Chapter 111 – You Two Go and Die

However all of this was pointless moves in my eyes, even if he just continued to gaze on, I could still rush over and easily deal with him, but I had the thought of acting like a cat playing with a mouse, the difference between us was far too great, so great that I couldn’t even get in the mood to make a move on him.

Li Shaojie finally couldn’t stand it anymore, and madly dashed towards me. This time he did get a bit smarter, and didn’t attack me in close range, he leaped him at a distance of three or four meters away from me, and sent a kick towards me.

Since he took the initiative to attack, I was no longer merciful, who made it so that he has such a bad memory? He was clearly a loser by my hands, yet still wanted to struggle against me. The moment I made a move, I firmly caught Li Shaojie’s foot, and used a bit of strength to throw him landing, causing him to land five or six meters away at the edge of the ski field.

There wasn’t much snow there, so it must have been quite a bit for that Li Shaojie to suffer.

“Li Shaojie, you lost,” I pointed to Li Shaojie, who was far away, and said without emotions.

Li Shaojie struggled a bit, as if wanting to say something, but his body immediately felt pain, causing his expression to twist, and so he only stared at me with a poisonous gaze.

I ignored him, turned around and said to Zhao Yanyan and co., “Let’s go to ski.”

Zhao Yanyan asked while worriedly pointing at Li Shaojie, “Is he alright?”

“He’s fine, he won’t die. Didn’t you see that he can still move,” I said casually. Dealing with Li Shaojie didn’t cause me much, I just taught him a lesson. I won’t do stuff like killing people, if I really caused some sort of ****, even Zhao Yanyan’s grandpa wouldn’t stand on my side.

Although Chen Weier was worried, her face was bright red, could it be that this chick likes to watch me fight? I remember she was also like that at Liu Zhenhai’s place, she got so excited from my fight with the bodyguards.

I pulled Zhao Yanyan and Weier, then found a rather isolated slope that wasn’t very steep. The snow was also rather thick. This is the edge of the ski field, although there were any boundaries, but a bit further was the cliff with no one there. The place we were at was rather safe, it was unlike the center of the ski field, where the snow has already turned hard.

“Weier, be a bit more careful, and try to move slowly on this slope, I’ll hold you,” I reached out my hand and said to Weier. Actually the number one thing that people avoided during skiing was pulling someone, if one of them was a newbie that doesn’t know how to ski, then when he falls, so would the other person.

“I…” Weier was still terrified, and didn’t move a single step forward. People with a fear of heights normally wouldn’t be good at balancing, Weier was the same, and kept on trembling.

“How about this, Weier, I’ll demonstrate it for you!” Seeing Weier stand in the slow as if she was suffering, I helplessly shook my head, and said to Zhao Yanyan. “Yanyan, hold Weier, don’t let her fall.”

“Weier, look, like this, keep the ski boards parallel, first take a step at a time and move forward slowly, the Li Shaojie just now might now know how to ski, but he did well!” I demonstrated to Chen Weier with a smile.

Hearing I mention Li Shaojie, Weier immediately recalled that idiotic walking posture, and started laughing. The atmosphere also relaxed quite a bit. Under Zhao Yanyan and my help, Chen Weier started to be able to move forward slowly, at the end, she no longer needed our help.

I then taught Weier several simple moves, Chen Weier was not dumb, its just that her balance was a little poor. After several trials, she already familiarized herself with the movements. After that was plow gliding and plow turning, these were all basic movements in skiing, I demonstrated them one by one for Chen Weier.

About an hour something later, Chen Weier no longer needed Zhao Yanyan and my help and started gliding on the slope by herself.

“Let’s fine a slightly steeper slope to practice,” Zhao Yanyan suggested. We were just there to coach Weier anyway, this kind of gentle slope had no challenge for a master like Zhao Yanyan.

“Let’s not go?” I said worriedly looking at Chen Weier.

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“It’s alright, I also want to try,” Chen Weier already abandoned her fright then, and was fully enjoying the fun skiing brought .

I checked out the surroundings. The slope was at the edge of the ski field, the cliff wasn’t far away. If we don’t intentionally move over there, we wouldn’t be in much danger.

Zhao Yanyan finally relaxed her shoulders, and started skiing. She smiled to me, then skied down first.

“Want to try?” I said to Weier.

Chen Weier looked down, and was overcome with a sense of dizziness. She clenched her teeth and said softly to me, “Liu Lei, can you hold me?”

“Okay!” I happily held Weier’s hand, this was the result I wanted.

With my support, Weier started slowly gliding down the mountain.

“**** your mom, you two bitches, a dog couples, go and die!” Suddenly Li Shaojie’s hateful voice ran out behind us, right after that, I felt a powerful force that was pushed towards Chen Weier and I!

I immediately lost my balance, but was still able to remain a hint of calmness, I quickly stuck the ski stick in the ground to maintain my balance, but Chen Weier wasn’t as calm as me, her body immediately fell.

“Screw you mom, I don’t believe you won’t die!”

I tried with all my might to hold Weier when I felt a heavy kick behind me, I instantly fell, and fell down the slope with Chen Weier, and rolled towards the slope…

Since the force Chen Weier and I had to withstand wasn’t equal, Chen Weier fell down first, and thus we actually slid down towards Chen Weier’s side! That side was the cliff of Xixing Mountain, the cliff was only several tens of meters away! Chen Weier and I were still rolling down unstoppably!

If I let go of Chen Weier’s hand, then I could potentially change the direction I was sliding down, but I didn’t do that. I couldn’t live alone and leave Chen Weier! Seeing the cliff approach closer and closer, a thought flashed across my mind: Was Chen Weier and I really going to fall to our deaths here today?

Heh, I closed my eyes! I don’t believe it, would my old bro Yama would really let me die this easily?


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