Chapter 112 – In the nick of time

However, in an instant I felt the lack of all resistances around my body, which had turned into the sound of the wind, I lost consciousness…

When I came to my senses, I noticed my entire body was beyond sore, I couldn’t feel my limbs at all. I couldn’t even use my hands. Could it be… that I lost my limbs?

I instinctively opened my eyes, good, my arm was still firmly growing from my body. Chen Weier was laying on top of me at the moment, causing my limbs to have remained in the same position for a long time, leading to an inadequate supply of blood their, thus it felt numb.

Where was I? Were the two of us dead? However I immediately refuted this idea. I had died once already, and know what the underworld is like, this clearly wasn’t it. That means that we were still alive.

When I recalled what happened, the first thing I felt was regret, at such a dangerous moment, I actually forgot about my superpower, if I used it just now, Chen Weier and I definitely wouldn’t have fallen off the cliff.

However regret is useless, the most urgent issue right now is to hurry up and discover where I am. I turned my head around to the side and looked, then was immediately shocked! I was actually right beside the cliff! At that moment I was still lying on the tree branch of a huge tree with Chen Weier! Behind us was a cliff of several hundred meters.

I was wondering why didn’t I die, so I got hung on a tree! Or else even if I am sworn brothers with Yama, it wouldn’t have been easy to escape death.

I couldn’t helped but be covered in cold sweat! This Li Shaojie was really merciless, if Chen Weier and I really fell to our deaths, he would definitely have committed murder!

“Weier——“ I used the stiff hands that had just slightly recovered to pat Chen Weier on her back, and call out used a dry voice.

Weier didn’t respond. I continued calling several more times, but there was still no reply. Could Weier have died? A terrible though surfaced in my mind.

Impossible! Weier fell on me, if anyone should be dead it’s me, Weier definitely fainted! Thinking to that point, I immediately calmed down, and turned my head to look at Weier’s face, but Weier had with her face towards the sky, it was possible to see her face from my position.

I reached my hand, and placed before Weier’s chest, on her bulging breasts. However I swear I definitely wasn’t acting indecent, I just wanted to test for Weier’s heartbeat. I admit the time I took was slightly longer, but I was definitely serious! Thank god, Weier’s heart rate was normal, she might have fainted from fright.

The current situation was definitely very dangerous, I could feel the branches shaking and hear “zhizhi” sounds when ever the wind blew. I couldn’t be sure that this tree could continue to withstand it all and not snap!

I calmed my inner self and looked surveyed the surroundings. This tree was grown from a boulder on the cliff, and that boulder became a small platform!

My whole body was stiff from being clown by the cold wind, that place would be a rather good shelter if I could get on that platform! If I just continued to stay on the branch, even if it doesn’t snap, we would freeze to our deaths sooner or later.

Thinking about that, I shook Chen Weier’s body a few times, “Weier, wake up! Or else we would freeze to our death!”

It might have because of my larger actions and worked up voice this time, Chen Weier actually reacted!

“Liu Leo… Is it you?” Chen Weier asked weakly.

“It’s me, Weier, we got flung off the cliff!” I said.

“Did we die? Where is this? The underworld?” Chen Weier asked meekly.

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“We didn’t die! We got hung on a branch! Weier are you okay? Can you move? We have to quickly think of a way to leave this tree!” The moment Chen Weier moved, I heard the sound of the branches creaking underneath me.

“Ah… Sorry,” Chen Weier also noticed she was on top of me right now. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, but Weier, there is something I have to say to you!” I said seriously.

“What is it?!” Weier was scared by me.

“You should lose weight!” I laughed terribly.

“You’re terrible~! Look at what time it is, you still have the heart to crack jokes!” Weier pouted then wanted to turn around and hit me.

The branches beneath me started resisting, scaring Weier so much that she stopped off her movements, and then she looked at me with a pale face, her legs also turned around to press down upon me, the posture was extremely ambiguous, it was like the normal position with the girl on top and the guy on the bottom! However Chen Weier didn’t dare to casually move, she just continued riding on top of me ambiguously. Furthermore, her stomach was also pressing down on my lower body.

Having been stimulated, I immediately had a reaction… Don’t say something like having these thoughts even in danger, this was a normal biological reaction!

Chen Weier also felt my reaction, how could an eighteen years old girl not understand! Her pale cheeks immediately had a hint of redness. What’s worse was that I couldn’t even move under these circumstances.

“Sorry…” I said apologetically.

“…” Chen Weier shook her head helplessly, her entire face revealed how shy she was, but also how she was unable to do anything.

With this extra scene, I only felt like my entire body was boiling, the original stiffness completely disappeared! Looking at Chen Weier’s bright red cheeks, I feel like she also felt like that right now! My lower body was furiously poking at her stomach, if she didn’t react like that, then I should start suspecting if she was actually a woman.

“Still cold?” I asked with a smile.

“…” Weier still didn’t say anything, but she hook her head.

“Try to move a bit right now, and see if we can switch a position! I will think of a way to climb up from the tree, or else we would both fall later when the tree snaps!” I said.

“En…” Weier nodded, and started slowing up my body, unfortunately, her stomach actually slid up and down from that area!

Waves of pleasure assault me, an absurd thought actually popped up in my head, and that’s how amazing it would be to XX on his branch! However that was just a thought for a split second before I waved it away, doing that was definitely looking to die!

I quickly calmed my heart, and my lower body gradually softened.

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Chen Weier also felt my change, and smiled at me with a red face, then carefully slid to my side, I finally could move my body!

I first sat up, untied the ski boards at my feet, then threw them away, I wasted 600 something kuai to buy these stuff. However I couldn’t care too much right now, nothing is more important than living. I then helped Chen Weier untie it, and threw them down.

After doing all that, I carefully grabbed hold of the branch beside me, then slowly inched downwards, it was fortunate that I went rock climbing before in my previous life, so it could be said that I climbed up the tree with easy.

I finally followed the tree trunk and climbed down, and stepped onto the rock! The feeling of safety was so good, although I was someone that had died once, but the feeling of being alive was great!


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