Chapter 110 – Li Shaojie’s Revenge

“Weier, I’ll teach you?” I reached out my hand, and said to Weier who was sitting on a pile of snow.

“**** off! Even if she needs teaching, it’s not for you!” I didn’t even need to turn my head to know that this voice belonged to the annoying LI Shaojie.

This guy randomly ran over. That’s right, this guy actually ran over wearing the ski boards and ran over like flip flop flip flop. He was just like a huge duck. If I didn’t know this guy is truly a ******, I might even have thought that he invented a new skiing method.

“You ******, stay away from Chen Weier, or else I’ll beat you to death,” Li Shaojie ran in front of us panting, and after seeing that there’s no one around, he regained his pretentious mouth and shouted at me while pointing.

“Say, Li Shaojie-tongxue, I put over with you over and over because you are in the same class at Chen Weier, but you can’t be so endless right?” I couldn’t be bothered with this piece of trash before, this type of person was simply too weak for me, I could deal with him with several moves.

“Heh, with your **** look, I don’t know what ******* luck you had managing to get Zhao Yanyan. But I’m warning you, you better stay away from Chen Weier, now take your bird and **** off, Chen Weier isn’t someone a poor **** like you can reach!” Li Shaojie deliberately touched the ski google that he spent 500 kuai to buy and said.

Saying bad stuff about me was fine, he actually dragged Zhao Yanyan into it, from his meaning it seems like he was saying Zhao Yanyan had no taste so she got with me? Isn’t that looking to die?

“Li Shaojie, you will pay for what you have said today,” I said calmly.

“****! You dare to threaten me? **** this, I haven’t been scared! I’m telling you, immediately apologize to me, then everything’s fine, it’s all good, or else I can kill you don’t you believe me?” Li Shaojie shouted.

“Haha——“ I laughed instead of getting angry, this was the most interesting joke I’ve heard. Do you think you are the underworld? I’m poor? Only an upstart like you would flaunt about how rich you are everywhere.

“What are you laughing about! I’ll make you cry later,” LI Shaojie glanced around, all the other students were far away, Li Bingfeng was also teaching other to ski, no one was paying attention towards this side. Li Shaojie was relieved now, if I don’t teach you brat who doesn’t know how high the sky is and how thick the ground is, you won’t know how great I Li Shaojie is right? I am a sanda master, looking at the person in front of me who was so frail, isn’t it going to be like a game to beat him up?

“You asked for it, don’t blame me for being merciless!” Li Shaojie cracked his knuckles and took off the ski boards, moved around a bit. He was an idiot in this rgard, and the ski boards would get in the way when fighting.

“Wait——“ Seeing that he was getting ready to fight, I felt like there was something that should be made clear before we fight.

“What? Scared! If you’re scared then **** off, if you leave now I won’t do anything to you!” Seeing that I said stop, Li Shaojie thought I was scared, and said proudly there.

“Hehe, Li-tongxue, before we trade moves, I feel like something has to made clear first,” I cleared my throat and said.

“What do you want to say? Last words? Haha!” Li Shaojie didn’t care at all.

“I can accompany you in fighting, but whoever loses has to stay away from Chen Weier! Also the loser can’t take revenge afterwards,” I felt like I had to clarify it first, I didn’t want the second Liu Kesheng to appear. Although I wasn’t scared from him taking revenge on me afterwards, but the less of this sort of troublesome thing the better.

“Okay! That’s a promise! However it seems like you said it just for yourself right?” Li Shaojie laughed.

“Are you ready?” I don’t know why, but these words popped out from my mouth again.

“I’m ready…” Li Shaojie replied subconsciously, however the moment those words left his mouth, he felt something amiss, like he was made a fool. As expected, Chen Weier and Zhao Yanyan already started laughing.

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“****! You asked for it! Today I will beat you until your mother doesn’t recognize you!” Li Shaojie waved his fist with anger and shame, then dashed towards me.

I didn’t even need to use my superpower to know where his weakness was with at this speed. With Li Shaojie’s ability, he was a third rated sanda person at max.

Li Shaojie’s threw a punch towards my abdomen, and then closely followed it with his right leg that wanted to attack my lower body. This brat is really black hearted, using a killer move immediately, and wanted me to become impotent. However wanting to hurt me with this level of ability, that’s simply too naïve! No matter what, I was a teenage sanda champion in my previous life, don’t talk about Li Shaojie, even if his shifu was here I could easily deal with him!

I casually lifted my left foot, just as Li Shaojie was got in front of me, and quickly kicked, blocking his knee. Then I used my hand to grab the fist he threw out, and used a bit of strength, Li Shaojie immediately flew up, and fell onto the snow.

I barely even used ten percent of my strength, and I haven’t even started counterattacking, and only put up the necessary defense I needed to do. Even so, Li Shaojie still stumbled. Luckily the ground was covered in soft snow, or else if he fell onto a cement floor, that would be enough for Li-tongxue to suffer, at the very least his pelvis bone would have cracked.

Li Shaojie didn’t take too long before quickly crawling up from the ground, he didn’t even wipe away the snow on him, and just directly jumped up, and wanted to attack me once again.

“Stop!” I immediately shouted. “Say Li-tongxue, isn’t it enough for today? It looks like you aren’t capable of being my opponent, why do you have to make a fool of yourself?”

“Heh, don’t get so full of yourself! Just now it was too slippery, I got careless, but this time you won’t be so lucky, I will not easily let you go today!”

Chen Weier and Zhao Yanyan were very clear about my abilities, so they stood behind me without a tiny bit of fright, actually they were even looking at Li Shaojie and I with interest, from the look of excitement and heat in Chen Weier’s eyes, she seems to wish I can quickly beat this Li Shaojie up!

Li Shaojie adjusted his posture, and got ready again, but this time he didn’t randomly attach, he just gazed at me, in search of a chance to make a move. It looks like this Li Shaojie wasn’t a complete idiot, he at least understood the techniques needed to contest with someone.


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