Chapter 113 – Are we going to die?

I waved towards Chen Weier and called, “Weier, come down here as well!”

“I-I’m scared!” Chen Weier hugged the tree trunk and said while trembling, “I-I feel so scared after you went down, I-I won’t fall down right?”

“Of course you won’t, hold tight, and slowly crawl towards me, it’ll be fine if you’re careful,” I comforted her and said.

Hearing my words, Chen Weier carefully moved a bit, then immediately stopped, she said to me in a crying tone, “Liu Lei… I’m scared! I don’t dare to move!”

Ai~! I sight, there’s no helping it, I could only say, “Weier, don’t move, wait for me tot go over!”

I took off the redundant arm guards and knee guards, then crawled on the branch of the huge tree once again. With the experience just now, I managed to climb up much easier.

“Weier, give me your hands!” I said to Chen Weier, and reached a hand over.

Chen Weier carefully reached her hand over, and pulled me firmly. I carefully walked backwards, a step at a time, while Chen Weier also moved slowly with my pace.

I was very careful, and tried to flatten my body, in fear of this tree snapping under our combined weight. Although I was already really slow, the entire tree brach still creaked under Weier and my pressure, and wobbled up and down.

At the very moment when one of my foot was about to reach the boulder, I heard a crack, and the entire tree branch snapped. Chen Weier and I fell down with the branch.

“Ah!” Chen Weier screamed loudly as she held my hand…

The two of us dangled by the cliff falling the snapping of the branch, luckily, the branch didn’t completely snap, there were still some fibres that were connected with the bark, although it wouldn’t snap in the short term, but it definitely wasn’t far off from snapping.

I difficulty pulled the branch with my right hand, and Chen Weier with my left as I dangled in mid air.

I tried, but I couldn’t muster up any strength with one hand, not to mention I still had to pull Chen Weier.

“Weier, can you hug me? I can’t use any strength with one hand!” I said to Chen Weier.

“Liu Lei, release me, don’t care about me! Neither of us can get up if you do this!” Chen Weier also noticed the severity of the situation, and calmed down quite a lot.

“No, how can I leave you!” Originally I wanted to get Chen Weier to hug me, but from the looks of it, I really can’t let go, god knows if this chick would jump down once I let go.

“Liu Lei, leave me, if you die, Yanyan-meimei will be really sad!” Chen Weier complained.

“No! I definitely cannot just leave you!” I said with assurance, without giving her any space of negeotiation.

“But…” Chen Weier frowned.

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“Weier, hold onto me tightly with both hands, if you release yourself, I can very responsibly tell you that I will jump down with you!” I ordered resolutely.

“Ai…!” Chen Weier sighed, and slowly moved one hand to my waist, held tight, then very slowly released my hand. Finally both of her hands were tightly holding onto my waist.

I let out a sigh of relief, “Weier, hold tight, I’m going to start climbing now.”

“En. Be careful,” Chen Weier said quietly. “Why didn’t you just leave me…”

“Because, I will not permit the ones I love to leave me!” In the brink of death, I couldn’t think too much, and declared truthfully.

I could clearly feel like that Chen Weier’s body suddenly trembled, and the hands held me even tighter. I took a deep breath, and started using all my strength to climb up. Two meters… One meter, I was about to reach the edge of the snapped branch! I joyfully sped up my actions, but an accident occurred, I didn’t think that at the nick of the moment, the branch snapped not even twenty centimeters in front of my eyes. With a crack, alongside the infinite snow on the branch, Chen Weier and my body hastily fell.

I helplessly released my hands, and wrapped it around Chen Weier’s hand around my waist. The next moment, perhaps I would once again met my old bro Yama!

I only felt Chen Weier and I accelerate downwards, du to its weight, that branch accelerated slower than Chen Weier and I, I could clearly see it spinning on top of my head.

All of a second, my mind was incomparably clear, the fear in my heart was swept away. Death was so real to me, and so close! However I couldn’t be more clear about the result, and that’s another meeting with my old bro Yama, I wonder what he would think when he sees me again.

“Liu Lei, I love you!” Chen Weier suddenly shouted loudly. “I love you!”

Chen Weier smiled, her tears sky in the air and became shiny droplets of water that flew in the air. The moment before her death, she finally spoke out that feeling that has long been buried in her heart, she had nothing more to hide from death, and no more regrets. Dying with her loved one, is that not one sort of happiness?

“Weier, we definitely won’t die!” At that moment, I felt that intense feeling from Chen Weier, which ignited hope within my heart once more. ****, even something so lucky as getting reborn happened to me, how could I so easily roll over?

Chen Weier didn’t answer me, and just held be tightly. I also closed my eyes, and enjoyed the warmth of the moment.

A hundred meters, fifty meters, the ground was already extremely clear, Chen Weier and I still maintained the extremely fast falling speed. There was no hope, after w hit the ground, Weier and I would definitely die.

“Weier, if there is an underworld, would you marry me?” In the last moment of my life, I said to Chen Weier.

“En… I will,” Chen Weier also knew that we were about to die. However she didn’t know that we would be brought to the underworld after we die. Although we would need to be wandering spirits for a very long time, but with old bro Yama looking over me, I was royalty in the underworld, being an awesome ghost wasn’t bad, not to mention that I have Weier accompanying me.

With a “pa” sound, Chen Weier fell onto the ground first, then it was me. Just when I closed my eyes to peacefully welcome death, the freezing cold pierced through my body!

I sneezed, and my entire person cleared up a lot. So we didn’t die, what was underneath our feet wasn’t land, but water. The land we saw was actually a very thin layer of ice on the water!

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Due to the impact, Weier and I quickly fell into the water, the lake water was freezing cold, and the current was swift. Weier’s face was completely red due to choking on water.

However I managed to held my breath at the critical moment, although the lake water was cold, I had the experience of winter swimming in my previous life, so it wasn’t anything special, I relaxed a bit, and got used to it.


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