Chapter 109 – Finding Fault

Only then did Chen Weier slowly, causing her to noticed that she was still ambiguously hugged. “Ah!” Chen Weier subconsciously screamed, and quickly escaped from my embrace.

I was only scared just now, so I hid in his arms. Chen Weier comforted herself in her heart.

Zhao Yanyan’s cable car arrived to the mountain top right after us. The chick jumped down from the car while giggling, and arrived in front of me, she mischievously looked at me and the blushing Chen Weier, “Weier-jiejie, did this bad guy bully you?”

“N-No!” Chen Weier would freak out from Zhao Yanyan’s every single word, the winter camp haven’t even started, she was already scared twice, this is the third time. Zhao Yanyan seemed to grasp her thoughts perfection, if she really stood up and said that she (Chen Weier) shouldn’t seduce her boyfriend, perhaps she (Chen Weier) would feel better. What she was most afraid of was the current situation, Zhao Yanyan clearly knows about it all, yet not only did she push Liu Lei towards her, and also seemed to agree with her liking Liu Lei.

“Yanyan, stop joking around. Do you have gum? Weier is afraid of heights, and haven’t recovered,” I looked at Chen Weier and noticed that her face was still white.

Zhao Yanyan took out a pack of Doublemint gum, and handed it respectively to Chen Weier and I, then also took out a piece and placed it in her own mouth. Gum was a very popular thing in 1995, young people all treated it as a type of fashion, pushing the Dada Bubblegum that was once really popular out of its historical stage.

Due to the cold temperature, the mint flavored gum was rather cool when placed into the mouth, but Chen Weier seemed to enjoy it, her knitted eyebrows seemed to relax quite a bit, despite her face being rather pale, it still reddened a lot.

The winds of the snowy mountain blew against Chen Weier’s hair, lifting it into the air like an ice fairy. All of the sudden, I couldn’t help but be awestruck.

“Weier, you’re so beautiful,” I exclaimed, and softly helped her comb down her hair as I looked passionately at her beautiful face.

“Liu Lei…” Chen Weier shockingly gazed at me, and murmured.

“Hai——Hai——!” Zhao Yanyan coughed twice.

Chen Weier immediately subconsciously pushed me away, and stood on the side, then looked towards Zhao Yanyan while being unsure of what to do, with her face full of resentment.

“There are people behind, be a bit more careful you two. If you are going to get intimate, you have to find somewhere where there isn’t anyone!” Zhao Yanyan pointed at the cable cars coming up and said.

“Hehe,” I laughed dryly and scratched my head, then whispered beside Zhao Yanyan’s ear, “Did you get jealous?”

“Heh! Stop pretending after you’ve been benefitted,” Zhao Yanyan’s crab hands pinched my waist once again as she glared at me. “If I was jealous I wouldn’t have pushed you to onto the same car.”

“Aiya!” I exclaimed in pain.

“Heh, Weier-jiejie, let us ignore this pervert! Come, let’s go skiing!” With that, Zhao Yanyan pulled Chen Weier towards the entrance of the ski field without looking at me.

I shook my head and followed behind, a woman’s heart was truly like a needle in the ocean. Not only did I not understand Weier’s thoughts, now I was even starting to get confused on what Zhao Yanyan was doing.

I carried the luggage for the three of us, this ski board truly so ******* heavy, it was at least twenty to twenty five kilograms. With all the miscellaneous equipment as well, I was like an armored car, and moved forward slowly with large and small bags hanging from my body.

Suddenly, a figure dashed out from behind me, ****, I nearly fell over. I raised my head to look, it was the ****** Li Shaojie looking at me with a smirk. Li Shaojie waved his hand and said, “You’re a snail now aye, this is the result of being pretentious!” After saying that, he quickly walked forward.

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He actually dared to mock me?! I’m a snail? I’ll let you see what is a supersonic snail today. I took a deep breath and focused, the scene before me changed, and gradually became unusually slow. Li Shaojie was stepping forward with a speed even more snail than a snail, one of his leg was still in midair.

I slowly walked in front of him, surpassing him by ten odd meters, then I let out a sigh and returned to normal. I turned my head back, and raised my middle finger towards the Li Shaojie behind me, then started walking forward without turning back again.

“Ah!” LI Shaojie looked at me with wide eyes. He felt something was not right just now, a black figure used a speed faster than lightning to speed in front from behind his back. After noticing that the person was me, he was really shocked, and kept on using his hands to rub his eyes.

“You are slower than a snail,” I left a sentence behind before I hurried towards Zhao Yanyan and co.. When I am using my superpower, the movements of everything else was extremely slow to me, in other words, my speed would become unusually quick for everything else. So I became a shadow in Li Shaojie’s eyes.

I finished changing into the ski suit, and put on the wristbands and knee guards. Zhao Yanyan was also like me, and wore the things like she knew what she was doing, from the familiarity she showed, she must have skied before. However this was very normal, Zhao Junsheng was an entrepreneur before he followed me, Skiing was a trendy sport among rich people in 1995.

Yet Chen Weier struggled for a long time and still couldn’t put it on, but she was too embarrassed to say anything, and thus only looked helplessly towards Zhao Yanyan. However Zhao Yanyan turned her head around like she didn’t see anything.

Ai! I sighed. This chick was deliberately creating a chance for me again.

I walked over, picked up the outfit from Chen Weier’s hands. I carefully put it on her. Chen Weier stood there, unmoving, and allowed me to do as I please. Her cheeks that were red due to the weather became even more red.

After I finished helping Weier, I noticed that when everyone arrived, Han Bingfeng begun to teach people how to wear the ski equipment. Seeing that we had finished wearing it all, Li Shaojie didn’t want to lose to us and put it all on as well, however what made me confused was that this ****** actually wore the knee and arm guards inside the ski suit, causing him to look so chubby like a huge panda. Only after hearing Han Bingfeng’s explanation, did he realize he made a huge fool of himself.

I put on the ski board, and stretched out, then I skied around in the snow for a little bit. It felt pretty good, although I haven’t been able to show the level I could do during university in my previous life, I did ski alright. I haven’t touched this sport for nearly tens years, it’s already great that I haven’t fallen over.

Zhao Yanyan also stabilized her ski boards, and was talking to Chen Weier.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Weier doesn’t know how to ski! Come over and help!” Zhao Yanyan shouted towards me.

She doesn’t know how to ski?! Haha, that’s great for me. An image surfaced in my mind – a couple romantically holding hands in the snow… Hehe, the free coach is here!


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