something comfortable.

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“Let’s walk forward, and see if we can find the exit,” I pointed to the area in front where there was a tiny bit of light.

“Exit? What’s the point of finding the exit?” Chen Weier asked weirdly.

“Of course it’s to see if we can get saved, unless we really stay in this damn place for a life time! My good wife!” I held Chen Weier up from my body.

“Saved? Aren’t we dead?” Chen Weier opened her eyes wide in confusion and asked.

“I was just tricking you, I, your hubby, is so fortunate, how could I die? Am I right, my dear wife!” I said with a smile.

“Don’t call me wife,” Chen Weier suddenly said coldly.

However in the darkness, I could still see a hint of sadness in her eyes, “Weier, what is it?” I walked over, and walked to embrace her. However she pushed me away.

“Don’t touch me. Since we aren’t dead, then we have no relationship,” Chen Weier forcefully said coldly, then choked.

Until the faint light, tears already covered Chen Weier’s face.

“Weier, what happened to do?” I exclaimed in shock, and lightly caressed Weier’s cheeks, wanting to wipe away the tears on her face.

Chen Weier didn’t struggle anymore, she just stood there, without moving. Her tears just kept on flowing.

I wanted to convince Weier, but I wasn’t sure of how to say it. I didn’t think my little joke would cause such a hug reaction from Weier… Did Weier really have to die before showing her true feelings to me?

“Weier! Even if we haven’t died, but what’s the difference? We don’t even know what kind of person this is, we don’t know if we could get out either, even if we don’t die, we’ll starve to death sooner or later here!” I shouted loudly, then forcefully held Weier in my embrace regardless of if Weier resisted.

Chen Weier quietly allowed me to hold her, without resisting, she just dipped her head, her face occasional tensed. I don’t know if this was what Weier wanted in her heart, and could not see Weier’s expression.

“You’re right, perhaps… Perhaps we’ll really die here,” after a while, Weier lifted her head from my embrace, and said quietly beside my year.

“Weier, then you agree to be my wife?’ I said happily. I could tell, Weier already thought it through.

“En, if we really can’t get out, then we… we…” Saying that, Weier already buried her had in my chest, and became so quiet that I could hear her even in this silent cave.

“Weier, what are you saying?” I couldn’t hear what Weier was saying to me no matter how hard I tried.

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“Nothing, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t hear it,” Chen Weier said shyly. “However I just said that it’s under the condition that we can’t get out, let’s go and find the exit.”


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